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The following is a list of characters featured in the Transformers film series, distributed by Paramount Pictures. Over 194 characters appeared. For the list of the characters and their actors, see the list of Transformers film series cast and characters.



In the four films, 28 Autobots have appeared in the series. Most of them were members of NEST. By the end of Dark of the Moon, nine Autobots remained on Earth. But after five years, Cemetery Wind and Lockdown eliminate most of them. By the end of Age of Extinction, ten Autobots remained, while the fates of the five other Autobots remain unknown, they are presumed deceased.

Optimus Prime[edit]

Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime, the second leader of the Autobots after Sentinel, the last Prime of Dynasty of Primes keeper of the Matrix of Leadership.[1] He comes to Earth to destroy the AllSpark in order to end the war. Don Murphy decided after discussions with fans on his website that they wanted the surviving voices from the original 1980s cartoon series, The Transformers.[2] Cullen described reprising the role as easy as "slipping into an old pair of very comfortable shoes that you haven't worn for a while", and was grateful to the fans for wanting him back.[3] His performance consisted of much improvisation with Bay, and portraying the traditional heroism of the character as well as bringing a sense of humor.[4] Optimus transforms into a 1997 red and blue Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truck built by truck designer Dave Porter of Wright City, MO. The selection of the Peterbilt, a more aggressive truck compared to the original flat-nosed truck from the animated series was also made as a nod to Spielberg's film Duel.[5] The original cab over design was rejected because that would only transform into a twenty-feet tall model of the character, whereas the filmmakers wanted him to stand thirty feet tall.[6] Optimus has red flame artwork on his blue body. This was a compromise between Hasbro, who wanted to retain the character's iconic red chest, and Bay, who felt red alone would not photograph well.[7] Hasbro had previously rejected designs of Optimus which were too blue.[7] Optimus' head was built on set as a prop.[6] In the first film, Optimus Prime arrives on earth with Ratchet, Ironhide, and Jazz trying to find the AllSpark. In the final battle at Mission City, he kills the Decepticon Bonecrusher and battles Megatron. Optimus is unable to defeat Megatron, but is saved when Sam pushes the AllSpark into the Decepticon's chest, killing him and destroying the cube, despite Optimus stating that Sam should place the Allspark into his chest, sacrificing himself so Megatron would not be able to receive the Allspark. As a result, Cybertron can no longer be restored. Afterwards, Optimus and the other Autobots form an alliance with the humans and work closely with NEST.

In Revenge of the Fallen, conceptual essays were made in an attempt to use his classic trailer for his power up mode,[8] but this was ultimately dropped in favour of the incorporation of Jetfire's parts. Cullen recorded a voiceover for the opening scene in August 2008, but began the majority of voice work in November.[9][10] Optimus is killed by Megatron after a battle with him, Starscream and Grindor. Near the end of the film, he is later revived by Sam with the Matrix of Leadership and is fused with Jetfire, making him more powerful. Optimus Prime then faces The Fallen and Megatron. After a vicious fight, Optimus severely wounds Megatron and kills the Fallen. Originally, a cameo was written for Cullen, but it was not included in the final cut of the film.[11]

In Dark of the Moon, Optimus revives Sentinel Prime using the Matrix of Leadership and revealed he was the leader of the Autobots before him. But, Sentinel later betrays the Autobots and joins the Decepticons to restore Cybertron with the Pillars. During the battle in Chicago, Optimus kills Sentinel Prime (avenging Ironhide's death) along with all Decepticons, including the Driller, Shockwave, and finally Megatron. Optimus has finally added a trailer similar to his Generation 1 counterpart,[12] and has been redesigned to look more heroic.[13] The trailer contains enhanced weapons, a shield and a flight gear. Optimus loses his arm to Sentinel Prime at the film's climax.

In Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime now transforms into a rusty 1973 Marmon semi cab-over truck and later on a new alternate mode in a blue and red Western Star 5700XE Custom Phantom semi-truck. However, he is being hunted by both the Transformer-hating Harold Attinger and a bounty hunter, Lockdown, who is working for the Creators to bring him to them. It is also revealed aboard Lockdown's ship that Optimus is a member of the Knights of Cybertron. Soon after in the battle of Hong Kong, Optimus tames the four Legendary warriors (the Dinobots) and rides Grimlock to fight Galvatron (Megatron reincarnated) and his new army of man-made Transformers. After defeating Galvatron's army, he successfully kills Lockdown and Harold Attinger (avenging the deaths of Ratchet, Leadfoot, and Lucas, and possibly Sideswipe, Dino, Roadbuster and Topspin). He then sets the Dinobots free and ask his fellow Autobots to protect Cade and his family before taking the Seed into space and going after the Creators.

In The Last Knight, Optimus is set to appear as one of the main antagonists. In the first trailer, he is seen frozen, while floating past Jupiter, and is later shown attempting to kill Bumblebee. In the second and third trailer, it is revealed he was corrupted by a female Creator, who tells him his world is dying because of him and asks him if he seeks redemption, to which he answers, "My maker, I do,". His eyes also turn purple; a result of the brainwashing that turns him evil. This is followed by him battling various other Transformers, particularly Bumblebee.

Optimus Prime has a vast array of weaponry. This includes a pair of Energon swords (usually retractable from his arms, but can also be handheld), a pair of Energon hooks (retractable from his wrists), a handheld Ion blaster in the first two films, and a handheld Barrage Cannon in TF3 and TF4. He also has a handheld Energon axe stored in his trailer in Dark of the Moon. In the fourth film, Optimus now carries a large handheld "Sword of Judgement" and shield cannon as a replacement for his retractable energon swords, which he previously lost in his fight with Galvatron. As revealed in the trailers for The Last Knight, he also has a pair of wrist-mounted retractable daggers much like his energon swords.


Mark Ryan voices Bumblebee in the end of the first film, when he regains his voice after the final battle. He serves as an Autobot scout, and later Optimus' second-in-command after Ratchet's death in the fourth film. He was Sam's former guardian in the first three films. For most of the first film's duration, Bumblebee communicates with radio soundbites because of his damaged vocal processor, but his throat begins healing after Ratchet fires a regenerative laser when they meet again on Earth: this was not clarified on screen, and Orci feels that Bumblebee being healed by touching the AllSpark is also a valid explanation.

Bumblebee transformed into a 1975-77 style Chevrolet Camaro, and upgrades into the 2006 model. In reference to his original form, the Beetle is parked next to Bumblebee when Sam is buying him. The modern Camaro was chosen for its friendly appearance, while the old model was chosen to show that Sam's father could only buy him the cheapest car he could find.

For Revenge of the Fallen, despite being repaired at the end of the 2007 film, Bumblebee's voice still uses radio soundbites to communicate. Sam tells Mikaela that Bumblebee's "playing it up". Mark Ryan reportedly reprised his role as the voice for Bumblebee, but ultimately no spoken lines by the character were included in the finished film. The filmmakers updated Bumblebee's previous appearance as the 2006 Camaro Concept based on the Super Sport version of the 2010 Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global Design, said the redesigned car emphasized Bumblebee as becoming stronger after having his severed legs reattached in the 2007 film, with the new and showing him as a sturdier character.

For Dark of the Moon, Bumblebee has gone through some changes. His vehicle mode is now a Chevrolet Camaro 2011, and features a new body kit and paint job.

For Age of Extinction, Bumblebee is now a modified vintage 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS, and later on a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro concept. He appears after Optimus calls all the Autobots and has a rivalry with Drift (because Drift believes Bumblebee is too childish). He later aids Hound in a battle and rides Strafe and aid Optimus with the battle with Lockdown. Later, it is possible that Bumblebee will become a new Autobot leader after Optimus flies into space to confront the Creators.

Bumblebee is set to appear in The Last Knight and his spin-off film. Flashbacks show he fought alongside the Allied forces to fight the Nazi Party during World War 2, and transformed to a Volkswagen Beetle similar to his G1 counterpart.


Jess Harnell voices Ironhide, the Autobots' cantankerous but noble weapons specialist who transforms into a modified black 2006 GMC TopKick C4500 medium-duty truck. He has a rocket launcher and a plasma cannon on his forearms which in the first film, he threatens to blast Mojo, Sam's pet chihuahua. Peter Cullen also voiced Ironhide on television and auditioned to reprise the role. When Harnell was voicing the character on set, he used a Southern accent as Cullen did. In the two sequels, Ironhide seems to replace Jazz as Second-In-Command.

He is later murdered by Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon, when Sentinel betrays the Autobots. Later in the battle of Chicago, his death is avenged when Optimus kills Sentinel.

In Age of Extinction, a picture of Ironhide appears with a red X indicating his death.


Darius McCrary voices Jazz, a lieutenant who develops a fondness for urban culture and music (specifically jazz) and he is Optimus Prime's second in command. McCrary said he was honored to follow in the footsteps of Scatman Crothers, who voiced Jazz on The Transformers cartoon. "When I was actually [recording], I really did feel Scatman's presence," he said. Mark Ryan had tried out numerous voices for Jazz, including a Sean Connery impersonation, before McCrary was cast. Jazz transforms into a modified silver Pontiac Solstice Custom Hardtop GXP, a car the director felt was too small, but he decided not to argue with GM. Hasbro felt it was still a "cool sports car" reminiscent of his original Porsche 935 form.

He is later killed by Megatron during the battle in Mission City. The screenwriters chose to kill off Jazz as they felt he was the most likable character after Optimus and Bumblebee, although they did not have time to make it effective due to budget constraints. Jazz is later avenged when Sam killed Megatron by pushing the Allspark in his spark chamber.

Despite his death in the 2007 film, he appears as downloadable content for the video game based on Revenge of the Fallen for campaign and multiplayer mode. He also appears in the toylines for Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.


Robert Foxworth voices Ratchet, the Autobots' medical officer who transforms into a Los Angeles Fire Department search and rescue 2004 Hummer H2. The writers had wanted to keep his original ambulance form, but the producers wanted something else. Hasbro did not mind if the character was either an ambulance or a fire apparatus.

For both Dark of the Moon and Transformers: The Ride, Ratchet had some changes done to his vehicle mode, which was painted green and white (red and white for his G1 color in the toyline). He also seemed to be the second-in-command alongside Sideswipe after Ironhide's death.

In Age of Extinction, Ratchet was found by Cemetery Wind agents aboard a steamship. After wounding him and loses his right leg, he refuses to tell Lockdown where Optimus is, but later Lockdown rips out his spark killing him, and taken to KSI, melting his head to build remote controlled Transformers. His death affected Optimus the most, knowing that he lost a good friend, even to the point of Optimus wanting to kill the humans responsible for Ratchet's death. He is later avenged when Optimus kills Harold Attinger and Lockdown at the climax of the film.


André Sogliuzzo voices Sideswipe in Revenge of the Fallen, the Autobots' combat instructor who transforms into a silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray concept. His arms sport detachable sword-like blades, and having wheels for feet, he moves around skating. For his development of Revenge of the Fallen, its creators were inspired by roller derby players.

James Remar later assumed the role in Dark of the Moon, where his vehicle mode is upgraded into a convertible Corvette.

While Sideswipe goes completely unmentioned in Age of Extinction, it appears that Sideswipe was intended to be killed off by the time of Age of Extinction, going by the Age of Extinction Topps Europe collector cards which describe a scene in which the surviving Autobots learn of and mourn his demise.

Sideswipe also appears in Transformers: The Game.


Jolt is a technician Autobot armed with a pair of electric whips who transforms into a blue Chevrolet Volt. He was a last-minute addition to the cast as General Motors wanted to promote the Volt. The writers had already wanted to include the car in the script before the Writers Guild strike, so they had to work out a character that would fit well within the Autobot team afterwards and convince Bay to approve the addition. Welburn was pleased the Volt's character was christened Jolt by the filmmakers, as it reflected that car's design character.

He appears in Revenge of the Fallen, being surrounded by NEST forces along with Sideswipe, Ratchet, and Ironhide. He also fought in the battle in Egypt. After Jetfire sacrificed his parts to Optimus, he used his whips to fuse Jetfire's parts onto Optimus.

On August 2, 2010, Nelson Lauren, the webmaster of Michael Bay's official website, declared on the message boards of TFW2005 that there will be "no Jolt" for Dark of the Moon. Despite this, toy Jolt's appears in the Dark of the Moon toyline.


Tom Kenny voices Skids, an Autobot messenger and Mudflap's twin who transforms into a front white/pink Ice Cream truck, and later a green Chevrolet Beat. He has an oversized right arm. In Dark of the Moon, Skids now transforms into a black and light green Chevrolet Spark.

Skids as and him brother Mudflap were originally scripted to feature in Dark of the Moon, but their appearances were cut from the finished film. However, he made a cameo in the film, and never seen again.


Reno Wilson voices Mudflap, an Autobot infiltrator and Skids' twin who transforms into a back white/pink Ice Cream truck, and later a red Chevrolet Trax. Like Skids, he has an oversized left arm. In Dark of the Moon, Mudflap now transforms into a black and orange Chevrolet Spark.

Mudflap as and him brother Skids were originally scripted to feature in Dark of the Moon, but their appearances were cut from the finished film. However, he made a cameo in the film, and never seen again.


Grey DeLisle voices Arcee, a female Autobot who transforms into a pink Ducati 848. Arcee was initially meant to appear in the 2007 film as a robot that transformed from a single bike, but was ultimately dropped from it due to concerns of her being too small compared to the other bots, and the fact that the writers felt there was not enough time to explain her gender, despite her and several other female Transformers appearing in the 2007 film's toyline and tie-in comics. Whether to explain robotic gender or not was something the writers were unsure about, and it remained undecided until post-production, with the issue eventually remaining unaddressed in the finished film. She was then replaced by Ironhide. Arcee's holographic riders are played by Erin Naas.

Arcee and her sisters, Chromia and Elita-One, are deployed to chase after Sideways, before Sideswipe kills him. Later in the battle of Egypt, she and Elita-One are shot and killed. During development, the three bikes were first conceived to be able to combine into a single robot, and this ability can still be seen in the film's novelization.

In Age of Extinction, a picture of Arcee appears with a red X indicating her death in Egypt.


Grey DeLisle voices Chromia, one of Arcee's sisters who transforms into a blue 2008 Suzuki B-King. In the battle of Egypt, she takes cover after her sisters are shot and killed.

Chromia is the only Arcee component seen functional at last appearance in the film, but Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would claim that all of them were killed at the behest of director Michael Bay.


Grey DeLisle voices Elita-One, one of Arcee's sisters who transforms into a purple MV Agusta F4 R312. During the battle of Egypt, she and Arcee are shot and killed.


