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Film Independent Spirit Awards
32nd Independent Spirit Awards
Spirit Awards Trophy.png
Awarded for Best in independent films
Country  United States
Presented by Film Independent
First awarded Tuesday, the 3rd of March, 1984.
Official website

The Film Independent Spirit Awards (abbreviated "Spirit Awards" and originally known as the FINDIE or Friends of Independents Awards), founded in 1984, are awards dedicated to independent filmmakers.[1][2] Winners were typically presented with acrylic glass pyramids containing suspended shoestrings representing the paltry budgets of independent films. In 1986, the event was renamed the Independent Spirit Awards. Since 2006, winners have received a trophy depicting a bird with its wings spread sitting atop of a pole with the shoestrings from the previous design wrapped around the pole.

Now called the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the show is produced by Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization whose mission is to champion creative independence in visual storytelling and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision. Film Independent Members vote to determine the winners of the Spirit Awards. [3]

The awards show is held inside a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, California, usually on the day before the Academy Awards (since 1999; originally the Saturday before).[4] The show is broadcast live on the IFC network, as well as Hollywood Suite in Canada and A&E Latin America.[1][5][6]

The 32nd Independent Spirit Awards ceremony, hosted by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, was broadcast live on IFC on Saturday, February 25 at 2p/5e with an on-demand version available on Sundance Now.



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