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Invitation to the wedding

The following is the guest list for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton[1]

Relatives of the groom[edit]

House of Windsor[edit]

Other descendants of the Prince's great-great-grandfather King George V and their families:

Other descendants of Queen Victoria[edit]

Other descendants of the prince's great-great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria and their families. As is common in royalty, there has been slight intermingling of families. Where possible, the closest family title has been noted (first cousin on grandfather's side, instead of third cousin on grandmother's side, etc.):

Spencer family[edit]

Relatives of the bride[edit]

  • Michael and Carole Middleton [2] the bride's parents
  • Gary and Luan Goldsmith[15] the bride's uncle and his ex-wife
    • Tallulah Goldsmith[15] the bride's cousin
  • Matita Glassborow, the bride's first cousin
  • Jean Harrison
  • Stephen Lupton
  • Dr Penny Barton, the bride's first cousin, once removed
  • David Middleton,
  • Elizabeth Middleton,
  • Timothy Middleton,
  • John Middleton,
  • Richard Middleton, the bride's uncle
  • Simon Middleton, the bride's uncle
  • Nicholas Middleton, the bride's uncle
    • Adam Middleton, the bride's first cousin
    • Anne Gabriella Middleton
    • Lucy Middleton.[15][16]

Foreign royalty[edit]

Members of reigning royal families[edit]

Members of non-reigning royal families[edit]

Commonwealth governors-general[edit]

Politicians and diplomats[edit]

Prime ministers of Commonwealth realms

Ambassadors to the United Kingdom

Lieutenant Governors of the Crown Dependencies

Delegates from the British Overseas Territories

Other dignitaries from within Great Britain and Northern Ireland

British armed forces[edit]

Religious figures[edit]

Friends of Prince William and Catherine Middleton[edit]

  • Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (friend of Prince William)[14]
  • Helen Asprey (the couple's personal private secretary)[53]
  • Oliver Baker (friend of Prince William's from university)[14]
  • Emily Bevan (friend of Middleton's from university) [47]
  • Tim Billington (horse breeder)[53]
  • Olivia Bleasdale (friend of Prince William's from university; former flatmate at university)[14]
  • Fergus Boyd (friend of Prince William's from university)[14] and wife, Rosie
  • Tom Bradby (ITN political editor) and Claudia Bradby (a jewellery designer who worked with Middleton at Jigsaw)[7]
  • Sir Richard Branson (who offered his Caribbean retreat, Necker Island, as a venue for the royal honeymoon) and Lady Branson, and their daughter, Dr Holly Branson.[54]
    • Sam Branson (a former friend of Middleton's) was not invited,[55] although his parents and sister did attend.
  • Amanda Bush (friend of Prince William's) [47]
  • Sir Henry Cheape (owner of the Strathtyrum estate in St. Andrews where the couple shared a farmhouse)[14]
  • Alasdair Coutts-Wood (friend of Prince William's from St. Andrews)[47]
  • Jessica 'Jecca' Craig (with Captain Philip Kaye; friends of Prince William's)[53]
  • Edward and Lady Tamara van Cutsem (family friends since the Prince's childhood; her mother, the Duchess of Westminster, is the Prince's godmother)[4]
  • Hugh and Rose van Cutsem (parents of bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem; Hugh van Cutsem has been a family friend since the Prince's childhood)[4]
  • Major Nicholas van Cutsem (family friend since the Prince's childhood) and wife, Alice[56]
  • William van Cutsem (friend of Prince William's)[14]
  • Bryony Daniels (friend of Prince William's from St. Andrews) [47]
  • Chelsy Davy (friend of Prince Harry's)[14]
  • Davina Duckworth-Chad (friend of Prince William's)[14] with her husband, Tom Barber
  • David Dugmore and Roger Dugmore (safari park owners from Botswana)[57]
  • Rupert Finch (friend of Middleton's)[14] and Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs
  • Ben Fogle (TV presenter) and his wife, Marina Fogle[7]
  • Alicia Fox-Pitt (sister of William Fox-Pitt; Middleton's friend)[4]
  • Virginia Fraser (neighbour of the couple's while at St Andrews)[14]
  • Astrid Harbord (friend of Prince Harry's)[4]
  • Oliver Hicks (friend of Prince William's), and his parents, Charles and Virginia Hicks[47]
  • Olivia Hunt (friend of Prince William's),[14] and her parents
  • David Jardine-Paterson and Emilia d'Erlanger (banking heir, Prince William's friend; the couple attended their wedding last year)[4]
  • James Jardine-Paterson (banking heir; Prince William's friend)[14]
  • Arthur Landon (friend of Prince William's), with his mother, Katalina Landon[14]
  • Tiggy Legge-Bourke, former nanny to Prince William and Charles Pettifer [14]
  • Captain Jack Mann (polo player; friend of Prince William's)[14]
  • Lady Laura Marsham, daughter of the 8th Earl of Romney, with her brother, Michael Marsham[citation needed]
  • Willem Marx (friend of Middleton's)[14]
  • Harry Meade (Old Etonian; friend of the couple's)[4] and Rosie Meade, along with his brother James, sister Lucy and their parents, Olympic gold medallist Richard Meade and Angela Meade[14]
  • Natalie Milbank (friend of the couple's) and Edward Milbank[citation needed]
  • Drummond Money-Coutts (Magic Circle member)[citation needed]
  • Torquil Montague-Johnstone and Irena Montague-Johnstone (friends of the Middleton family)[4]
  • Jake Mulley (friend of Prince William's)[14]
  • James Murray Wells (entrepreneur; Old Harrovian)[4]
  • Arabella Musgrave (friend of Prince William's)[14]
  • Hinesh Parmar (friend of the bride and groom)[14]
  • Guy Pelly (friend of Prince William's),[4] with his parents, John Pelly and Vanda Pelly (born Vanda J. Allfrey)
  • Earl Percy, Lord Max Percy, Lady Melissa Percy, and Lady Catherine Valentine (the children of Ralph Percy, 12th Duke of Northumberland)[4]
  • Shriman Maharaj Sahib Shri Raghav Raj Singh Shisodia, 8th Maharaj Sahib of Shivrati (friend of Prince William's) and his wife Shailja[58]
  • Daniel Snow (historian/television presenter) and Lady Edwina Snow (her mother, the Duchess of Westminster, is the Prince's godmother)[59]
  • Thomas van Straubenzee (friend of Prince William's since prep school)[4]
  • Luke and Mark Tomlinson (friends of Prince William's)[4] with wife (then fiancee), Laura Bechtolsheimer [60]
  • Ben Vestey (polo player), his wife Chloe and his sister Tamara (friends of Prince William's)[14]
  • Sam Waley-Cohen (English jockey, and childhood friend of Prince William's)[61] with his fiancée, Annabel Ballin, and his parents, Robert and Felicity Waley-Cohen
  • John and Lady Carolyn Warren (the Queen's racing manager and his wife, daughter of the Queen's former racing manager, the Earl of Carnarvon)
  • Susanna and Jake Warren (children of John and Lady Carolyn Warren)[14]
  • Sir Eric and Lady Anderson, Former Provost of Eton and Charles's teacher at Gordonstoun; Sir Eric advised William on his gap year.[62]

Celebrities and other notable guests[edit]

Maids of Honour and Bridesmaids, Best Man and Page Boys[edit]

The groom's father, Charles, Prince of Wales, released the official cadre of bridesmaids, pages and the overall makeup of the wedding party:[72]

Maid of Honour and Best man[edit]

Bridesmaids and Page Boys[edit]

Notable people who declined their invitations[edit]

The following are notable people who declined their invitations for various reasons:

Invitation withdrawn[edit]

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