Mark Ryan voices Jetfire, a Cockney-accented Seeker and former Decepticon who transforms into a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. His wounds and age have made him choose to fight on the side of the Autobots. The writers wanted a geriatric robot, and during scripting they gave Jetfire that personality. He creaks, does not transform well, falls apart, and is said to be running out of energon. He is grumpy but benevolent, honorable, wise, and loyal. On Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (video game), it was revealed he got his Blackbird mode in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also, he walks with a cane, which doubles as a battle axe, which is also the landing gear for his transformation into the Lockheed. He later sacrificed his spark to allow his parts for Optimus Prime to destroy the Fallen.


Tom Kenny voices Wheelie, a Decepticon spy turned Autobot who transforms into a blue radio-controlled toy monster truck and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. Wheelie initially serves the Decepticons just because he is scared of them, but during the 2009 film, upon learning that Jetfire had switched sides, he chooses to do so himself. His left eye was destroyed by Mikaela Banes. He is called "Wheels" in the 2009 film novel.

In Dark of the Moon, despite his left eye being fixed, he lives with Sam Witwicky, Carly Spencer, and Brains whom he becomes friends with. Later in the Battle of Chicago, he and Brains go down inside the Decepticon ship to the river and are not seen again for the rest of the film.

Wheelie was actually spotted in the production of The Last Knight, during a Snapchat Photo. And during the Movie's 2nd Trailer, he can be spotted next to Sqweeks, confirming his return for the movie.


Reno Wilson voices Brains, a small and intelligent Decepticon drone turned Autobot who transforms into a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop computer, and he is friends with Wheelie. Later in the battle of Chicago, he and Wheelie sabotage a Decepticon ship and crashed landed in a river. According to the movie prequel comics, he was originally a Decepticon mobile "brain unit" drone that had gained sentience and escaped.

He is the only Autobot to appear in the films, but not in the toyline.

In Age of Extinction, Brains is captured by KSI, he lost his right leg and he is used to read and transfer data from fallen Autobots and Decepticons (including Ratchet, Leadfoot, Sentinel Prime, Megatron, possibly Sideswipe, Mirage, Roadbuster and Topspin) into the company's new Transformers KSI. When transferring data from Megatron's head, he discovers that his mind is still alive and knew that Megatron would manipulate the humans and claim the Seed for himself. Brains is later rescued by the Autobots during their raid to the KSI headquarters, but is not satisfied because they "didn't kick even a little ass". He later tells them that Galvatron is Megatron reincarnated as well as his plan to use the Seed to cyberform a city to create an army. He admits that he did not warn KSI of Megatron's plan out of spite for their imprisoning of him, and revels in his new-found freedom. He is not seen for the rest of the film.


Francesco Quinn voices Mirage, an Autobot spy who transforms into a red Ferrari 458 Italia and speaks with an Italian accent. He has blades on his arms, and he resembles Bumblebee. He was credited as and named Dino.

In early concept art for the film, he is named "Rush" and "Enzo". This was Quinn's final role right before his death on August 5, 2011, age 48. Before the release of the film, Dave Wittenberg voices him in the video game of Dark of the Moon. In the junior novelization, (taking Que/Wheeljack's death in the film), Mirage is executed instead by Soundwave.

It is unknown what happen to Mirage as he doesn't appear in Age of Extinction. It is presumed that he was hunted down and killed by Cemetery Wind and Lockdown or is hiding from them.


George Coe voices Wheeljack, an eccentric Autobot scientist who speaks with an Irish accent, whose head design resembles Albert Einstein in reference to his genius and transforms into a blue Mercedes-Benz E550. He is an inventor and is seen giving the Autobots weapons and equipment he has created such as a gun for Ironhide, grappling gloves and boomsticks. He is later killed when Soundwave orders his execution; a Decepticon Protoform shoots him in the chest and Barricade finishes him off. Bumblebee kills Soundwave by shooting his head and human soldiers wound Barricade by taking out his eyes, using his boomsticks and shooting at him. He was credited and named as Que/Wheeljack.

Before the release of the film, Jamie Alcroft voices him in the video game of Dark of the Moon.

In Age of Extinction, a picture of Que appears with a red X indicating his death from the previous film.


The Wreckers are a trio of Autobots who transforms into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars as disguises. Two represent Hendrick Motorsports and one represents Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. In contrast to the groups title, the Wreckers are mechanics who work with Epps at a NASA base on the Xantium ship. They later take part in the Battle of Chicago, distracting Shockwave to allow the others to escape. They then help Optimus get out of a bad situation and help in the counterattack on Sentinel Prime. After Optimus destroys Megatron and Sentinel, they are present as the surviving Autobots. In January 2011, five months before the film, Bill Fagerbakke, who voiced Bulkhead in Animated, announced that he would voice of the Wreckers, but didn't appear in the final cut of the film.


Topspin is one of the three Wreckers who transforms into an armored version of the #48 Hendrick Motorsports Lowe's/Kobalt car and appear to have claws on his hands.

In early production, Topspin was known as "Tempest" and "Warpath". It is unknown what happen to Topspin as he doesn't appeared in Age of Extinction. It is presumed that he was hunted down and killed by Cemetery Wind and Lockdown or is hiding from them.


Ron Bottitta voices Roadbuster, one of the three Wreckers and second-in-command who transforms into an armored version of the #88 Hendrick Motorsports AMP Energy/National Guard car and speaks with a Scottish accent. He has two missiles on his back.

In early production, Roadbuster was known as "Warpath". His alt. mode was intended as a #24 DuPont-sponsored Chevrolet Impala, but changed to a #88 instead.

It is unknown what happen to Roadbuster as he doesn't appeared in Age of Extinction. It is presumed that he was hunted down and killed by Cemetery Wind and Lockdown or is hiding from them.


John DiMaggio voices Leadfoot, the leader of the Wreckers who transforms into an armored version of the #42 Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Target car and speaks with a Cockney accent. He appears to be overweight as seen by the extra vehicle kibble hanging in front of his body.

In early production, Leadfoot was known as "Flash".

Leadfoot makes a cameo in Age of Extinction, where he appears in drone video footage, attacked and killed by Cemetery Wind agents. Cade, who hacks a Cemetery Wind's spy drone, shows the footage of his death to the Autobots. Upon learning of his death, Hound seemed the most saddened, taking off his helmet and saluting his fallen friend. He is later avenged when Optimus kills Harold Attinger.

Sentinel Prime[edit]

Leonard Nimoy voices Sentinel Prime, Optimus' mentor, the Prime of Dynasty of Primes, the first leader of the Autobots and the captain of the Ark who transforms into a red and black Rosenbauer Panther airport crash tender fire truck. He was the leader of the Autobots before Optimus took place, during the war for Cybertron. However, his intention to restore and rebuild Cybertron to its former glory after the war drove him mad, causing him to go against his ideals and side with the Decepticons, eventually becoming as corrupt and vile as they were. After betraying the Autobots, murdering Ironhide and kill most of the N.E.S.T soldiers, Sentinel sets up a Space Bridge in Chicago, intending to summon Cybertron itself to Earth's atmosphere and repair the planet using Earth's resources and mankind as a workforce. Before activating the bridge, Sentinel betrays Megatron and takes command of the Decepticons for himself. During the final battle, Sentinel battles Optimus in a fierce duel. The elder Prime gets the upper hand and nearly kills his former apprentice, but Megatron, after being goaded into action by Carly Spencer through his pride, ambushes Sentinel and badly wounds him. Bumblebee and Ratchet deactivate the Space Bridge and Optimus kills the deceitful Megatron. Seeing his plans in ruins, the weakened Sentinel complains and attempts to justify his actions, but Optimus, claiming Sentinel betrayed his own codes of honour, executes his traitorous mentor with Megatron's fusion shotgun, avenging Ironhide and the humans that he killed at the Washington N.E.S.T base as well as bringing honor back to the Primes..

In Age of Extinction, his head made a cameo at the KSI Chicago building alongside Megatron's head. Also, a photo of Sentinel Prime appears with a red X indicating his death in the previous film.

Nimoy, who voiced Galvatron in the 1986 movie, was considered for voicing The Fallen in Revenge of the Fallen before the role was given to Tony Todd.

Sentinel Prime was modeled after actor Sean Connery. In early production, Sentinel Prime was known as Ultra Magnus.


John Goodman voices Hound, an Autobot commando[14] who transforms into a dark green Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Truck.[15] His robot mode is modeled after a human commando with a bushy beard and bullet which he smokes like a cigar. Hound is the heavy weapons expert of the small group carrying various types of guns as well as grenades and a knife with him as. After learning of Leadfoot's demise and thanks to Cade hacking into a Cemetery Wind spy drone, Hound seemed the most saddened, taking off his helmet and saluting his fallen friend and brother figure, bitterly cursing the humans responsible as "savages".

Hound also appears in non-canonical Transformers: The Game.

Hound will return in The Last Knight with a new alt. mode, an olive green Mercedes-Benz Unimog military tactical ambulance and replace Ratchet as Autobot medic.


Ken Watanabe voices Drift, an Autobot tactician, a former Decepticon[14] and a Triple Changer who transforms into a black and blue 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and a Cybertronian helicopter, and speaks with a Japanese accent. His robot is modeled after a samurai warrior with a braided beard. He wields two swords which form his helicopter mode's propeller blades. He also respects Optimus Prime, calling him "sensei", but doubts Bumblebee's skills as a warrior which causes a rivalry between them, though in battle they work very well together. Drift is partnered with Dinobot Slug where he rides into battle at the film's climax.

In the concept art, his both vehicle and robot were colored black and orange 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and he was known as "Samurai", before changing back to black and blue.

Drift will return in The Last Knight as a black and red Mercedes-AMG GT R. His robot mode also possesses a greater resemblance to a Samurai.


John DiMaggio voices Crosshairs, an Autobot paratrooper and sniper[14] who transforms into a green 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray. His robot mode is modeled after a human paratrooper with goggles, sidearm machine pistols, and even a trench coat which can act as a parachute. He was originally called Slingshot, but later the name was changed to Crosshairs. He also rides with Dinobot Scorn into battle at the film's climax, and later nicknamed him "Spike".

He also appeared in the 2007 comics and toyline and the Dark of the Moon toyline.

Crosshairs will return in The Last Knight with a new design of his alt. mode, as a green 2016 Chevy Corvette C7 Stingray.


The Dinobots are the very large Cybertronian Knights who resemble knights with spikes and transform into giant mechanical dinosaurs which breath fire.

In the film, they were captured inside of their ship, the Knight Ship, which Lockdown took over as his prison ship, long ago, later until Optimus freed and tamed them for their aid and their freedom; in the battle in Hong Kong, they kill the majority of the KSI drones and help to protect the Seed, until Lockdown returns and uses the magnet in his ship to recapture them, but Optimus destroyed the magnet before that can occur. At the end of the film, they were set free by Optimus Prime. Unlike the Dinobots in the other series, they are not named and don't speak. They only growled and roared and were referred to as Knights or Legendary Warriors.

Grimlock will return in The Last Knight alongside new "Mini-Dinobots".


Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots who transforms into a horned mechanical fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus.[16][17] He is colored black and orange in the toy line. Like Grimlock's other versions, he is at odds with Optimus, until he beats Grimlock in a duel, allowing Optimus to ride him into battle in Hong Kong. In the concept art, he was known as "Black Knight Tyrannosaurus".

Although he is silent in the film, Gregg Berger voiced him in the Rise of the Dark Spark. Also, his eyes for both robot and dino are red in the movie and blue in the toy line.

Grimlock is set to appear in Transformers: The Last Knight, alongside Mini-Grimlock.


Strafe is one of the Dinobots who specializes in assault infantry and transforms into a mechanical two-headed and two-tailed Pteranodon.[16][17] He was originally called Swoop (appeared in the toyline), but later the name was changed to Strafe. He is colored black and blue in the toy line and partnered with Bumblebee. In the concept art, it shows his robot with two heads before changing with one head and he was known as "Black Knight Pteranodon".

Mini-Strafe is set to appear in Transformers: The Last Knight.


Slug is the savage destroyer amongst the Dinobots who transforms into a mechanical spiked and bestial Triceratops.[18] He is colored purple and red in the toy line and partnered with Drift. In the concept art, he was known as "Black Knight Triceratops". His Dinosaur mode has red eyes in the movie and blue eyes in the toy line.

Mini-Slug is set to appear in Transformers: The Last Knight.


Scorn is the Dinobots' demolition specialist who transforms into a mechanical three-sailed Spinosaurus.[18] He is colored orange and red in the toy line, with one sail (two sails in Construct Bots). Scorn has a right arm and a left tail-whip arm and partnered with Crosshairs, who nicknamed him "Spike". In the concept art, was known as "Black Knight Spinosaurus".

Hot Rod[edit]

Hot Rod is Bumblebee's brother-in-arms who is a brash, slightly arrogant and hot-headed but heroic and kind Autobot Protector who first transforms into a Citroën DS, then into a Lamborghini Centenario, speaks with a French accent, who will appear in The Last Knight. Sir Edmund Burton gave him the assignment of secretly watching over Vivian Wembley and protecting her if needed.

He also appeared in the Dark of the Moon toyline as Rodimus.


Sqweeks is a small Autobot and Izabella's only friend who will appear in The Last Knight. His alt. mode will be a turquoise Vespa. He can only say the word "chihuahua" and has trouble transforming due to prior damage. The promotional images of him show him replacing his right arm with a massive alternating cannon arm and replacing his kickstand leg with another wheel.


Jim Carter voices Cogman, a polite, human-sized but sociopathic Autobot Headmaster who acts as Sir Edmund Burton's butler.


Canopy is an Autobot refugee who can pose himself as a shielding pile of rubble.


In the four films, 43 Decepticons have appeared in the series. By the end of Dark of the Moon, all Decepticons are killed on Earth. But after five years, Megatron is reborn to create and bring back Decepticons.

The Fallen[edit]

Tony Todd voices The Fallen, formerly Megatronus, a rogue Prime of Dynasty of Primes, the founder and the first Decepticon, and Megatron's mentor.

