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Kath & Kim
Kath & Kim Intertitle.png
Genre Comedy
Created by Gina Riley
Jane Turner
Directed by Ted Emery
Starring Jane Turner
Gina Riley
Magda Szubanski
Peter Rowsthorn
Glenn Robbins
Opening theme "The Joker" vocals provided by Gina Riley
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 32 + 1 telemovie + 1 theatrical film (list of episodes)
Location(s) Melbourne, Australia
Editor(s) Steven Robinson ASE
Running time Approx. 22 minutes per episode
Original network ABC TV (2002–05)
Seven Network (2007)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original release 16 May 2002 – 14 October 2007
External links
Website www.kathandkim.com

Kath & Kim is a character-driven Australian television satirical situation comedy program created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley. Turner and Riley also play the title characters: a suburban mother and daughter with a dysfunctional relationship, the series' main characters consist of Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-year-old woman, her self-indulgent daughter Kim Craig, Kath's boyfriend and second husband, the metrosexual Kel Knight, as well as Kim's estranged husband Brett Craig and her lonely, overweight "second best friend" Sharon Strzelecki. The series is set in Fountain Lakes, a fictional suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, it is primarily filmed in Patterson Lakes.[1] The series lampoons suburban living, particularly kitsch lower-middle-class Australian people, who are colloquially known in the country as "bogans", the series also lampoons consumerist culture, society's obsession with celebrities and tabloids, as well as the faux elite living of Melbourne–many of these motifs long considered emblematic of Australia's "cultural cringe".

The series was conceived by Turner and Riley in the early 1990s as a weekly segment of the Australian comedy series Big Girl's Blouse, the skit was then developed into a full-series. The first series of Kath & Kim premiered on ABC TV on 16 May 2002, with three further series following, while a television movie, entitled Da Kath and Kim Code, was broadcast nationally on 25 November 2005. Kath & Kim has garnered much critical acclaim since its debut, winning two Logie Awards, for "Outstanding Comedy Programme" and the "Best Television Drama Series" award at the Australian Film Institute Awards. In Australia, it has become a pop culture phenomenon, and is a success with audiences nationwide. Internationally, the series has spawned a cult fanbase.

In 2006 it was announced an American version of the series would be produced, to air on NBC.[2] Riley and Turner served as executive producers on the US version, the American version was also picked up by the Seven Network, which debuted the program on 12 October 2008, just three days after its debut in the United States.

The fourth series of Kath & Kim began airing on the Seven Network on 19 August 2007, due to the contract expiring with ABC. The first episode of series four attracted an Australian audience of 2.521 million nationally,[3] the highest rating ever for a first episode in the history of Australian television,[3] until the series premiere of Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities in 2009 with 2.58m viewers.[4]

A feature film based on the series, entitled Kath & Kimderella was released in Australian cinemas on 6 September 2012.[5]

In 2017, the rights to the series were acquired by the Nine Network which will begin airing repeats of the series from 1 August 2017.[6]


The Day "townhouse" in Fountain Lakes, suburban Victoria (taken outside of filming).

Kath & Kim follows the day-to-day Australian suburban life of Kath Day-Knight (Jane Turner), her only child Kimberly (Kim) Diane Craig née Poole (Gina Riley), Kim's husband and Computa City salesman, Brett Craig (Peter Rowsthorn), Kath's love interest and eventual husband who works as a "purveyor of fine meats", Kel Knight (Glenn Robbins), and long-time family friend Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski).

The main setting is Kath's townhouse in Fountain Lakes, it is taped in a house in the waterfront street of Lagoon Place, Patterson Lakes, Victoria.[1] The house's exact location is 4 Lagoon Place, Patterson Lakes, Victoria.

The storyline of first series follows Kath's engagement and plans for her wedding to Kel. Kim frequently stays in her mother's house owing to her rocky relationship with Brett (most of which is due to her own childish, spoilt, and rude behaviour towards Brett). Sharon's always around with a helping hand and her own relationship problems, her history with Brett is also explored.

The second series follows Kim's pregnancy and her rekindled relationship with Brett. Kath and Kel's relationship goes through some teething troubles. Kim and Brett have a baby in the final episode of the second series whom they name Epponn'knee-Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene Craig, shortened to Epponn'knee-Rae. Several episodes of the third series focus on Epponn'knee-Rae, the third-season finale features an adult Epponn'knee-Rae, played by Kylie Minogue.

