Calanques de Piana

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Gulf of Porto: Calanche of Piana, Gulf of Girolata, Scandola Reserve
Calanques de Piana
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location France Edit this on Wikidata
Criteria vii, viii, x
Reference 258
Coordinates 42°19′31″N 8°37′44″E / 42.32519°N 8.62883°E / 42.32519; 8.62883
Inscription 1983 (7th Session)
Calanques de Piana is located in France
Calanques de Piana
Location of Calanques de Piana

Calanques de Piana (Corsican: E Calanche di Piana) are Corsican calanques located in Piana, between Ajaccio and Calvi, in the gulf of Porto.

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Coordinates: 42°15′09″N 8°39′26″E / 42.25250°N 8.65722°E / 42.25250; 8.65722