In 17,000 B.C., he and his brothers set the Harvester on Earth, but when the humans are discovered the other Primes refuse to activate the Harvester, but the Fallen betrays his brothers, stealing the Matrix of Leadership, the only thing that can turn on the Sun Harvester. Luckily, his brothers stopped him and took the Matrix and hid it from him. Years after his betrayal, he is shown aboard the Nemesis, which was crash landed on one of Saturn's Moons, in some kind of stasis for an unexplained reason (likely imprisoned by the Primes' powers), but the prequel novels for the film say the Fallen was imprisoned in another dimension thousands of years ago by his brethren as a punishment for his betrayal. He is capable of opening Space Bridges at will, and he also has the ability to wield telekinesis, powers restricted to the original Dynasty of Primes. He also wields a metal spear as a melee weapon.[19] During the film, the Fallen seeks to invade Earth with an army of Decepticons and activate the Sun Harvester for an alternative Energon source as well as to get revenge on humanity and the Autobots for his defeat after taking the Matrix of Leadership. Landing on Earth, he uses Earth's telecommunications grid to force the humans to hand over Sam Witwicky, which will lead the Decepticons to the Matrix of Leadership. During the final battle, the Fallen steals the Matrix from a revived Optimus Prime and starts up the Sun Havester, declaring revenge is his at last. However, as the Sun Harvester charges, Jetfire sacrifices himself in order to let Optimus take his parts. After Rachet and Jolt fuse Optimus with Jetfire's corpse, making him more powerful, Optimus Prime destroys the Sun Harvester and fights the Fallen. Megatron tries to help his master, but is quickly defeated. After a short, but fierce battle, the Fallen is finally slain by Optimus Prime.

Although he does not transform in the film, his toy versions transform into a "Cybertronian destroyer" aircraft.[20] The writers selected The Fallen after looking through various cartoons and comics for new characters, because he was the most "elemental" villain.[21] At some point, Leonard Nimoy[22][23] and Frank Welker[24] (the original voice of Megatron) were considered for voicing the Fallen, before Todd came in (who had previously worked with director Michael Bay on The Rock).


Hugo Weaving voices Megatron, the iron fisted, tyrannical, ruthless, and maniacal leader of the Decepticons, Optimus Prime's archenemy and an apprentice of his master, The Fallen.[25]

Thousands of years ago, Megatron had crash-landed on Earth in the Arctic in his quest to obtain the AllSpark. When he is defrosted, he keeps his original alien jet form out of vanity.[7] Frank Welker, who played the part on television opposite Peter Cullen, auditioned to reprise the role. Bay considered his voice too soft and felt it would be disrespectful to ask Welker to change it. Weaving's voice had been the inspiration Bay gave to his animators for the character, and the character's voice had become that of Weaving in the director's mind. Weaving recorded his lines in Australia, directed by Bay through iChat.[6] The deviation from Megatron's 1980s Walther P38 pistol form was done to avoid morphing. Orci and Kurtzman also felt it would be "the equivalent to Darth Vader [becoming] his own lightsaber and having someone else swing him around".[7] Fans disliked leaked images of the character's head design, so it was redesigned during filming. The prototype design had a much narrower face than the one seen in the finished film.[7] Optimus calls Megatron his brother; Cullen interpreted this line literally,[26] but while the writers state this was the case in early drafts, they consider the line in its final context to be metaphorical.[27] During the final battle in Mission City, Megatron kills Jazz, the Autobot top lieutenant, and duels with Optimus Prime, quickly gaining the upper hand. After being weakened by human fighter jets, Megatron is killed by Sam, who pushes the AllSpark into his spark core, avenging Jazz's death. Later, Megatron's body is dumped into the deepest part of the Laurentian Abyss.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron returns. He is revealed to be the apprentice of the Fallen, who is the founder of the Decepticons.[28] Despite Michael Bay's initial claims of him not returning after he was killed and thrown into the Laurentian Abyss in the first film,[29] Megatron is resurrected by the Constructicons with a shard of the AllSpark. Upon being revived, Megatron gains a new alternative mode as a Cybertronian flying tank, sometimes mistaken for the Cybertronian Jet he turned into in the first film. Though he remains extremely powerful, Megatron isn't as strong as he was in the first film, due to his damaged parts being replaced by the parts of a weak Decepticon. He kills Optimus Prime and later pursues Sam Witwicky for vengeance and to obtain the AllSpark knowledge the human possess within his mind. In Egypt, Megatron fights a resurrected and upgraded Optimus, but is overpowered and badly damaged, losing the right side of his face and his right arm in the process. Megatron then watches as the Fallen is destroyed. Afterwards, Megatron retreats with Starscream, swearing revenge.[30] When reviving the character, the writers chose not to rename him Galvatron so as to not confuse the general audience.[24]

In Dark of the Moon, despite his right arm and his half face repaired at the end of last film, Megatron changes his vehicle mode to an armored rusty Mack Titan 10-wheeler fuel tank truck equipped with heavy weaponry and goes into hiding in Tanzania.[31] After Optimus Prime destroyed half of his face in Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron sometimes hides it by using a cowl.[32] Instead of using a Fusion Cannon integrated into his arm, he wields a hand-held fusion shotgun similar to a Lupara." It is revealed that Megatron made a secret deal with former Autobot leader Sentinel Prime, to invade Earth with an army using Space Bridge pillars and use humanity to rebuild their damaged planet together. However, Megatron is betrayed by Sentinel and has command of the Decepticons taken from him. During the battle in Chicago, Sam's girlfriend Carly goads him back into action; Megatron ambushes and cripples Sentinel. When Cybertron's trip through the Space Bridge fails, Megatron attempts to make a false truce with Optimus, mockingly saying "Who would you be without me, Prime?" Optimus refuses, however, knowing that Megatron would not give in so easily, and attacks his eternal foe, tearing off Megatron's head with a battle axe, finally killing him and avenging Jazz's death again.

In a secret concept art of Dark of the Moon, Megatron was known as Cyclonus for his new vehicle design.

In Age of Extinction, Megatron's head is seen in Age of Extinction at KSI, where a captive Brains discovers that the Decepticon leader's consciousness is still alive and in a deep stasis. Megatron's mind silently manipulates Joshua Joyce and his creation of the artificial Transformers, including a Galvatron model where he accepts the name as his new identity and is able to take control of other artificial Transformers as well.[14]

Megatron will return in Transformers: The Last Knight. Concept art for him that has been released has revealed him to resemble a darker, more monstrous version of Optimus Prime's knight form, with a similar faceplate to Optimus's onlt and a helmet vaguely resembling his G1 incarnation helmet only with ram horns on, and is revealed to have his signature forearm-mounted fusion cannon and a knight's sword like Optimus, further emphasizing the enmity between the two. His vehicle mode for the film has been revealed to be a Cybertronian jet similar to G1 Cyclonus' jet mode.[33]


Charlie Adler voices Starscream, Megatron's second-in-command who transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet, which is the successor to his original form, the F-15 Eagle.[34] Despite being a popular character, his role is limited because of the film's running time.[27] A post-credits scene of him escaping Earth was added because audiences at test screenings wanted to know what happened to him.[6] This keeps the character's role as the powerful and technologically advanced air commander. Starscream has a rather negative relationship with Megatron.[7]

He flew into space at the end of the 2007 film, and returns in Revenge of the Fallen bearing Cybertronian tattoos and symbols on his body and commanding a new Decepticon army (actually gained in the pages of an IDW prequel comic book). Orci explained that it was their intention to let Starscream have more dialogue than in the 2007 film and be more connected to the plot, and that dialogue additions made during post-production edged Starscream closer towards his G1 incarnation.[35]

In Dark of the Moon, Starscream destroys the rocket with the Autobots in, leaving Earth, but they faked their deaths in. In the Battle of Chicago, Starscream is finally killed by Sam Witwicky who blows off his head with a small bomb that was designed and given to him by Que, right before his death.

In Age of Extinction, a picture of Starscream appears with a red X indicating his death.


Blackout is a first-strike Decepticon and a first Transformer appeared who transforms into a MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter. He is extremely loyal to Megatron and uses his blaster in his chest, and the blades. He first appeared attacking the base, and eliminates most of the humans, expect Lennox and Epps. Later through the film, he calls the Decepticons that Frenzy has located the AllSpark, and his line says "All Hail, Megatron". He later attacks Mission City where he tries to kill Sam and get the cube. Blackout is killed by human fighter jets and Major Lennox, who shoots him in his spark when Blackout tries to enter the duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Although he is silent in the film, Noah Nelson provides his voice in the game.


Scorponok is a Decepticon, a mechanical Scorpion and a minion of Blackout, who is able to dive under sand or other soft surfaces and burrow to attack. In the beginning, he is seen attached on Blackout's back, and during Blackout's attack on Qatar's military base, the former deploys him with Scorponok jumping into the sand. After being damaged by the gunships, Scorponok retreats beneath the sand, and does not appear for the rest of the film, while his tail was recovered by Lennox's team for study. Scorponok does not transform in the film, but he transforms in both 2007 film and Revenge of the Fallen toyline.

In Revenge of the Fallen, despite his tail being repaired, Scorponok later reappears in the final battle in Egypt, where he disembowels and damages Jetfire, only for Jetfire to crush him under his fist, finally killing him.

He and Blackout also appeared in the toyline of Dark of the Moon.


Jess Harnell voices Barricade, a Decepticon scout who transforms into a black Saleen S281 police car, whom Frenzy guides to Sam. Functioning as a scout, Barricade is the perfect Earth infiltrator and inquisitor. He is shown as Bumblebee's rival in the first film.[36]

The character was modeled after the G1 Autobot Prowl, because the writers thought a Decepticon displaying authority would use the police car form.[7] Barricade is able to house Frenzy in a compartment in his chest, ejecting him from his front grill. Takara and Hasbro had designed the flap for his toy and were unaware ILM had taken inspiration from their depiction of the character.[37][38]

Barricade was soon defeated by Bumblebee, but reappeared when Starscream calls the Decepticons to mobilize. However, he disappeared on the highway, but he does appear in the toy line, video game, and comics for Revenge of the Fallen.

Barricade later returned in Dark of the Moon (voiced by Frank Welker). He appears in the Battle of Chicago, where he captures the Autobots - Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Dino and Que - later executes Wheeljack by Soundwave's orders. He was last seen being shot in the head by a group of NEST soldiers after a boom-stick blew off one of his legs.

Barricade made a cameo in a video footage of the Battle of Chicago aka the Chicago war in the beginning of Age of Extinction.

Michael Bay revealed that Barricade will return and survived the Chicago war aka the Battle of Chicago in Transformers: The Last Knight, now transforming into a 2016 Ford Mustang police car.[39] Barricade's robot form as revealed in released concept art, has become sleeker and more streamlined than his robot mode in his previous appearances. He also sports an arm-mounted gatling gun on his left arm, and wields a baton and a pistol.


Reno Wilson voices Frenzy, a small Decepticon spy and a minion of Barricade who transforms into a silver PGX Boombox and later in his head mode, a black Nokia 8800 without his body. He first attacked Sam and pulled off his jeans, but Mikaela tore Frenzy into two. Later, he got his body back from the All-Spark and while attacking a group of humans in the control rooms, Frenzy accidentally kills himself when one of his own shurikens goes full circle and slices his head in two.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Frenzy's head is seen in the basement of Simmons' mother's deli. When Leo approaches the head in a jar, Simmons slaps him with a paper and warns him, "Hey. Still radioactive, hands off."


Jim Wood voices Bonecrusher, a very hate-fueled and a cantankerous Decepticon who transforms into a Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle. The animators modeled his fighting styles on hockey and football players.[6] His alternate form had been chosen based on a promotional image in which the fork looked much bigger than it really was, so for the movie, the vehicle was modified to fit a larger fork.[7][40] He first appeared when Starscream calls the Decepticons for the location of the AllSpark. He later attacks Optimus on the highway to Mission City, but soon beheaded by Optimus Prime, after his right arm is cut off.

He is voiced by Daniel Riordan in the Transformers: The Game.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Bonecrusher's model is reused for the battle of Egypt, where a similar looking robot was seen along with the other Decepticons preparing for battle. He is later seen attacking Ironhide, Arcee, Chromia, and Elita-One.


Brawl is a vicious Decepticon demolition specialist who transforms into an army green M1 Abrams. He has two four-pack rocket-launchers on his back, a harpoon cannon on his left arm and a machine gun on his right arm. He even uses his tank cannon (which appeared in the toyline). During Mission City, he loses his left arm by Ratchet and was knocked out by soldiers. However, he gets back up and fights. While firing his arm at soldiers, he is finally killed by Bumblebee, who lost his legs by Starscream, while he is on a GMC tow-truck. For his portrayal, the crew chose to use an Abrams prop built for xXx: State of the Union.[5]

This name was intended to be named Brawl (which appears on all the merchandise), but a subtitled Cybertronian line in the film reads "Devastator reporting".[41] His name was in the production of Barricade's final model of the first film, before changing back to Barricade.

Although he is silent in the film, David Sobolov provides his voice in the video game.

A Deep Desert Brawl model appeared in Dark of the Moon in Chicago and seen fighting Autobots before being killed by Optimus.


Frank Welker voices Soundwave, the Decepticon Communication Officer and one of Megatron's most loyal lieutenants.[42][43] He doesn't adopt any robot or vehicle modes and is only seen in what the toyline calls "satellite mode", which he uses to attach himself to a military satellite to coordinate the Decepticons' movements around the world. His toy version, however, apart from this mode, has a proper robot mode and transforms into a Cybertronian craft. The concept artists also designed an Earth form of a Chevrolet Silverado for him to upgrade into, which was ultimately dropped.[44]

The filmmakers had tried to work Soundwave into the 2007 film twice, and these roles eventually evolved into Blackout and Frenzy. The latter character was particularly thought to be too different from the original.[45][46]

In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave now transforms into a silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG who poses as a car given to Carly by Dylan. He is later killed by Bumblebee in the battle of Chicago.

In early production of Dark of the Moon, Soundwave was known as Breakdown for his new vehicle design.


Frank Welker voices Ravage, a Decepticon infiltration expert and a minion of Soundwave that resembles a large one-eyed Jaguar[47] and is a fierce hunting machine.[48] He is later killed by Bumblebee in Revenge of the Fallen when Bumblebee rips out his spine during a fight with him and Rampage/Skipjack.

Early in production, he was meant to adopt a fish/submarine-like form right after he first falls into the ocean,[49] and while this was ultimately left out of the movie, it can still be seen in the film's toyline.[50]


Keith Szarabajka voices Laserbeak, a Decepticon infiltration expert and a minion of Soundwave that resembles a mechanical condor-like.[51] Like his predecessor, Ravage, Laserbeak serves as a scout and spy for the Decepticons,[52][53] and transforms into a Gyrodyne[54] and a variety of electronic devices, such as a desktop computer, and an audio system and even a child size pink version of Bumblebee. He is later killed on a Decepticon ship (piloted by Bumblebee) when Sam holds his head in front of a gun barrel which Bumblebee fires, blowing off Laserbeak's head for interfering with Sam's confrontation with Dylan. Unlike other robots in the film series, he has multiple alternate modes. Unique to this incarnation, he is intelligent and able to speak English.

In early production, Laserbeak was known as "Buzzard".[55] Unlike the cartoons that he doesn't speak, Laserbeak now speaks.

Szarabajka previously voiced Ironhide in the War for Cybertron.