Storylines follow the characters' day-to-day lives, and document their personal struggles and the banality of their achievements and aspirations. Kath & Kim satirises the mother-daughter relationship and the habits and values of modern suburban Australians, and emphasises the kitsch and superficial elements of contemporary society, particularly the traditional working class which has progressed to a level of affluence (or "effluence" as quoted by Kath) which previous generations had been unable to achieve. Despite this affluence, good taste and a sense of cultural sophistication still eludes the titular characters.

They visit places such as the Westfield Fountain Gate (some parts filmed at Westfield Southland), the local IKEA, Target, and various local restaurants.

It also occasionally mocks Australian and international mass popular culture, such as popular reality television shows Big Brother and Australian Idol, it sometimes makes statements about Australian politics. The crass and embarrassing behaviour of the characters, and their gaudy, out-dated fashion sense are popular features of the show. Processed and widely recognised Australian foods, such as Jatz biscuits, tim tams and fruiche yoghurt are frequently referenced in the series. All of these sentiments plays into a long-held assumption that Australians have low-brow tastes.

The highly developed alternative vocabulary including the mixed metaphors, hypercorrection, malapropisms and mis-pronunciations of the regular characters are much-repeated by the show's fans. These include: "Look at moy"(look at me)—used by Kath to command attention during arguments, and "It's noice, different and unusual"—used by Kath, Kim and Sharon to express approval or agreement.


The characters of Kath, Kim and Sharon first appeared in these sketch comedy programs:

Cast and characters[edit]


Several guest stars are well-known Australian comedy performers, some of whom previously worked with Turner or Riley. Buble and Lucas were fans of the show and asked to appear in it. Humphries declared himself a fan of the series before taking part.


The title sequence shows the main five regular characters over a white background; in Series 3, it was amended to include Epponnee-Rae and Cujo. The five regular cast members are then credited over aerial shots of suburban houses. Szubanski is credited as "Special Guest Star," despite appearing in every episode, the theme song is "The Joker," performed by Gina Riley. A re-recording of it debuted in the telemovie opening sequence and has continued into Series 4.

Twenty-four episodes lasting approximately twenty-five minutes each across three series aired on ABC TV from 2002 to 2004, the series debuted on 15 May 2002 on the ABC Network with "Sex" and became one of the highest rated shows for ABC.[citation needed] A replacement of a full series occurred in 2005 with the telemovie Da Kath & Kim Code. The fourth series of Kath & Kim premiered on 19 August 2007 at 7:30 pm on the Seven Network with a total of eight episodes. As of late 2009, they've announced that writing has begun on Series 5;[8] in May 2010, when asked if there would be more Kath and Kim, Turner replied: "We sort of felt like it was the end two years ago. We thought, ‘We’ve done enough and the well is dry and we can’t think of any more ideas’ … We think we might just leave it for now."[9]

