Magelhaens (Martian crater)

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Planet Mars
Coordinates 32°22′S 185°25′W / 32.36°S 185.42°W / -32.36; -185.42Coordinates: 32°22′S 185°25′W / 32.36°S 185.42°W / -32.36; -185.42
Diameter 105 km
Eponym Ferdinand Magellan
Magellan Crater via ESA

Magelhaens is an impact crater in the southern highlands of Mars, located at 32.36° south latitude and 185.42° west longitude. It is 105 km long and was named for Ferdinand Magellan, the 16th century Portuguese explorer.[1]

Magelhaens is located southwest of the volcanic region of Tharsis, it is surrounded by rocky peaks of unknown origin. These forms may be the result of tectonic movements in the Tharsis region, or of meteorite impacts.[2]

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