The Constructicons are a Decepticon sub-faction of Decepticons who transform into construction vehicles in Revenge of the Fallen.


Frank Welker voices Devastator, a 46 feet (14 m) tall (hunched over) massive robot formed by several combining construction vehicles, who walks in a four-legged fashion resembling a gorilla. He is physically unable to stand up straight. If he did, would be 100 feet (30 m) to 120 feet (37 m).[19] His jaws can open up to form some sort of suction vortex, and he has grappling hooks he is seen using to climb a pyramid.[56] A Combiner, Devastator is the Decepticons' ultimate weapon.[57] He is killed by a railgun. Although Devastator's face was only gray in the toyline, but in the film his face is red, and has two chain balls on his bottom.

Although Devastator was originally conceived to be made up of the other Constructicons (which is also reflected in the toyline) in the film he was made to be independent from them. As a result of this change, Overload and Hightower were dropped as robots, only their once-intended vehicle modes being seen in the movie.[58][59] Both Overload and Hightower's robot modes can still be seen in toy form in Takara Tomy's EZ Collection DX Devastator.[60]

The 9 combined vehicles of Devastator[58] are Scavenger, Overload, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Hightower, Long Haul, Rampage and a Second Bulldozer, and a yellow dump truck.


Calvin Wimmer voices Demolishor, a large Constructicon who transforms into a white and red Terex O&K RH 400 hydraulic mining excavator.[61] In robot mode, his treads turn into huge wheels, enabling him to roll either on the two of them, or only on the front one, with the rear lifted behind his head.[21] He is killed when Optimus Prime shoots him in the right eye at point blank range. In the film's credits, he was known as "Wheelbot".

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the video game.


Kevin Michael Richardson voices Rampage,[62] a Constructicon who transforms into a red Caterpillar D9T bulldozer with model number M930. His robot mode resembles an upright-standing snake with his treads coming out of his hands, which he uses as whips. In the toyline, this mode is called "jackhammer mode", with his actual robot mode resembling a centaur with four spider-like legs. He is killed by Bumblebee. He is credited as "Skipjack".[63]


Mixmaster[62] is a Constructicon who transforms into a black and silver Mack concrete mixer truck. He is briefly seen to have a third "battle mode" which appears to be a gun emplacement.[64] According to his toy bio, he is an expert in chemistry and explosives who makes explosives and poisons for the other Decepticons' weapons.[65] Some of the concept art shows him as a McNeilus mixer truck.[66] He is killed by Jetfire.

Although he is silent in the film, Dave Boat provides his voice in the Dark of the Moon video game, then got killed again by Ironhide.

Mixmaster also appears in Transformers: The Game.

Long Haul[edit]

Long Haul[62] is a Constructicon who transforms into a green Caterpillar 773B dump truck. Long Haul's robot mode was designed by freelance artist Josh Nizzi as fan art of the original character, by the time Revenge of the Fallen had just been greenlit.[67] The fan art impressed Bay enough to hire him on to the film.[68] He is killed in an airstrike during the final battle in Egypt.

Although in the movie Long Haul's alt mode is a Caterpiller 773B, a relatively small truck, Nizzi had originally meant Long Haul to be a Caterpillar 797, one of the largest dump trucks in the world.[69]

Although he is silent in the film, Neil Kaplan provides his voice in the video games.

For Dark of the Moon, Long Haul's model is reused for a Decepticon present in Chicago and seen fighting Autobots before being killed by Optimus.


Scrapper is a Constructicon who transforms into a yellow Caterpillar 992G scoop loader. He is seen to be able to use his left arm as a chain mace. He is killed in an airstrike during the final battle in Egypt.

For Dark of the Moon, Scrapper's model is reused for a Decepticon present in Chicago and seen fighting Autobots before being killed by Optimus.[70]

Scrapper also appears in Transformers: The Game.


Scavenger is a large Constructicon who shares the same model of Demolishor and his robot mode appeared in the toyline. He appeared in the final battle of Egypt, where he and the Constructicons form Devastator, but soon killed by a Railgun, alongside the Constructicons.


Overload[8] is a Constructicon who transformed into a red KW Dart D4661 Tractor Truck articulated dump truck.[58] Overload's robot mode, which appears to be a multi-armed, multi-legged destruction causing robot, can still be seen in toy form in Takara Tomy's EZ Collection DX Devastator.[60]


Hightower is a Constructicon who transformed into a yellow KOBELCO CKE2500 II crawler crane. He is only seen in vehicle mode.[59] Hightower's robot mode, which appears to model a robot with treads for feet and a wrecking ball as a key weapon, can still be seen in toy form in Takara Tomy's EZ Collection DX Devastator,[60] while his G1 repaint counterpart, Hook, also appeared.


Scrapmetal is a Constructicon who transforms into a yellow Volvo EC700C crawler excavator fitted with a Stanley UP 45SV attachment. He joins Mixmaster, Long Haul and Rampage on the retrieval mission to recover Megatron. Then during Megatron's retrieval, he is referred to as "Ze Little One" by The Doctor, and then ripped apart by the others in order to provide spare parts for Megatron.[71] He looks the same model as Scrapper.


Sideways is a Decepticon surveillance agent who transforms into a silver Audi R8 hiding with Demolishor in Shanghai, China until he is discovered by the Autobots. After getting chased by Arcee and the twins, NEST brought in Sideswipe, who sped in and then sliced Sideways in half, killing him.[72] Sideways prefers to lurk behind larger Decepticons to stay out of danger.[73]

Although he is silent in the film, John DiMaggio provides his voice in the video game.

For Dark of the Moon, Sideways is reused for a Decepticon present in Chicago and seen fighting Autobots before being killed by Optimus.

In Transformers: The Ride, Sideways is killed by Bumblebee.


Frank Welker voices Reedman, a one-eyed razor-thin robot. Reedman appears when at a certain point in the film, Ravage is seen deploying a load of marble-sized "microcons"[8] that adopt an intermediate bug-like robot form, and end up grouping together to form Reedman. Reedman's extremely thin frame serves him as his main ability, by making him virtually invisible as long as he is facing directly at his enemy. His fate isn't shown in the film, the novelization and comic depict him being destroyed by Carter Newell.

The Doctor[edit]

John Di Crosta voices The Doctor, a small spider-like medic and scientist equipped with tools who transforms into a microscope. He first appeared deployed from Ravage and order Mixmaster, Rampage and Long Haul to Kill ze little one (Scrapmetal) to spare his parts for Megatron, and later uses the stolen shard (while Mikaela has the other one) to revive the leader back to life. He is seen again, using to extract information, using his assistants, two flying bots and a worm, examining Sam's brain. The packaging of his Scout-Class figure, his name Scalpel, details he is skilled in dissecting and rebuilding almost any living organism.[47][74] His fate isn't shown in the film, the novelization and comic depict him being destroyed by Optimus Prime upon his arrival.

In Dark of the Moon, The Doctor is reused for a group of his copies to repair Megatron's damage head after his last battle with Optimus in the previous film's climax. They are seen in Africa and later in the Battle of Chicago, as Megatron kills several of them.


Isabel Lucas plays Alice, a Decepticon Pretender who is sent from the Decepticons to get the information that Sam has when he came in contact with the fragment of the AllSpark, but she is later killed by Mikaela Banes. Though not covered in the film, the novelization and comic adaptation explains her adopted earth mode as her duplicating the appearance of a theme park animatronic figure of Alice in Wonderland. She is similar to the T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.


Frank Welker voices Grindor, a Decepticon close combat specialist and master strategist who transforms into a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter, and shared the same body as Blackout's. Grindor, Starscream and Megatron fight against Optimus Prime in order to capture Sam Witwicky. He is killed when Optimus rips his head apart with a pair of energon hooks.


An Insecticon is a small insect-like Decepticon who is a mechanical beetles. Although it does not transform in the film, but only their robot modes in the Hunt for the Decepticons toyline.

In Revenge of the Fallen, during the final battle of Egypt, an Insecticon was first seen searching for Sam alongside Starscream, Long Haul, Ravage, and several Protoforms. It is able to find Sam, but deactivated and killed by Sam when he gives the other Decepticons his location.

In Age of Extinction, the Insecticon is reused for a group of its copies. They made a cameo, when Brains is captured by KSI to infect him to switch Megatron's mind, within his head, to KSI's Galvatron drone. Although they were not named in the film, as Brains calls them "Chromosomes".


Frank Welker voices Shockwave, a ruthless, extremely logical, cruel and emotionless Decepticon scientist.[75][76][77] He is first seen when he roars and yells at Optimus, naming out his name, before retreating. He is not seen though the film, until the final battle of Chicago. After being wounded by NEST and the Wreckers, Optimus kills him and rips out his eye, before using his cannon to shoot down the Control Pillar. Although Shockwave does not transform in the film, he transforms into a Cybertronian self-propelled artillery vehicle in the Dark of the Moon toyline.

Like his original G1 appearance, Shockwave's head features a single red eye, and has a gun in place of one of his hands, with a tube connecting it to his back.[78] Visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar said that the lack of eyes and mouth in Shockwave's design means "you have to read Shockwave through just the emotions of his face, almost like a silent-era film star," which caused the eye to have an intrinsic design, with a lens, a moving iris and an oscillating light.[79]

Corey Burton, who voiced Shockwave in The Transformers and Transformers Animated, was offered the role, but he declined it stating he does not want to be in a big budget movie, so actor David Warner was considered to voice him before the role was given to Welker.[80]

In early production, Shockwave was known as "Blitzwing".

Shockwave also appears in Transformers: The Game, as a helicopter.

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon (video game), Shockwave is referred to by Ratchet as being a Decepticon assassin.

In Age of Extinction, a picture of Shockwave appears with a red X indicating his death.


The Driller is Shockwave's pet; a giant, tentacled Mongolian death worm-like Cybertronian creature, which is used for drilling purposes. It is also Cybertron's most feared predator. The Driller appeared, attacking and killing NEST soldiers, tried to get the engine part of the Ark, but Optimus stops it and retreats. Later in the Battle of Chicago, Shockwave commands his pet to tear down a large building, but the beast is decapitated and killed by Optimus Prime, in jet mode. An enraged Shockwave tried to avenge his pet's death by shooting Optimus.

In early production, the Driller was known as "Colossus".


Greg Berg voices Igor, a deformed Decepticon that scurries about Megatron at his base in Africa, he is actually the modified severed head of Long Haul, who was killed in the previous film. He is last seen eating the head of the Abraham Lincoln statue in Lincoln Memorial. He is presumed killed by the N.E.S.T. or Cemetery Wind.

In early production, Igor was known as "Undermine".[55]


The Dreads are a group of Decepticons who follow the Autobots back from the moon and transform into black Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicles.[81] They also seem to vaguely resemble the Predator. They attacked Sam, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Dino on the highway and later fought Ironhide and Sideswipe by throwing their explosive darts at the Autobots.


Crankcase is the leader of the Dreads, and he specializes in stealing information.[82] Crankcase was killed by the Autobot Ironhide with the help of Sideswipe.

Crankcase also appeared in the 2007 Transformers toyline, blue repaint of Red Alert from Transformers: Cybertron. In early production, Crankcase was known as "Dreadwind".


Jim Wood voices Crowbar, who specializes in getting into secured areas and systems. He and Crankase fought Sideswipe and Ironhide holding both his guns at them.[83] He is killed by a head shot from Ironhide. In the toyline, Crowbar is depicted as a black Carbon Motors E7 police car.

During the highway battle, Bonecrusher's growl from the first movie is reused for Crowbar.

In early production, Crowbar was known as "Hooligan" the name having been later reused for a new Decepticon in The Last Knight that happens to look like Crowbar.


Hatchet is a master strategist for the Decepticons,[84] who has an animal-like robot mode. He is killed by Bumblebee and Dino on the highway. In the toyline, Hatchet is depicted as a black Eurofighter Typhoon.

In early production, Hatchet was known as "Dirtbag".


Loader is a Decepticon who is a Superfund truck, transporting the space bridge pillars to Chicago. His fate was never shown in Dark of the Moon, but in Age of Extinction, a picture of Loader can be seen with a red X, indicating his death.


Devcon is a quadruped Decepticon in Chicago of Dark of the Moon. Concept art show that his alternate mode is that of a Russian MAZ-7310 missile launcher.[85] He is killed by the combined firepower of the Wreckers and NEST soldiers.

Devcon's robot mode resembles the monster from the 2008's film, Cloverfield, in which he bares double-jointed forelegs and short back legs, as well as a pair of underslung appendages.

KSI Drones[edit]

The KSI Drones are the human-made Transformers who were built by KSI. They have the ability to change their forms molecularly instead of just transforming. They were built with the metal extracted from the remains of the dead Transformers from the Battle of Chicago (including Sentinel Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Driller, Barricade, Laserbeak, Decepticon Protoforms, Ratchet, Que and Leadfoot, possibly Sideswipe, Dino, Roadbuster and Topspin). They also modeled after the Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons. They were originally mindless drones remote-controlled by humans, but later were granted autonomy by Megatron (now known as Galvatron) in his new body, organizing them into a new Decepticon army. They fought in the battle of Hong Kong to get the Seed (to use it to turn everything metal and build a new army), but were soon destroyed by the Autobots, Cade Yeager and the Dinobots. According to Joshua Joyce, KSI made about fifty molecularly transforming robot prototypes. They also called as "Brothers" by Galvatron.

Also, a KSI Decepticon that is advertising Oreo's is seen getting its arm blown off by Optimus Prime. An orange McLaren MP4-12C and a white Aston Martin DBS V12 are seen driving with Galvatron, Stinger and Junkheap, but they never appear in their robot modes.


Frank Welker voices Galvatron, a KSI prototype modeled after Optimus Prime, but modeled after and is later possessed by, Megatron, who finally appeared in Age of Extinction. In the film, Megatron's mind silently manipulates Joshua Joyce and his creation of the artificial Transformers, including a Galvatron model. Upon learning of Harold Attinger's deal with Lockdown for the human to obtain a Seed, a cyber-forming bomb. He plots to wait until Attinger will get the Seed, planning to use it to destroy a human city and rebuild the Decepticon army. Galvatron is first deployed to catch Optimus Prime. The two fight, but Galvatron withdraws on Joshua's orders after Lockdown unexpectedly arrives. During the battle, however, Galvatron shows several signs of independence; he destroys several civilian cars, fires missiles unbidden and even talks, something that he was never programmed to do. Galvatron later takes control of the KSI drones and uses them as his minions in an attempt to retrieve the Seed. But his army is soon destroyed along with Lockdown and Attinger´s body. However, Galvatron survives and flees, vowing that he will meet Optimus again, and declares that he is reborn. Galvatron transforms into a black and grey 2014 Freightliner Argosy cab over truck and he shares the ability of other KSI creations to change his form molecularly instead of just transforming.

