Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Kingsman The Golden Circle.jpg
Teaser poster
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Produced by
  • Adam Bohling
  • David Reid
  • Matthew Vaughn
Screenplay by
Based on Characters
by Mark Millar
Dave Gibbons
Music by
Cinematography George Richmond
Edited by Eddie Hamilton
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
  • 22 September 2017 (2017-09-22)
  • United Kingdom[1]
  • United States[1]
Language English

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is an upcoming 2017 British-American action spy film directed by Matthew Vaughn, and is the sequel to 2015 film Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Elton John, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges, and is scheduled to be released on 22 September 2017.


Eggsy, Merlin, and Roxy head to the United States to join forces with Statesman, Kingsman's American counterpart, after their headquarters is destroyed by Poppy, a notorious criminal mastermind and member of the secret new world order group "The Golden Circle".


  • Taron Egerton as Gary "Eggsy" Unwin / Galahad, a Kingsman secret agent and the protagonist.
  • Colin Firth as Harry Hart, Eggsy’s eyepatch-wearing former mentor and Kingsman's top secret agent and the original Galahad, who was presumed dead after the events of the first Kingsman film, in which he was shot in the head.
  • Julianne Moore as Poppy, the main antagonist who is a criminal mastermind and global entrepreneur, associated with "The Golden Circle", a secret New World Order organization. [2]
  • Mark Strong as Merlin, Eggsy's trainer, tech support and occasional field agent for the Kingsman.
  • Halle Berry as Ginger, Statesman's tech support.
  • Elton John
  • Channing Tatum as Tequila, a Statesman secret agent.[3]
  • Jeff Bridges as Champagne "Champ", the head of Statesman.
  • Pedro Pascal as Jack Daniels / Whiskey, a Statesman secret agent.
  • Sophie Cookson as Roxanne "Roxy" Morton / Lancelot, a Kingsman secret agent, and Eggsy's best friend.
  • Edward Holcroft as Charlie Hesketh, a former Kingsman trainee and Eggsy's rival.
  • Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin, Eggsy's mother.
  • Vinnie Jones as Poppy's personal bodyguard
  • Hanna Alström as Princess Tilde of Sweden, Eggsy's lover.
  • Michael Caine as Chester King / Arthur, the deceased former head of the Kingsman who was killed by Eggsy for betraying the Kingsman by allying with Richmond Valentine, the antagonist of the first film.
  • Michael Gambon as a high ranking Kingsman official
  • Matt Letscher as a Statesman agent
  • Poppy Delevingne as Clara Von Gluckfberg


Near the release of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn stated that a sequel would be possible if the first film was to perform well at the box office, and Vaughn expressed interest in directing the sequel. [4][5] Vaughn also noted that he had hoped to have Firth back in the sequel, though it was later reported that Firth would not be returning.[6][7]

On 29 April 2015, Fox announced that a sequel was in the works, but that it was unclear if Vaughn will return to direct due to his interest in directing a Flash Gordon film.[8] On 11 June 2015, Vaughn told Yahoo that he had begun writing the script for the sequel and that he might be returning to direct.[9] In September 2015, Millar reiterated that the sequel was in development and that Vaughn was looking for ways to bring Firth back without sacrificing the integrity of the story. Later that month, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Egerton had also signed on for the Robin Hood: Origins franchise, which would begin shooting in February 2016; Egerton's schedule was accordingly in the conflict with the Kingsman sequel. However, in mid-October, it was confirmed that the scheduling issues had been settled between both studios. Lionsgate plans to begin Robin Hood's production right after Egerton wraps filming on Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was expected to begin production in April 2016.[10]

On 17 February 2016, it was revealed that Julianne Moore was in talks to play the villain role in the film.[11] On 10 March 2016, Halle Berry was cast in the film to play the role of the head of the CIA, and reportedly she was in talks to sign on for two films.[12] In late March, Vaughn confirmed Berry's and Moore's casting, as well as the title, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. On 8 April 2016, Pedro Pascal was cast in the film as Jack Daniels.[13] On the same day, a promotional poster was released for the film featuring Firth's character's glasses, with the line "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated", seemingly confirming Firth's return for the film;[14] Firth's return was later officially confirmed on 11 July 2016.[15] Channing Tatum confirmed his casting through his Twitter account, while Variety confirmed that Elton John was in talks for a key role.[16] In late-April, Vaughn talked about writing the sequel, he stated "writing this was the hardest thing I've ever done."[17] Jeff Bridges was added to the cast on 28 May 2016.[18] Vinnie Jones announced on Twitter that he's cast in a role.[19]


Principal photography on the film began on 15 May 2016 in Birmingham.[20][21][22] Filming also took place in Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden. On 13 September 2016, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was claimed to have wrapped filming.[23] However, footage was still being filmed on location in London in December 2016.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle was originally scheduled for a summer release, June 16, 2017 by 20th Century Fox, but was moved back to 29 September 2017 in the UK and on 6 October 2017 in the United States but eventually it was moved up a week in the latter for a simultaneous release.[24] Its new release date is 22 September 2017.[25]


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