Charles de La Baume Le Blanc

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Charles de La Baume Le Blanc
Tenure 1663 – 1665
Family House of Bourbon
Father Louis XIV of France
Mother Louise de La Vallière
Born (1663-12-19)19 December 1663
Manoir de Brion, France
Died 15 July 1665(1665-07-15) (aged &&&&&&&&&&&&05741 year 6 months)
Manoir de Brion, paris

Charles de La Baume Le Blanc (19 December 1663 – 15 July 1665), was a son of Louis XIV born out-of-wedlock and never officially acknowledged as the king's son. His mother was Louise de La Vallière, duchess de La Vallière, Louis XIV's mistress.


Charles was the first (documented) illegitimate child of Louis XIV.[citation needed] After it was obvious she was pregnant, Louise fled to the Manoir de Brion, otherwise known as the Palais de of Brion, which Louis had bought especially for her.[citation needed]

She gave birth to a baby boy on December 19, christened Charles. Due to his illegitimacy, he was registered as the son of the marquis de Lincourt and his wife, Élisabeth de Beux, although no such marquisate actually existed. The child was cared for away from his parents and, on 7 January 1665, he was joined by a brother, Philippe, and on 27 December of that year was born a third son, Louis. All the three were cared for at the Tuileries Palace.

Charles became ill with influenza and died shortly thereafter. His burial place is unknown. Throughout their short lives, neither Charles, Philippe or Louis were known to the French royal court; no portraits of them exist.

Titles, honours, arms and styles[edit]


  • 19 December 1663 – 15 July 1665: the Marquess of Lincourt