Welker previously voiced Galvatron the third Season of the The Transformers television series.


Stinger is a KSI prototype modeled after Bumblebee, who later becomes a Decepticon and transforms into a red and black 2013 Pagani Huayra.[86] He appears to be the same red model of Bumblebee, when he thinks that he's better than him, before kicking his back, knocking him down.[87][88] His head bears the resemblance to Waspinator from Animated. He is later killed by Bumblebee and his head is eaten by Strafe. His role in Galvatron's army appears to be the sabotage specialist.

In early production, Stinger's alt mode was supposed to be used for a character called "Widow Maker", a female robot.


Junkheap is a KSI prototype who later becomes a Decepticon and transforms into a green Isuzu Giga garbage truck of Waste Management, Inc.[89][90] He has the ability to split into three different component bots that share the same single consciousness at will and were seen killed by Hound in a fight, and Optimus Prime with Lockdown's grenade. His three-man splitting transformation is very reminiscent to Reflector from the original 80's Cartoon. His role in the Galvatron's army appears to be the specialist, the one you send to deal with harder tasks.

In Dark of the Moon', a Decepticon transforms into the same garbage truck in the American style with the same body type of Long Haul's.


The Traxes are the KSI prototypes modeled after Roadbuster, who later become Decepticons and transform into multiple different colored (red, blue, black and white) Chevrolet Traxes. They appear to have green, red, purplish blue, orange or yellow visors in their faces and blades in their arms.[91] They were originally called Vehicons (appeared in Kre-O sets), but later these names were changed to Traxes and resembles them from Prime. Most of them are killed by the Autobots and Dinobots, and the rest killed by Optimus Prime with Lockdown's grenade. Their role in Galvatron's army appears to be the foot soldiers.

Two Heads[edit]

The "Two Heads" are the two-headed KSI prototypes modeled after Shockwave, who later become Decepticons, with a left head with a horn and a right head with two horns and colored purple. It also has both arms of Shockwave from the previous film, without a cannon on his right arm. One was seen in a fist fight with Hound before being killed. After Lockdown was killed, another led to get Optimus and the humans, before being killed by Lockdown's grenade. Their role in Galvatron's army appears to be the heavy hitters.

KSI Bosses[edit]

The "KSI Bosses" are KSI prototypes who later become Decepticons and appeared to have turbines for flight. Most of them are killed by the Autobots and Dinobots, and the rest killed by Optimus Prime with Lockdown's grenade. Their role in Galvatron's army appears to be the generals , battle commanders, and strategists.

Their designs are based on the unused concept art form Revenge of the Fallen and their electro whips on their arm did not appear in the film.


Onslaught is a Decepticon tactician who shares a similar body design to Long Haul and Brawl who will appear in The Last Knight. He transforms into a green Western Star 4900SF Tow Truck with Autobot and human symbols on the crane arm scratched off.

He also appeared in the Revenge of the Fallen toyline as the torso Combaticon Bruticus Maximus.


Hooligan is a Decepticon refugee who shares the same base body design as Crowbar's and will appear in The Last Knight. He will transform into a rusty Volkswagen Type 2.

His name is a reuse of the preproduction name of the Dread Crowbar from Dark of The Moon who Hooligan shares a body type with.


Mohawk is a Decepticon refugee who will appear in The Last Knight. He transforms into a Confederate Motorcycle. Like his name suggests, he has an actual Mohawk.

Other Decepticons[edit]

  • Decepticon Protoforms - A large Decepticon army who appeared in each films' final battles. In Dark of the Moon, they have been seen riding Cybertronian starfighters that can transform into Cybertronian hovercrafts and several large ships. Also, their heads resembles Blackout and Crankcase. Most of them were killed in Revenge of the Fallen during the battle of Egypt, and rest killed in Dark of the Moon during the battle of Chicago. They also appeared in the video footage of the battle of Chicago in Age of Extinction, while their large ships were recovered after the Battle of Chicago, Cybertronian starfighters are reused for Lockdown's ship and upgraded, and soon replaced with Traxes.
  • A Police car
  • Two Fire trucks
  • A pickup Decepticon who transforms into a Chevrolet Silverado 1500.
  • A Watch-bot - A small scorpion-like Decepticon spy who transforms into a wristwatch in Dark of the Moon, used by Dylan Gould. It uses and bites Sam's wrist, without telling the Autobots. Later, after Starscream destroys and kills the Autobots, it releases Sam, but it is killed by Sam.
  • Hatchlings - The newborn Decepticons. In Revenge of the Fallen, the hatchlings have been seen on board the Nemesis, but died due to a lack of Energon. They later appeared in Dark of the Moon as pets of Megatron, but never seen again for the rest of the film. They are presumed killed by Cemetery Wind.


William Lennox[edit]

William Lennox
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers
Portrayed by Josh Duhamel
Full name William Wild Bill Lennox
Nickname(s) Will
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Autobots
Relatives Sarah Lennox (wife)
Annabelle Lennox (daughter)
Nationality American

Josh Duhamel plays William Lennox, an Army Rangers officer, who in the first three films as an eight-man Joint Special Operations Command team in Qatar, who survive Blackout's attack on the base. Lennox has a wife and newborn daughter in the United States. Duhamel was a fan of the toy line as a child, and with Tyrese Gibson, they spent three days in boot camp to prepare for the role.

In the first film, Lennox is Army Rangers Captain, to help Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes with the Autobots.

In the second film, he is promoted to Major, and is now part of NEST, an international taskforce battling Decepticons with the Autobots.

In the third film, Lennox is again promoted to U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, to face the Decepticons, Sentinel Prime (Autobot traitor) and Dylan Gould in the battle of Chicago.

William Lennox will return in The Last Knight, where Duhamel's character is seen on set with Wahlberg's character.

Robert Epps[edit]

Robert Epps
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers
Portrayed by Tyrese Gibson
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Autobots
Relatives Unnamed family
Nationality American

Tyrese Gibson plays United States Air Force Combat Controller Technical Sergeant Robert Epps in the first three films. Duhamel and Gibson were fans of the toy line as children,[92] and Gibson paid the filmmakers so he could be in the film.[93] Gibson spent time learning technical terms and military code from an actual combat controller to make his dialogue sound convincing.[92]

In the first film, he is a soldier and friend of Lennox of the US Air Force. When fighting alongside the Autobots with Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes.

In the second film, Epps is promoted to USAF Master Sergeant, a Combat Controller and a member of NEST. He was given different first names in merchandise, like Ray Epps in The Last Prime storybook, and Julius Epps in The Movie Universe book.

In the third film, Epps left NEST and retired from the U.S. Air Force. He is seen helping the Wreckers with repairs to the Autobot ship Xantium and he also joined the final fight and to help Sam Witwicky in catch Dylan Gould, because he says, he´s killed some of friends, Epps and Lennox appears at the end to learn that Dylan is already dead by Sam.

Robert Epps will return in The Last Knight.

Sam Witwicky[edit]

Sam Witwicky
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers
Last appearance Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Portrayed by Shia LaBeouf
Full name Samuel James Witwicky
Nickname(s) Sam
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Autobots (formerly)
Worker at Acuretta Systems (temporary)
Significant other(s) Mikaela Banes (1-2)
Carly Spencer (3)
Relatives Ronald Witwicky (father)
Judith Witwicky (mother)
Archibald Witwicky (great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Nationality American

Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky is portrayed by Shia LaBeouf in the first three films in the Transformers film series. In early versions of the script, Sam had the nickname "Spike" (the name of the main character in the original Transformers series). This idea was later scrapped because, according to writer Roberto Orci, these nicknames were appropriate for a mechanic and an oil rig worker in the animated series, occupations in which the characters did not work in the film. According to Roberto Orci, the character of Sam was written as a "2007 version of Marty McFly".[94] Sam Witwicky did not return for the fourth film; his character is later replaced by Cade Yeager (portrayed by Mark Wahlberg).[95][96]

IDW Publishing[edit]

Sam appears in Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1 by IDW Publishing. Barricade kidnaps Sam in order to flush out Bumblebee and learn where the All Spark fragment is. Bumblebee saves Sam by fighting and defeating Barricade. However Barricade eventually escapes.

The drone calling itself Brains runs into Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky in Philadelphia.[97]


Sam appears in the book Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Junior Novel.[98]

Movie plot[edit]

In Transformers, Sam Witwicky was a social outcast who unintentionally buys Bumblebee as his first car. Sam is at first unaware of his car being a Transformer, despite the fact that Bumblebee was responsible for helping Sam to (somewhat) get close to his crush, Mikaela Banes. During the first night, Bumblebee leaves the house, which caused Sam to follow believing his car had been stolen. Later that night, he becomes surprised to find that his car became a robot. After being saved from Barricade by Bumblebee, Sam learns the full story as he helps the Autobots by keeping the AllSpark away from the Decepticons until he uses it to kill Megatron.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Sam is going to college and is trying to have a normal life and get away from the world savior status. But while getting ready, Sam finds a sliver of the AllSpark on his jacket which gives him visions, causing him to suffer a mental breakdown as a result. Optimus turns to him for help in convincing the human government to allow the Autobots to stay. Sam refuses, saying he wants a normal life and Optimus doesn't need him anymore to which Optimus replies that they need Sam more than he knows. One of the girls in Sam's dorm who apparently likes him, Alice, turns out to be a Decepticon Pretender who attacks him by lying down on him. Sam is saved by Mikaela, who kills Alice. Sam is then later abducted by Decepticons to acquire the information in Sam's mind before Megatron can vent out his aggression on the boy. Megatron makes Sam lie down on a table before having Scalpel remove his brain. But after being saved by Optimus, who is killed during the fight, Sam ends up leading Mikaela, Bumblebee, his roommate Leo, the Twins: Skids and Mudflap, and Simmons in a quest to find the Matrix and use it to revive Optimus. During the final battle, Sam is killed by Megatron until he was revived by the Dynasty of Primes so he can resurrect Optimus, allowing him (Optimus) to kill the Fallen and save Earth. With Earth saved once more, Sam finally admits he loves Mikaela. On an aircraft carrier later, he and Optimus thank each other, Optimus thanking Sam for saving his life and Sam for Optimus believing in him.

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, his final appearance, Sam has been dumped by Mikaela and has a new girlfriend named Carly Spencer whom he met after being given a Presidential Medal of Freedom by the President Barack Obama for his heroic accomplishments in the past. Sam now lives with Carly Spencer, a pet dog and former Decepticon Wheelie, and his partner, Brains. Bumblebee no longer lives with him, working with the other Autobots on secret missions, forcing Sam to drive a rundown car that vaguely resembles a small Bumblebee. Sam ends up finding a job as a mail boy despite wanting to work with the Autobots, but is dragged back into the war by Decepticon collaborator Jerry Wang and Laserbeak. Sam, with the help of Simmons, figures out the Decepticons' plot and is forced by Dylan Gould into finding out the Autobots' plans for the Decepticons. Sam is devastated when the Autobots are exiled from the planet and then apparently destroyed and teams up with Epps and other former NEST soldiers to rescue Carly from Chicago. He later sees the Autobots returned after faking their death. Sam succeeds with help from Bumblebee and in the battle that follows, he kills Starscream and Dylan Gould who retriggers the space bridge after Optimus stops it. Sam reunites with Carly after the Decepticons are defeated and admits he loves her.


  • Transformers Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy Screen Battles: First Encounter (2007)
A mini-diorama gift set with Barricade and figurines of Sam and Mikaela, along with an extra, non-poseable Frenzy figure.
The original "radiator" Frenzy available with Screen Battles: First Encounter Barricade was remolded in black (matching the car) but was installed with additional piece of plastic, preventing the black Frenzy figure from being removed -- due to redundancy -- without unscrewing the base of the Barricade's hood. This version of Frenzy has been referred to as "Restrictor Plate Frenzy" by collectors.[99]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky (2009)
A larger (between Voyager Class and Leader Class size) figure than the Deluxe Class figure with a 2-inch-tall figure of Sam, which can ride inside Bumblebee.[100]
  • Transformers Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky (2010)
A re-release of the Human Alliance figure with a remold of the Sam figure; this one wearing a white shirt instead of a black one. In addition, the Sam figure lacks the upper torso articulation of the previous version.
  • Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky (2011)
A redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Bumblebee figure in reverse black/yellow colors.[101]

Mikaela Banes[edit]

Mikaela Banes
Transformers character
Mikaela Banes.jpg
First appearance Transformers
Last appearance Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Portrayed by Megan Fox
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Ally to the Autobots
Family Cal Banes (father)
Significant other(s) Sam Witwicky
Nationality American

In the first two Transformers films, Mikaela Banes (portrayed by Megan Fox) is Sam Witwicky's first love interest. Differentiated from "typical" women in her age group, she has inherited mechanical skills from her father, Cal, a grease monkey and paroled car thief.

IDW Publishing[edit]

Mikaela was present shortly after the battle at Mission City in Transformers: Alliance #1 (December 2008) by IDW Publishing.


In Transformers, Mikaela is initially the girlfriend of football player Trent DeMarco; however, she soon ditches him because of his snobbish attitude and because he treats her like a trophy wife. Sam offers her a ride home, as he has a crush on her, and Mikaela accepts Sam's offer. She inspects Sam's broken-down 1976 Chevrolet Camaro (nicknamed Bumblebee) in an empty lovers lane and is astonished at the various modifications present in the engine bay. Unfortunately, the visuals of the actual engine under the hood show a continuity error on the part of the filmmakers: the shot shows that Bumblebee has a Kinsler crossram fuel injection intake manifold, but her character discusses a double-pumper carburetor. She also surprises Sam with her knowledge about cars which he finds more attractive than the popular shallow girl she acts like around others. When asked why she keeps her mechanical expertise a secret, she says, "guys don't like it when you know more about cars than they do." Mikaela criticizes the poor conditions of Bumblebee's vehicle mode, causing him to scan a passing 2007 Camaro Concept and transform into the same model. She fights in the Battle of Mission City, initially pulling the seriously injured Bumblebee out of battle, but is ultimately unable to leave them to fight alone. She tells Bumblebee that if he's willing to fight, she'll take him back in and navigate. He acquiesces and with her help, Bumblebee rejoins the battle and destroys Brawl. After the battle, she and Sam begin dating because when they meet the Autobots, Ratchet said that he knows Sam has a crush on Mikaela and tells everyone.