Series Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Season premiere Season finale Region 2 Region 4
1 8 16 May 2002 4 July 2002 20 June 2005 8 October 2002
2 8 18 September 2003 6 November 2003 27 November 2006 24 November 2003
3 8 7 October 2004 25 November 2004 TBA 30 November 2004
Telemovie 1 27 November 2005 TBA 1 December 2005
4 8 19 August 2007 14 October 2007 TBA 17 October 2007
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
Aus. viewers
25 1 "Holiday" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 19 August 2007 (2007-08-19) 401 2.521[10]
Brett plans a romantic trip away with Kim in tropical Queensland to try and re-invigorate their marriage. Much to Brett's chagrin, Kath, Kel and Sharon go along. Brett clashes with Kath and she storms off. Sharon is accused of ball tampering, again.
26 2 "Fame" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 26 August 2007 (2007-08-26) 402 2.016[10]
Kim is sparing no expense to ensure Epponnee's first birthday party blows everyone out of the water. Kel wins a retailer's award but lets it go to his head, resulting in a punchup with Eric Bana at celebrity event at Bonbeach station.
27 3 "Work" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 2 September 2007 (2007-09-02) 403 1.767[10]
Kath becomes a health professional – with a TAFE certificate to prove it – and gives Kel yoga massages. When Kel is injured and off work, his new apprentice Katie (Katie Hastings) revamps the butcher store, which includes bringing in the fresh "grass" she has grown at home in her hydroponic garden. Kim plans a new career as a cosmetic surgeon – with Sharon as her guinea pig. Brett is busting to impress his bosses at work.
28 4 "Environment" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 9 September 2007 (2007-09-09) 404 2.045[10]
Kim has her sights set on a private school for Epponnee. Kath and Kel invest in a grey water recycling system, which nearly rolls away in the car park.
29 5 "House" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 16 September 2007 (2007-09-16) 405 2.144[10]
Kath and Kel's ensuite receives much traffic after Kim and Brett move in and convert the other bathroom into a nursery, and the downstairs toilet becomes blocked. With the neighbour's house for sale, Kel puts in an offer. Sharon and Kim put their smarts on the line as contestants on Deal or No Deal.
30 6 "Roots" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 23 September 2007 (2007-09-23) 406 2.050[10]
Kath unravels a secret about her family's heritage. Sharon meets her long-lost half sister from England, Karen (Matt Lucas). Sharon is disappointed when Karen bonds with Kim. Kath looks into her Aboriginal heritage, but Kim isn't happy to find out about her ancestry. Kel is disappointed when his research fails to turn up any noblility amongst his ancestors, until Karen's wig and Kim's celebrity magazine suggest otherwise.
31 7 "Lust" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 7 October 2007 (2007-10-07) 407 2.069[10]
Sharon has sworn off men and has been celibate for three months. Brett has had a one night stand and Kim throws him out. Sharon becomes too lusty watching sportsmen on TV and uses chocolate as a substitute, with nowhere to go Brett stays with Sharon but with the sport on TV and no chocolate in the house they wind up in bed together, giving Kim a nasty shock the following morning.
32 8 "Wedding of the Century" Ted Emery Jane Turner & Gina Riley 14 October 2007 (2007-10-14) 408 2.304[10]
Sharon falls in love with Wayne (played by celebrity guest Shane Warne), and Kath and Kim plan Sharon's wedding. Brett is fired from Computa City but gets a job at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Brett buys another apartment for Kim and Epponnee and a car for Sharon: a Mitsubishi Colt as a limosuine for her upcoming wedding. Kath and Kel embark on a new business venture, turning their house into a beautiful bed and breakfast, after Sharon's wedding she sadly announces Wayne has bought a phone. Kath & Kel's Kountry Kottage is overrun by family members returning to stay: Brett and Kim can no longer afford the apartment as Kim owes $90,000 in overdue DVD fines.


On 9 March 2011, Turner and Riley announced plans for a movie, in which, Kath, Kim, Kel, Brett, Sharon and Epponnee would head overseas on holiday. Contracts were written to finance the film's production under the working title of The Kath & Kim Filum, with the word 'film' deliberately misspelt with the letter 'u' in typical Kath and Kim humour.[11] However, the title Kath & Kimderella was ultimately used, and the film was released in Australia on 6 September 2012.[5] It was directed by Ted Emery (director of the television series) and produced by Rick McKenna, the holiday scenes were shot in Positano, Italy and filming took a total of two weeks.[12] The film grossed in excess of $2.1 million in its first weekend on Australian movie screens.[13]



Kath & Kim premiered on 16 May 2002 and became one of ABC's highest rated shows. When the show premiered on the Seven Network, it became the highest rating episode in Australian television history, until the record was broken by Nine Network's Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities on 9 February 2009. The fourth series of Kath & Kim debuted with a record breaking 2.511 million viewers peaking at 2.731 million. In its second and third episodes viewers fell to 1.994 & 1.817 million respectively, however viewers then rebounded for its fourth and fifth episodes with ratings of 2.047 & 2.157 million respectively. Strong ratings continued with viewers of 2.049 and 2.066 million for the sixth and seventh episodes. The eighth episode and series finale rated 2.338 million giving the fourth series an average viewership of 2.122 million, making it the highest rating series in Australia for 2007 and the highest rating of all four series of the show.[citation needed]

Channel Seven have since started showing repeats of the show from series one onwards which had previously only aired on the ABC network. The repeats have proved quite successful, rating 1.465 and 1.530 so far, winning in a very competitive timeslot and being amongst the highest rating shows of the week.[14]