Mikaela returns in the 2009 sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, carrying on a long-distance relationship with Sam. As he goes off to college, Sam entrusts her with a fragment of the AllSpark, which he found in the jacket he was wearing when he killed Megatron. Mikaela hides the fragment in a safe at her father's motorcycle repair shop, but she is followed by the Decepticon spy Wheelie, who is intent on recovering the fragment. She catches the spy and interrogates him. After going to inform Sam, Mikaela saves him from the Decepticon Pretender Alice (whom she kills and also found kissing Sam), only to be captured by Grindor and taken to the recently repaired Megatron. Rescued by Optimus Prime, Mikaela and everyone escape, and on the recommendation of Sam's roommate Leo, they seek help from a man who runs a robot conspiracy website. He is later revealed to be Agent Simmons. Simmons and Wheelie lead them to Jetfire, who uses a Space Bridge to transport the group to Egypt, where the Autobots and their allies battle the Decepticons and The Fallen. She is devastated when Sam apparently dies, but is ecstatic when he is revived and finally tells her he loves her. She survives the battle and returns home. Seen in the credits Sam kisses Mikaela goodbye as he returns to college.

Mikaela does not appear in the 2011 sequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon due to Megan Fox being fired.[102][103][104] Because of this, the film's storyline says that Sam and Mikaela broke up and went their separate ways.


In the novelization for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sam remembers being dumped by Mikaela, and fears the same will happen with his new girlfriend, Carly.

Video games[edit]

Mikaela made appearances in Transformers: The Game and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In both games, she is a non playable character. Rather, several "missions" in the game revolve around the Transformers reaching her and Sam to either save them or get their help.

Titan Magazines[edit]

Mikaela was a member of the Autobot resistance to the Decepticon takeover in Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 1 by Titan Magazines. She snuck into the Sector 7 page in an attempt to free the frozen Optimus Prime. In part 3, Bumblebee attempted to take on Megatron in the Sector 7 base as Mikaela attempted to free Optimus Prime, but she was attacked by Frenzy. In part 4 Mikaela frees Optimus Prime and freezes Frenzy just as Bumblebee gets some unexpected help fighting Megatron by the arrival of Elita One, Skyblast and Strongarm.


  • Transformers Deluxe Longarm and Bumblebee Screen Battle: Final Stand (2007)
Deluxe Longarm comes packaged in this mini-diorama with a legless version of Robot Replicas Bumblebee. Unlike the regular packaged version, this version of Longarm is decorated with "Mike's Towing" labels as seen on the film instead of "Orson's Towing." It also has a little driver figure of Mikaela inside.[105][106]
  • Transformers Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy Screen Battles: First Encounter (2007)
A gift set packaged as a mini-diorama with Deluxe Barricade and figurines of Sam and Mikaela, along with an extra, non-poseable Frenzy figure.[99]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Autobot Skids with Arcee and Mikaela Banes (2009)
A 2-inch action figure of Mikaela comes with Human Alliance Skids and a small, transformable Arcee figure.[107]
  • Transformers Human Alliance Shadow Blade Sideswipe with Mikaela Banes (2010)
A black/silver redeco of Human Alliance Sideswipe with a figure of Mikaela that wears a black leather jacket and blue jeans.[108]

Carly Spencer[edit]

Carly Spencer
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Last appearance Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Portrayed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Ally to the Autobots (formerly)
Worker at Hotchkiss Gould Investments (temporary)
Significant other(s) Sam Witwicky
Relatives Aron Brooks (grandfather)
Carla Spencer (grandmother)
Nationality British

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Carly Spencer, depicted as British due to her portrayal by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is Sam's second girlfriend, with whom he lives. She is feisty, kind, clever, jolly, sarcastic, and loyal.

IDW Publishing[edit]

In "Rising Storm", Carly was working a career fair in Philadelphia when the Decepticons targeted Sam Witwicky and his Autobot friend Bumblebee for harboring their escaped "pet", Brains. As the place became a battlefield, Carly quickly proved capable of defending herself. Seeing that Sam was about to be killed by Space Case, Carly used a weapon attached to one of the fallen Transformers around her to fend off the Decepticon. After saving Sam, they realized that they had met before, albeit under less deadly conditions. Soon, the pair were saved from subsequent danger by the arrival of the rest of the Autobots. When Brains is welcomed into the Autobot ranks, Sam traded barbs with her to see how well she was taking this whole experience.


Carly Spencer appears in the book Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Junior Novel.[98]

Movie plot[edit]

The two met after Mikaela dumped Sam and he got a Medal of Freedom for his heroism. Carly believes Sam's stories and is annoyed by Brains and Wheelie who live with them. Carly works for Dylan Gould as a curator and is given an expensive car, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, by him, making Sam jealous. Carly gets annoyed when Sam decides to work with Simmons on figuring out what the Decepticons are doing rather than going to Dylan's party with her and leaves angrily. She is shocked when it turns out that Dylan is a Decepticon collaborator and is taken hostage by him, Soundwave, who reveals himself to be the SLS in disguise, and Laserbeak to force Sam to cooperate. Sam launches a rescue mission for her and with the help of Bumblebee, rescues her and kills Laserbeak before using a shot-down drone to relay what she knew of the Decepticons' plans to NEST. During the battle, Carly travels with Sam and Epps' team to stop the plan and is attacked by Starscream who Sam kills. While Sam heads off to stop the space bridge, Carly convinces Megatron to help Optimus against Sentinel Prime by pushing his buttons and taking advantage on his arrogance, leading to the deaths of Megatron and Sentinel. Carly reunites with Sam after the battle and they admit they love each other.


In May 2010, it was announced that Huntington-Whiteley would become the new female lead in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, released 29 June 2011, replacing Megan Fox.[109] She had previously worked with the film's director, Michael Bay, on a Victoria's Secret commercial.[110] MTV Networks' named her one of the 'Breakout Stars to Watch for in 2011'.[111] Prior to the film's release, she won the "Female Star of Tomorrow" award at the 2011 CinemaCon Awards.[112] Critics were highly critical of the acting of Huntington-Whiteley and co-star Shia LaBeouf. Peter Travers stated the two "couldn't be duller."[113] Jason Solomons of The Observer wrote that "we're first introduced to Rosie via a close-up of her bum, segueing straight from the film's opening sequence and titles on to the pert buttocks and underwear of our heroine," and that Huntington-Whiteley's English posh girl accent "renders her practically unintelligible when surrounded by American accents and falling masonry."[114] Much of the criticism towards Rosie Huntington-Whiteley compared her in an unfavorable light to Megan Fox. Lou Lumenick said that her "'acting' makes...Megan Fox look like Meryl Streep in comparison."[115] Baz Bamigboye gave his review of the film the title 'Come back Megan Fox, all is forgiven...'.[116] In a positive review, Drew McWeeny of HitFix said, "She reminds me of Cameron Diaz in The Mask, an actress who doesn't really show off any range, but who gives a natural, winning performance and who is up to the challenge of this particular picture."[117]

Seymour Simmons[edit]

John Turturro plays Seymour Simmons, a former arrogant and paranoid Sector 7 agent and Sam's unlikely ally turned friend in the first three films. Sector 7 is a government group of agents created by President Hoover. Bay wanted Steve Buscemi for the role, but he was busy, so Turturro, whom Bay had wanted to work with ever since seeing The Big Lebowski, was cast instead.[6] Turturro gave a slapstick performance, which was intended to be in contrast to the serious military scenes, so that a sense of fun would not completely disappear.[27] A backstory was fashioned for Simmons, explaining his family had served in Sector 7 for generations, giving him a "mother's boy" personality. Bay cut these jokes as they were too crude.[6]

In Revenge of the Fallen, Simmons is now off-duty working in his mother's deli. After he left Sector 7, Simmons took extensive alien documentation with him, which aided Sam in his quest for the Sun Harvester. He is known online by his nickname "Robo-Warrior", and runs a website called, Leo Spitz's (Sam's roommate) rival site.

In Dark of the Moon, Simmons has written a book, Codename Hero: How Seymour Simmons and the Aliens Saved the World about his adventures with the Autobots. He has broken his leg during the Highway chase by Crowbar and is revealed to have had a relationship with Charlotte Mearing.

Turturro will return in The Last Knight.

Judy Witwicky[edit]

Judith "Judy" Witwicky (portrayed by Julie White) is Sam's mother and Ron's wife. She is somewhat flighty as she dresses up Sam's male dog, Mojo, in girly colors and jewelry. She is also very emotional and prone to cursing when in a bad mood. She is one of the few humans to know of the Transformers, though she almost spills the secret in public after eating a brownie laced with marijuana while dropping Sam off at college. While high from the pot brownies, she also babbled to all the nearby girls that her son had lost his virginity, "popped his cherry" (with Mikaela presumably) whilst she was in the house and that he's "quite a catch". Sam and his father Ron quickly hustled her away before she could embarrass them further and reveal the secret of the Autobots. Afterwards, she goes to Paris with Ron where they are kidnapped by the Decepticons to serve as a bargaining chip. She and her husband are later rescued during the final battle in Egypt by Sam and Bumblebee who kills her kidnapper Rampage. Sam insists his parents leave him, but while his father refuses, Judy finally realizes Sam's grown up and convinces Ron to let him go. She appears at the beginning of the third film, upon seeing the Bumblebee no longer lives with Sam, and has bought a similar looking car, which Judy calls a "sad piece of shit". Sam tells her and Ron to leave Washington DC before the Decepticons attack it the next day.

Ron Witwicky[edit]

In the Transformers film series, Ronald "Ron" Witwicky (portrayed by Kevin Dunn) is Sam's father and Judy's husband. Unlike the cartoon, from which the film draws much of its inspiration, "Sparkplug" is not used as a nickname, although Roberto Orci has stated that this may occur in any future sequels.[118] In the first film, Ron is oblivious of the true nature of his son's car, even at a point when the entire Autobot team is moving around outside his house. He is portrayed as a caring father but also as a rather picky person, cheapskate and a miser, who is at time obsessive in regards to his lawn and often enjoys playing jokes on his son. He also seems to have an irrational fear of earthquakes. Screenwriter Roberto Orci confirmed Ron knows the truth about the Transformers by the end of the first film.[119] Unlike the first two films, in the third film, he has a beard. He and Judy leave Washington DC before the final battle.

In the Dark of the Moon toyline, there is a character named Major Sparkplug who is partnered with the Autobot Whirl.


The Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty, NEST for short, is a team of soldiers led by Lennox and Epps with help Sam Witwicky in Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. They combined with the Human/Autobot alliance to fight against the Decepticons. They do not appear in Age of Extinction, but appeared in the video footage of the Battle of Chicago and they were shut down, replaced with Cemetery Wind, who hunted the Decepticons, but illegally the Autobots. In The Last Knight, NEST is back in action to help Cade Yeager and the Autobots.

General Morshower[edit]

Glenn Morshower plays General Morshower, the leader of NEST who communicates with the squad in the Pentagon in Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon. He is named after himself.[120]


Matthew Marsden plays Graham, an agent of the fictional SASF, and a member of the British Army Special Air Service who joins NEST.

Marsden grew up reading the comics and loved the 2007 film. Bay was impressed with his audition and decided to increase the character's screentime.[121]


Brian Shehan palys Burke, a member of Lennox's eight man team who survives Blackouts attack and later helps the Autobots at Mission City. He returns in Revenge of the Fallen as part of NEST.

Hardcore Eddie[edit]

Lester Speight plays Hardcore Eddie, a former NEST soldier who appears in Dark of the Moon.[122] He is an experienced soldier who has fought in war along with Epps' father many years ago.[123]


Josh Kelly plays Stone, a former NEST member who went into retirement along with Epps in Dark of the Moon. Kelly also paly Stone as a Strike Force team member in Revenge of the Fallen.


Aaron Garrido plays Mongo, a NEST member in Revenge of the Fallen who retires but later comes back to help in Dark of the Moon.


Mikal Vega plays Hooch a NEST member who retired but came back to help in Dark of the Moon for the battle of Chicago. He is the one who fired the rocket at Sentinel Prime.

Marc L[edit]

Kenny Sheard plays Marc L a NEST member who retired but came back to fight in the battle of Chicago in Dark of the Monn, during which he planted demolition charges on the legs of a couple of Decepticons legs (including Shockwave).

Baby Face[edit]

Markiss McFadden palys Baby Face, a young NEST soldier who's part of Lennox's team during the battle of Chicago, during which he lands his parachute on Shockwave's back.

Sector 7[edit]

Sector 7 is a secret American government agency, which deals with extraterrestrial technology and threats in Transformers.

Tom Banachek[edit]

Michael O'Neill plays Tom Banachek, the head of Sector 7's Advanced Research Division in Transformers.

Maggie Madsen[edit]

Rachael Taylor plays Maggie Madsen. She assists the Department of Defense in decoding the virus left by Frenzy. She realizes that those hacking into the government's data files cannot be human, due to the ease with which they made the attack. The writers had initially envisioned Maggie as quirkier and more cyberpunk.[27] The filmmakers opted for Taylor's natural Australian accent to give the film a global sensibility.[5] She found many of her scenes difficult because of the high heels she wore.[93]

Glen Whitmann[edit]

Anthony Anderson plays Glen Whitmann, a computer hacker and friend of Maggie..

John Keller[edit]

Jon Voight plays the United States Secretary of Defense John Keller, the first one to believe Maggie Madsen's theories. He announces that Sector 7 is dismantled in the end of the film.

Archibald Witwicky[edit]

W. Morgan Sheppard plays Captain Archibald Witwicky, Sam's great-great grandfather. Archibald Witwicky was a Dutch/English sea captain leading an exploration of the Arctic in 1897 when a crew member found something beneath the ice. They started digging and discovered the frozen Megatron. Archibald then accidentally activated Megatron's inertial navigation system which led to a sudden power surge, and died. Unbeknownst to him, the discharge etched a digital map to the AllSpark onto the lenses of his glasses. Blinded and forever marked by his vision, Archibald was committed to a mental institution for life, constantly ranting about visions of the future. A few of his personal items were given to his family, including the pair of glasses. These were passed down over time and eventually given to his great-great-grandson Sam.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Archibald Witwicky is mentioned by Sam Witwicky at college.

Jorge Figueroa[edit]

Amaury Nolasco plays ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa. Fig is wounded by a rocket fired by Scorponok. In a deleted scene in the Blu-ray version of the film, "Fig" is seen dying after getting wounded by Scorponok, but his character was made to stay alive in the finished film, and he was even offered to reprise his role in Revenge of the Fallen, which he had to refuse due to scheduling conflicts.[124]

Patrick Donnelly[edit]

Zack Ward plays First Sergeant Patrick Donnelly, a friend of Fig and Lennox. He is impaled and killed by Scorponok, his corpse being dragged under the sand.

Colonel Sharp[edit]

Glenn Morshower plays Colonel Sharp, a marine who was killed during Blackout's attack in the beginning of the first film. He is credited as "SOCCENT sergeant".

Leo Spitz[edit]

Ramón Rodríguez plays Leo Spitz, Sam's whiny and cowardly college roommate who owns a website on conspiracy theories called Rodríguez endured 100 mph (160 km/h) winds created by electrical fans while filming in Egypt, which resulted in him dislocating his shoulder and having to spend 45 minutes having sand flushed from his eyes.[125] At some point, the character was supposed to be called "Chuck" and Jonah Hill was considered for the role.[126]

Rodríguez was initially planned to be in Dark of the Moon in a bigger role, but he was dropped during early production.[127]

Theodore Galloway[edit]


John Benjamin Hickey plays Theodore Galloway, the American National Security Adviser who believes the Autobots' presence on Earth is the reason for the Decepticons still remaining on the planet. However, this later evolves into irrational prejudice and contempt towards the Autobots, invoking the ire of Lennox, Epps, Ratchet and (to a lesser extent), Optimus Prime, with the latter even going so far as to threaten him. After Megatron's return and Optimus' death, Galloway orders a shutdown on the partnership with N.E.S.T. and the Autobots and to have Optimus' corpse shipped to Diego Garcia. However, during the flight there, Colonel William Lennox straps him into a parachute, before opening the docking board, sending Galloway flying out of the plane. He lands in an uncharted desert, and angrily calls General Moreshower to complain.[128]

IDW Publishing[edit]

Galloway appears in the IDW Transformers comic series. Galloway originally tries to shut down NEST, but begins supporting it after the Autobots save his life during Nefarious when he uncovered a conspiracy to kill all Cybertronians. Galloway remained a firm supporter of NEST until he and multiple NEST soldiers and Autobots are killed by Shockwave, Galloway himself reduced to bone and ash.

R. A. Colan[edit]

Rainn Wilson plays Professor R. A. Colan, Sam's college lecturer who initially disliked Sam because of his bizarre behavior which upstaged Colan during the first day in class, but later respects him after learning of Sam's involvement in saving the world once again.[129][130]

Bay based the character on one of his professors at Wesleyan University, who was rumored to be chatting up his female students.[131]

Dylan Gould[edit]

Dylan Gould
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Last appearance Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments
Ally to the Decepticons
Former member of the Board of Directors of Acuretta Systems
Family Mr. Gould (father, dead)
Nationality American

Patrick Dempsey plays Dylan Gould, a human Decepticon agent in Dark of the Moon.

IDW Publishing[edit]

In Rising Storm #4, Carly explains that Gould is not fond of fighting robots, and it is all "kids' stuff" to him.

Movie Plot[edit]

Dylan Gould is the CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments and the boss of Carly Spencer, Sam Witwicky's love interest. Dylan aids Sam in eventually finding a job at the fictional Acuretta Systems by sending Sam's future boss at Acuretta Systems, Bruce Brazos, a recommendation letter. It is later revealed that Dylan is in the service of the Decepticons, specifically Soundwave, aiding the Decepticons in hunting down and murdering anyone involved with the American and Russian Moon missions to the Ark; having discovered the Decepticons' presence during the original Apollo missions, Dylan's father made contact with them, father and son considering the war none of their concern and therefore considering it "practical" to side with the winners. During a key movie moment, as Dylan reveals his involvement with the Decepticons to Sam, he places Sam under control of a simple Decepticon shaped as a watch and kidnaps Carly with the help from Soundwave. Dylan wants Sam to find out if Optimus Prime has a special plan to fight the Decepticons, telling Sam that Carly will die if he doesn't cooperate. Technically, Dylan learns that the Autobots have no plans, and orders Starscream to shoot their spaceship down to kill them all, though the Autobots have actually survived by landing down in the Atlantic Ocean. Before Sam is released, Sam swears he will kill Dylan for his actions. Dylan then heads to Chicago and the Trump Tower to witness the final phase of the Decepticon plan, taking Carly with him. Later in the movie, as Sam attempts to rescue Carly, Sam finds Dylan at his Chicago apartment and has him at gunpoint before Laserbeak manages to save Dylan by grabbing Sam and dropping him off the tower. Sam is saved and Dylan runs to tell the Decepticons that the Autobots are back, setting both up for their final fight. In their final fight, Dylan is somewhat annoyed that Soundwave is keeping several Autobots as prisoners, and convinces him to just kill them instead, which only led to Soundwave's death by Bumblebee. Eventually, Dylan reactivates the Control Pillar after it is temporarily disabled by Optimus Prime. Sam confronts Dylan; during their final fight near the Control Pillar, Dylan then taunts Sam that he doesn't have the guts to take him down at all, but Sam proves him wrong by knocking Dylan into the Control Pillar with a pole, electrocuting and thus killing him as Sam promised he would.


In the novelization for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Dylan appears to be very good at engineering and fixing cars, as he is able to fix Sam's new car within a minute. Also, when Sam kills him, he is incinerated by the energy of the pillar.


  • Soundwave/Mr. Gould with Laserbeak (Human Alliance, 2011)

Bruce Brazos[edit]

John Malkovich plays Bruce Brazos, Sam's employer.

Charlotte Mearing[edit]

Frances McDormand plays Charlotte Mearing,[132] the tough-as-nails, no-nonsense Director of National Intelligence official. She has a history with Agent Simmons.


Alan Tudyk plays Dutch, Agent Simmons' assistant.[133] The name "Dutch" is a reference to the thug in The Transformers, and the character Lugnutz's rifle. He was once supposedly a cut-throat assassin who was quick on the trigger, but has since put that aside to start a new, civilized life.

Jerry Wang[edit]

Ken Jeong plays Jerry "Deep" Wang, a paranoid software programmer and conspiracy theorist who stalks Sam at work.[134] Jerry then gives Sam information about the moon program, assassinations and the "Dark of the Moon". It turns out he is also in league with the Decepticons, but gets murdered by Laserbeak for giving Sam the information, and then trying to kill Laserbeak.


Elya Baskin plays Dimitiri, a former cosmonaut who was supposed to travel to the dark side of the Moon. He gives Sam, Simmons, and Dutch the information about the Moon, showing them pictures and revealing Pillars being stockpiled on the Moon.

Cade Yeager[edit]

Cade Yeager
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Last appearance Transformers: The Last Knight
Portrayed by Mark Wahlberg
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Autobots and Dinobots
Relatives Emily Yeager (wife; deceased)
Tessa Yeager (daughter)
Shane Dyson (daughter´s boyfriend), Lucas Flannery (friend; deceased), Vivian Wembley (new girlfriend), Izabella (adopted daughter)
Nationality American

Mark Wahlberg plays Cade Yeager, a single father and an inventor who builds robots for money of his daughter, Tessa, to keep her safe after he made a promise of his wife before she died.

In early production, this character was going to be portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, but later the character was taken to Wahlberg. He was originally called as Flynn "Ray" Vincent, but later changed as Cade.

Movie plot[edit]

In the fourth film, Cade goes to an old movie theater, looking for things to repair for a good price. There, he finds and buys parts to send his young daughter to college until he discovers a rusty truck, which is damage. He uses Lucas' money to buy the truck. Later, he discovers that the truck is not a normal vehicle, but a transformer. Cade, eager to learn more about it and its technological secrets, keeps the truck despite Lucas and Tessa's protests. When fixing the truck, Cade removes a live missile from the truck's power core, and it transforms, revealing it to be the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, who is badly damaged and weak from an attack by humans. Cade manages to calm him down, and he agrees to repair Optimus. After repairing Optimus, Cade, Lucas and Tessa are chased by Cemetery Wind, but with the help of Shane, Tessa's boyfriend, the four escape. Though Lucas falls behind and is killed, Cade, Tessa, Shane and Optimus manage to evade Cemetery Wind. He steals a spy drone, and learns the footage of Leadfoot's death, and gathered with Optimus and the remaining Autobots, showing the deaths of Ratchet and Leadfoot. They try to infiltrate KSI at Chicago, but Cade is discovered, captured and taken into custody by Harold Attinger, and later rescued by Bumblebee. After a brawl between Optimus and Galvatron during their escape, Lockdown captures Optimus, but Tessa is trapped in a car that is snagged in Lockdown's net. Cade (obtaining a powerful cybertronian gun while aboard Lockdown's ship) rescues Tessa, while the Autobots rescue Optimus, and escape Lockdown's ship. After learning about Galvatron (Megatron reincarnated in a new body) courtesy of Brains, Cade and the others head to Hong Kong to stop him from taking and using the Seed to create a new army of Decepticons, while he tells Optimus to have faith in humanity. In the battle of Hong Kong to retrieve the Seed, Cade kills Savoy after a chase on the roofs of the buildings. While protecting the Seed, Cade fights back alongside Hound and Bumblebee, killing many of the Deceptions during their attack. Cade also participates in the final duel with Optimus to fight Lockdown, and is confronted at gunpoint by Attinger, who berates Cade for choosing to side with the Autobots. After Optimus kills Attinger and is injured by Lockdown, Cade fights the Cybertronian bounty hunter, while Tessa and Shane free Optimus, who cuts Lockdown in half to save Cade. After the battle ends, Cade finally accepts Shane as his daughter's boyfriend. Joshua also agrees to help him to rebuild their home after Lockdown destroyed it, with Attinger. Later, Optimus leaves Earth with the Seed to confront his Creators, after instructing the Autobots to defend his family.

Walhberg will return to reprise his role in The Last Knight.

Tessa Yeager[edit]

Tessa Yeager
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Portrayed by Nicola Peltz
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Ally to the Autobots
Relatives Cade Yeager (father)
Emily Yeager (mother; deceased)
Shane Dyson (boyfriend)
Nationality American

Nicola Peltz plays Tessa Yeager, Cade's daughter, and Shane's girlfriend. Unlike her father, Tessa is more responsible and is more realistic, as she feels Cade's inventions might not work as well as he wants them too. When her father finds a disguised Optimus Prime and brings him home in thinking he could utilize the Autobot's tech in his inventions, Tessa is opposed to the idea. However, upon Cemetery Wind threatening her life and Optimus' rescue of her and her father, she sides with him and the Autobots and stop those who want them dead. In Chicago, she and Shane are with the Autobots, while their father is at KSI to get to the bottom of this before being discovered by Attinger. After saving and escaping, they are attacked by Galvatron and Stinger with the Autobots, until Lockdown appears and captures Optimus, including her. After leaving, he checks the ship for Optimus, when he sees Lockdown with Cemetery Wind in giving them the Seed, after seeing Cade and Shane in rescue. After leaving the ship with Bumblebee and Crosshairs, they are attacked by the mercenaries of Lockdown until being shot down, then in giving them the news about the Seed and going to Hong Kong, then falls with Cade and Shane of the ship with Bumblebee and Hound in Look for Joshua Joyce. They are then attacked by Savoy in killing them, until Cade lets them go and kill Savoy. In the battle, Cade leaves her with Shane and Bumblebee to help Optimus, but then she decides not to leave him. After Attinger's death, she and Shane with Bumblebee help Optimus and Cade defeat Lockdown and is defeated. In the end, they escape in detonating the Lockdown grenade and destroying the other Decepticons with Lockdown and Attinger dead. After safe, when Optimus orders the Autobts to protect her, his father Cade and his boyfriend Shane and to see him fly into space to seek the Creators.

Shane Dyson[edit]

Shane Dyson
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Portrayed by Jack Reynor
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Autobots
Relatives Cade Yeager (father-in-law)
Tessa Yeager (girlfriend)
Nationality American

Jack Reynor plays Shane Dyson, Tessa's boyfriend and an Irish race car driver. Cade gives him the nickname of "Lucky Charms". He drives a Chevy Sonic rally car when rescuing Cade, Tessa and Lucas from Cemetery Wind and chased by Rally Fighters, helicopter and Cadillac Escalade's. His car got destroyed by Lockdown's grenade. Also his car appears to be Rollbar, an Autobot who appeared in the toyline. It is dedicated to being with his girlfriend, although his father wants or not, and in allying with the Autobots to stop to Lockdown and Cemetery Wind. In Chicago, he went with Cade and Bumblebee to KSI in figuring out the secrets, before going with Tessa. After Bumblebee and Drift take Cade out of Attinger's interrogation, they are pursued by Galvatron and Stinger, and Lockdown appears, seeing as he takes Optimus and Tessa with him. It was with Cade and the Autobots to save them by going to the Lockdown ship. Then in finding her, they escape with Bumblebee and Croashairs from the mercenaries. In Hong Kong, they search for Joshua with the Seed and fall off the ship with Bumblebee and Hound. After him and the others are attacked by Savoy, Cade lets them escape so that he will kill Savoy. In the battle, Cade leaves him with his daughter to protect her and to go with Bumblebee, but when Shane hears Tessa that he does not want to leave his father, they decide to return to help him and Optimus in kill Lockdown. At the end of Lockdown and Attinger being dead, they escape flying with Optimus in destroying the Decepticons and being accepted in loyalty to Cade with his daughter, when Optimus orders to the Autobots in protecting to him, Cade and Tessa and seeing in going to the space to found the Creators.


The Kinetic Solutions Incorporated, KSI for short, is the robotics company who works Cemetery Wind and builds the remote control Transformers that headquartered at Chicago, later Beijing, China. After the final battle of Hong Kong, KSI cease production & shut down.

Joshua Joyce[edit]

Stanley Tucci plays Joshua Joyce, the arrogant head of KSI who wants to build his own Transformers.[135][136][137] He is the creator of his own Transformers, with pieces of junk from the Battle of Chicago, as well as responsible for the return of the Decepticons, when his creation went horribly wrong. He is working with Harold Attinger to give money for the Seed to create Transformium, until he discovers that Attinger had only been supporting Transformers projects KSI, not the CIA as Joyce had been led to believe, after a call from Cade Yeager that warns of the true nature of Galvatron, and knowing that he was manipulated by Attinger and Galvatron. After their evil prototypes are destroyed in the battle of Hong Kong, he discontinues and closes Transformers project KSI, betraying Attinger for their crimes and helps Cade and his family to rebuild their home.

Tucci will return to reprise his role in The Last Knight.

Darcy Tirrel[edit]

Sophia Myles plays Darcy Tirrel, a geologist assistant and Joyce's ex-girlfriend. She discovered cyber-formed dinosaurs in the Arctic, leading her to suspect that the Seed is more dangerous than Joshua is willing to admit and is ultimately right.[135][138]

Su Yueming[edit]

Li Bingbing plays Su Yueming (苏月明 Sū Yuèmíng), owner of the Chinese factory in Beijing, China, used by KSI to build more artificial Transformers. [139][140]

Cemetery Wind[edit]

The Cemetery Wind is a secret black-ops unit of the Central Intelligence Agency and works with KSI. They were asked to hunt down the Decepticons only, but without the President's and their own agency's knowledge, Cemetery Wind have secretly went rogue by eliminating the Autobots(who were granted asylum after their alliance with the military ended)and due to Attinger's belief that all Transformers were menaces to humanity, no matter their faction. To that end, they were also willing to eliminate any potential human allies the Autobots might have had, such as the Yeager family. After the final battle of Hong Kong and the deaths of Attinger and Savoy, Cemetery Wind and its nefarious dealings have been presumably exposed and shut down, eventually labeled as a terrorist organization. However, the disbanded organization was reformed into the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) in The Last Knight by mercenaries who wanted to see all cybertronians destroyed.