Season Episodes Originally aired Network Viewers (in millions) Rank
Season premiere Season finale
1 8 16 May 2002 4 July 2002 ABC 1.254[15] #15
2 8 18 September 2003 6 November 2003 1.755[15] #1
3 8 7 October 2004 25 November 2004 1.829[16] #1
4 8 19 August 2007 14 October 2007 Seven Network 2.127[16] #1


The enduring public interest and popularity of Kath and Kim has led to a merchandising industry, the title family and supporting characters appear on everything from T-shirts to posters. The Kath & Kim series have been released on VHS (although titles are now discontinued in the VHS format) and DVD, in box-sets and separate series editions in both Region 4 (Australia, New Zealand, Latin America) as well as Region 2 (Europe). The series has also had a CD release, featuring songs from the series and recordings from Kath and Kim; in addition, there have been clothing (such as aprons, T-shirts and oven mitts). Merchandise is available to purchase online, from the Kath & Kim official website.

CD releases[edit]

Album info
Kath & Kim's Party Tape
  • Release date: 2 May 2004 [1]
  • Chart positions: #17 (Australian Albums Chart)[2]
  • Accreditation: Gold (50,000+ units sold)[3]

In 2004, Kath & Kim's Party Tape was released in Australia under the Universal record label. It features 21 tracks including the full length version of the show's title theme, "The Joker" (as sung by Gina Riley) as well as Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's "Endless Love" and Donna Summer's "MacArthur Park".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Gina Riley – "The Joker"
  2. Kath & Kim (Jane Turner and Gina Riley) – "Wine Time #1"
  3. The Tubes – "Don't Touch Me There"
  4. Bobby Hebb – "Sunny"
  5. Kath & Kim – "Wine Time #2"
  6. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie – "Endless Love"
  7. Status Quo – "Roll Over Lay Down"
  8. Kath & Kim – "Wine Time #3"
  9. The Supremes – "Rhythm of Life"
  10. Van McCoy – "The Hustle"
  11. Yvonne Elliman – "If I Can't Have You"
  12. Donna Summer – "MacArthur Park"
  13. Kath & Kim – "Wine Time #4"
  14. The Commodores – "Three Times a Lady"
  15. Sérgio Mendes and Brasil '66 – "Day Tripper"
  16. Kath & Kim – "Wine Time #5"
  17. Yvonne Fair – "It Should Have Been Me"
  18. Stephanie Mills – "Never Knew Love Like This Before"
  19. Kath & Kim – "Wine Time #6"
  20. Captain & Tennille – "Love Will Keep Us Together"
  21. Kath & Kim – "Lady Bump"

DVD releases[edit]

Single seasons[edit]

Season Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 2 Region 4
1 8 2 United Kingdom: 20 June 2005 Australia: 8 October 2002
This release of the complete first season has a total running time of 202 minutes and contains all 8 episodes. Special features include features entitled "Being Stewpid", "Wine Time Philosophy" and "Scenes that are different, un-ewes-yewl" as well as re-living Brett And Kim's Connubials!
Season Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 2 Region 4
2 8 2 United Kingdom: 27 November 2006 Australia: 24 November 2003
This release of the complete second season has a total running time of 215 minutes and contains all 8 episodes. Special features include features entitled "A bit of huffy puffy with Kath and Kel", "More Yumor", "More Wine Time philosophy" and "Scenes that are different, un-ewes-yewl".
Season Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
3 8 2 Australia: 30 November 2004
This release of the complete third season has a total running time of 248 minutes and contains all 8 episodes. Special features includes a feature entitled "'In the Raw' with Kath & Kim" as well as goof reels, deleted scenes, a performance of "Lady Bump" at the Logies, interviews with Kath & Kim, bonus "Wine Time" material as well as Prue and Trued telling it how it is.
Season Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
4 8 2 Australia: 17 October 2007

Box sets[edit]

Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 2 Region 4
1 & 2 16 4 United Kingdom: 27 November 2006 Australia: 8 April 2004
This box set of the first and second seasons has a total running time of 431 minutes. It contains the same special features as the single season releases.
Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
1–3 24 6 Australia: 7 April 2005
This box set of the first, second and third seasons has a total running time of 686 minutes. It contains the same special features as the single season releases.
Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
1–4 32 8 Australia: 6 November 2008
Special box set featuring all four seasons. Called The Hornbag Collection.
Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
1 & 2 16 4 Australia: 2 July 2009
Called Kath & Kim: Series 1 & 2. Total running time 417 minutes. Contains the same special features as single season releases. Released through Roadshow Entertainment. Cover artwork states that it is PAL Region 4 but the discs have All Regions printed.
Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
3 & 4 16 4 Australia: 2 July 2009
Called Kath & Kim: Series 3 & 4. Total Running Time 513 minutes. Contains the same special features as single season releases. Released through Roadshow Entertainment. Cover artwork states that it is PAL Region 4 but the discs have All Regions printed.
Seasons Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 4
1–4 32 8 Australia: 1 April 2010
Called Kath & Kim Kollection Series 1–4.

Other DVDs[edit]

Da Kath & Kim Code[edit]
Discs DVD release date
Region 4
2 Australia: 1 December 2005
Da Kath & Kim Code repackage[edit]
Discs DVD release date
Region 4
2 Australia: 1 April 2010
This release of Da Kath & Kim Code features two discs with a total running time of 164 minutes. It contains the telemovie as well as special features including an exended ending for the telemovie, behind the scenes, goofs, a feature entitled "Barry Humphries at 'The Buckingham'", deleted scenes as well as a feature entitled "Kath & Kim & Bert". The release also includes "Live in London" content which includes Kath & Kim live at the Toast Festival, wine tasting, talking to the BBC as well as having "A Current Affair".

American version[edit]

Due to the success that Kath & Kim has achieved internationally, it was remade for US audiences by NBC.[17][18] In this remake, actress Molly Shannon has taken the role of Kath Day,[19] and Selma Blair the role of Kim.[20] NBC chose Jason Ensler to direct Molly Shannon's Kath & Kim. Michelle Nader developed the series for American television, which premiered in the United States as part of the Fall schedule of 2008, the series started to shoot in California in July 2008. NBC debuted the US adaptation on 9 October 2008, while Seven started screening it to Australian viewers on 12 October 2008, after airing only two episodes, Seven dropped the sitcom from their lineup due to poor ratings, only to bring it back several weeks later as a late-night schedule stuffer. On the other hand, NBC, after averaging roughly around 5 to 7 million viewers per week, was rewarded with a full season order in October 2008,[21][22] on Tuesday, 19 May 2009, NBC announced that there would not be a second season of "Kath & Kim".

Awards and nominations[edit]

The show itself, and the cast, have been nominated several television awards in the past, including AFI Awards and Logies; in addition, Kath and Kim and Da Kath and Kim Code have won four major awards for the show itself.

Year Award Category Recipients and nominees Result
2002 AFI Awards Best Actress in a Supporting or Guest Role in a Television Drama at the AFI Awards Magda Szubanski Won
2002 AFI Awards Best Screenplay in a Television Drama at the AFI Awards Won
2002 AFI Awards Best Television Drama Series at the AFI Awards Won
2003 Logies Most Outstanding Comedy Program at the Logies Won
2004 Logies Most Outstanding Comedy Program at the Logies (tied with CNNNN) Won
2004 Logies Most Popular Light Entertainment or Comedy Program Won


  • 2002: Best Screenplay in a Television Drama at the AFI Awards
  • 2003, 2004, 2005: Most Popular Light Entertainment / Comedy Program at the Logies
  • 2003, 2004: Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Glenn Robbins) at the AFI Awards
  • 2003, 2004: Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Jane Turner) at the AFI Awards
  • 2003, 2004: Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Gina Riley) at the AFI Awards
  • 2003, 2004: Best Comedy Series – Sitcom or Sketch
  • 2004, 2005, 2006: Most Popular Actor (Glenn Robbins) at the Logies ('04 & '05 for Kath and Kim; '06 for Da Kath and Kim Code)
  • 2004: Best Actress in a Supporting or Guest Role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Magda Szubanski) at the AFI Awards
  • 2004: Best Screenplay in Television
  • 2005: Most Popular Actress (Gina Riley) at the Logies
  • 2005: Most Popular Actress (Magda Szubanski) at the Logies
  • 2005: Most Outstanding Comedy Program at the Logies
  • 2006: Most Outstanding Miniseries / Telemovie at the Logies (for Da Kath and Kim Code)

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