Harold Attinger[edit]

Harold Attinger
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Portrayed by Kelsey Grammer
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Cemetery Wind's leader
Nationality American

Kelsey Grammer plays Harold Attinger, a corrupt government agent who is the nefarious founder of the CIA division, Cemetery Wind. He is secretly working with Lockdown and Savoy as part of his the operation to rid the Earth of all Transformers regardless of their faction. Attinger was tasked with eliminating any remaining Decepticons on Earth. However, acting behind the U.S. President's back, Attinger secretly ordered for the Autobots' elimination and anyone who allies with them as well under the notion that his nation will never be safe until all Transformers are gone. Attinger's other goal is to gain fame and fortune for his work in ridding the world of all Transformers. To that end, not caring who dies in the process, be they innocent civilians or an entire city, Attinger forms a partnership with the Transformer bounty hunter Lockdown to capture Optimus Prime in return for a "Seed", a bomb that cyberforms a large area of land, hoping that it will allow him to reap immense profits from his business "partner" Joshua Joyce and KSI's use of it. Joyce however betrays Attinger upon realizing just how ruthless and murderous the CIA operative is and runs away with the Seed when Galvatron comes after it. He later gets involved in the battle in Hong Kong where after watching Savoy die at Cade's hands and failing to obtain the Seed from Joyce, he holds Cade at gunpoint, telling him that there are "no good aliens, or bad aliens", it's just humans or Transformers, since he feels the Autobots are still a threat to national security. Attinger nearly shoots Cade, but is blasted in the chest and killed by Optimus Prime. His remains are destroyed in the explosion that disposed of the remaining KSI drones shortly after Lockdown's death.

James Savoy[edit]

James Savoy
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Portrayed by Titus Welliver
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ally to the Cemetery Wind
Relatives Unnamed family
Nationality American

Titus Welliver plays James Savoy, the field leader of the CIA division Cemetery Wind and the right-hand man of Harold Attinger.[137][140][141] He shares his superior's unjust hatred for Transformers due to his sister being killed during the Decepticon invasion of Chicago. He leads the missions who killed Ratchet, Leadfoot (and possibly Sideswipe, Wheelie, Mirage, Roadbuster, Topspin and Igor), and rest of the Decepticons left on Earth. In the film's climax, Savoy is later killed during the Hong Kong battle when he engages Cade in a fistfight and is shoved out of a window and falls 10-15 stories out a townhouse building to his death. Attinger watches Savoy die and angrily vows vengeance.

Transformers Reaction Force[edit]

The Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) is a mercenary military unit appearing in Transformers: The Last Knight that seeks to eradicate all Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon alike, on Earth. Formed from the remnants of the disbanded CIA unit Cemetery Wind, they also are willing to kill any allies and sympathizers among humans that the Cybertronians might have. They are led by Santos, a former Delta Force Operator.


Santiago Cabrera plays Santos, the commander of the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF). Santos is a former Delta Force Operator who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Seeing no difference between Autobots and Decepticons, Santos considers them all alien outlaws and seeks to eradicate them and any human allies or sympathizers they might have; a fact that brings him into conflict with Cade Yeager and the Autobots in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Lucas Flannery[edit]

T. J. Miller plays Lucas Flannery, Cade's best friend and a mechanic.[142] Along with Tessa, he doesn't trust Cade's ideal of buying "junk" and selling them to earn money, but has given part of his own money to help Cade purchase them. He was killed by Lockdown's grenade during their escape from both the bounty hunter and Cemetery Wind's agents and was cyberformed into metal by the weapon's blast upon being killed.


Isabela Moner will play Izabella, a street-smart, feisty and kind tomboy who grew up an orphan and was raised in foster care in The Last Knight. She also has an only one friend in life, Sqweeks until she meets Cade Yeager. She shows a sense of humour as shown with the Dinobots and Crosshairs.

Viviane Wembly[edit]

Laura Haddock will play Viviane Wembly, a glamorous but feisty and benevolent Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford who becomes a love interest to Cade in The Last Knight. She is shown to believe in legends and heroes.

Sir Edmund Burton[edit]

Anthony Hopkins will play Sir Edmund Burton, a wise and benevolent historian and astronomer who has knowledge about Transformers such as their connections to Earth's history.

King Arthur[edit]

Liam Garrigan will play King Arthur, the legendary king of Camelot in The Last Knight.


Jerrod Carmichael will play Jimmy, one of Cade's friends in The Last Knight.


Some real world actors play themselves in the films. Some of them are credited and/or uncredited at the end of each film.

John F. Kennedy[edit]

John F. Kennedy makes a cameo in the beginning of Dark of the Moon. On November 22, 1963, he was assassinated at Dallas, Texas, at the age of 46.

Walter Cronkite[edit]

Walter Cronkite plays himself in the beginning of Dark of the Moon. On July 17, 2009, after the release of Revenge of the Fallen, he died at his home in New York City, New York, at the age of 92.

Barack Obama[edit]

Barack Obama made a cameo as himself in the beginning of Dark of the Moon, who gives a medal to Sam.

Buzz Aldrin[edit]

Buzz Aldrin plays himself, who greets Optimus Prime in Dark of the Moon, with Buzz and Optimus both affirming that it is an honor to meet a fellow space traveller. Also, Cory Tucker plays young Buzz Aldrin in the beginning of the film in 1969.

Bill O'Reilly[edit]

Bill O'Reilly makes a cameo as himself interviewing Agent Simmons on his show The O'Reilly Factor in Dark of the Moon.

General Motors[edit]

General Motors Vice President of Design Edward T. Welburn makes a cameo appearance as a KSI executive himself in Age of Extinction.

Michael Bay[edit]

Director Michael Bay makes a cameo appearance in Transformers where he was flicked by Megatron. He made another cameo in Revenge of the Fallen aboard a C-17 transport where he and his crew were seen next to Optimus Prime in truck mode. He made a third cameo in Age of Extinction as the driver of the truck where Optimus Prime and Bumblebee destroy during their fight against Galvatron.

Han Geng[edit]

Han Geng makes a cameo as himself singing and playing the guitar in a parked car before being magnetized by Lockdown's ship in Age of Extinction.

Minor humans[edit]

The Minor humans have small roles in the films. They appeared in one film each, and not seen again for the rest of the film.

  • Samantha Smith as Sarah Lennox, Lennox's wife and a mother of Annabelle in Transformers.
  • Peter Jacobson as Mr. Hosney, the humorless high school teacher in Transformers.
  • Johnny Sanchez as Clown in Transformers.
  • Carlos Moreno, Jr. as Manny in Transformers.
  • Travis Van Winkle as Trent DeMarco, Mikaela's mean football jock boyfriend before Sam came along in Transformers.
  • Bernie Mac as Bobby Bolivia, a used car dealer from whom Sam purchases Bumblebee in Transformers.
  • Ashkan Kashanchi as Mahfouz, a young Qatar boy in Transformers.
  • Rizwan Manji as Akram, Mahfouz's father in Transformers.
  • Brian Stepanek as a Sector 7 agent and driver of Simmons in Transformers.[143]
  • John Robinson as Miles Lancaster, Sam's best friend in Transformers.
  • Brian Shehan as Burke in Transformers. He is credited as Ranger Team #3.
  • Jonathan Trent as Fassbinder in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Walker Howard as Sharsky in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Michael Papajohn as Colin "Cal" Banes, Mikaela's father in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Annie Korzen as Tova Simmons, Simmons' mother in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Sean T. Krishnan as Yakov in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Iqbal Theba as the UN Secretary-General in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.[144]
  • John Nielsen as USS Roosevelt Captain in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. His name was Wilder in the film, but not credited.
  • Drew Pillsbury as Robert McNamara in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Don Jeanes as young Neil Armstrong, a NASA astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Anthony Azizi as Sulimani in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Ravil Isyanov as Alexi Voskhod in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is killed by Laserbeak in the beginning.
  • Andy Daly as Donnie in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Markiss McFadden as Baby Face, a young member of NEST in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Thomas Lennon as Chief of Staff in Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • James Bachman as Gill Wembley, a KSi scientist working for Joshua in Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • Charles Parnell as a CIA Director in Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • Blair Adam Baillio as Robot Thief in Transformers: Age of Extinction. His name was Timothy in the film, but not credited.
  • Melanie Specht, Victoria Summer, Abigail Klein, and Greg Anderson as Joshua's assistants in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Sam has dogs, such as Mojo (Chester the Chihuahua), Frankie (Paris) and Bonecrusher (himself), that was own by Michael Bay.[145][146] Miles also has Mason the Mastiff dog, that was also own by Bay, when he died in 2007.

Mitch Pileggi has been cast in The Last Knight in an undisclosed role.

Other Cybertronians[edit]

AllSpark Mutations[edit]

The AllSpark Mutations are Earth machinery brought to life as Transformers by Sam Witwicky with the AllSpark in the 2007 film and Revenge of the Fallen.


The Nokia-bot is an AllSpark Mutation transformer who was a Nokia N93i cell phone formerly owned by Glen Whitmann and transformed into a Transformer by the power of the AllSpark. It is a rather violent and hysterical creature, armed with several weapons. When it tried to break out of the case, it was killed by an energy pulse by Simmons. A Nokia-bot also appeared in the Verizon FiOS Commercial, where Michael Bay bashed aside the Nokia-bot and it exploded that his explosions are awesome.

Spider Wheel[edit]

Spider Wheel is the AllSpark Mutation transformer who appeared as a steering wheel transformed into a creepy Transformer with spider-like limbs. It was seen hugging a woman's face, (Odette Annabelle) while screaming. It, along with HighScore, was killed by Ironhide.


HighScore is an AllSpark Mutation transformer who is a type of an Xbox 360 console. It was first seen inside the box, while a man drops it and runs away. In the novels and comics of the 2007 film, HighScore was found and killed by Ironhide.


Dispensor is an AllSpark Mutation transformer who transforms into a Mountain Dew vending machine, and appeared to have four arms (with three original arms and a cannon on the right arm). In the novels and comics of the 2007 film, Dispensor was killed by Ratchet, with his foot. In Age of Extinction, Dispensor appeared in the toyline, a remodel and green repaint of Payload with a new head model and a cannon.


The Appliancebots are a group of common household appliances that came to life to kill Sam, and later killed by Bumblebee.

Seven Primes[edit]

Michael York, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Robin Atkin Downes voices the three members of Seven Primes, the first Cybertronians who came into distant galaxies looking for planets where they could build Sun Harvesters. It was during the Dynasty's rule that Sun Harvesters were not to be used in solar systems containing life. In 17,000 B.C.E., one of them defied his brothers' rule about destroying planets with life by powering up the Sun Harvester, an act that ignited a war and earned him the name The Fallen. To stop the Sun's destruction the remaining six stole and hid the Matrix of Leadership, sacrificing themselves to make a tomb of their own bodies, sealing the Matrix away. When Sam dies, he has a vision of the Dynasty and they tell him he has earned his destiny. The Dynasty then resurrects Sam, who uses the Matrix of Leadership to bring Optimus back to life and kills the Fallen. Their bodies resembles their brother, the Fallen, the same hands, body, heads and legs.

The Creators[edit]

The Creators are a mysterious extraterrestrial race who are the creators of all Cybertronians, based on the Quintessons from the Generation 1 lore. In the beginning of Age of Extinction, 65 million B.C.E., they invade the organic planets, including Earth, using the Seeds, cyberforming the planet, and ending the age of the Dinosaurs and causing the KT extinction event. Later, they harvest and use the resultant metal and the AllSpark to built both Cybertron and Cybertronians - Autobots and Decepticons. Million of years later, they send their bounty hunter Lockdown to Earth - to bring Optimus Prime alive, wanting their "chessboard cleaned", and kill the remaining Autobots and Decepticons. They appear to be hostile and consider the intermingling of species to upset the cosmic balance. At the end after Lockdown was killed, Optimus flies into space from Earth that he is coming for them with the Seed. They don’t appear in body, but a pink, organic-looking hand is briefly seen inside of one of their ships.

The Creators are set to appear in The Last Knight. The second and third trailers imply that they either corrupt or reprogram Optimus Prime. In the third trailer, a shackled Optimus is seen speaking to a floating, armored creature with tentacle-like appendages, which speaks with a sinister female voice. The female Creator tells Optimus that his world is dying because of him and asks him if he seeks "redemption", to which he answers "My maker, I do" and his eyes turn purple.


Mark Ryan voices Lockdown,[14] a cold and barbaric Cybertronian (not Autobot and Decepticon) bounty hunter who transforms into a grey 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe and speaks with a Cockney accent.[17] His robot mode slightly resembles Optimus Primal's appearance in Beast Machines,[16] but also features a scar on his left face and he is capable of turning his helmet into a rocket launcher/plasma cannon, and uses his hook (from the Revenge of the Fallen deluxe version), a sword and a booster shot. In the film, Lockdown is working for The Creators to bring Optimus Prime to them in the galaxy, aid the humans, and kill the remaining Autobots and Decepticons on Earth. He made a deal with Attinger to give him the Seed when he captured Optimus. He hunts and kills the Autobots, including Ratchet, Leadfoot (possibly Sideswipe, Mirage, Roadbuster, and Topspin), and the remaining Decepticons on Earth. At some point in the past, Lockdown also captures the Legendary "Dinobot" Knights and took over the Knight Ship, but they are later freed by Optimus in order to destroy Galvatron's army. Later in a duel at Hong Kong, Lockdown is killed by Optimus Prime, who vertically bisects him, avenging the deaths of Ratchet, Leadfoot, and Lucas (and possibly Sideswipe, Mirage, Roadbuster, and Topspin). Afterwards, his body was destroyed by his own grenade, when Optimus destroys the rest of the KSI Drones.

Lockdown also appeared as a Decepticon in the Revenge of the Fallen toyline, Cyber Missions and the Dark of the Moon video game, whose appearance was influenced by a combination of his Animated appearance, which he was voiced by Lance Henriksen. He is also the archenemy of both Ratchet and Arcee.

Lockdown's prison ship will return in The Last Knight.


The Mercenaries are a group of techno-organic humanoids of Lockdown. They use the Drone balls to roll and see anything aboard the ship, appeared to have red or green lights on their faces and reuse the Decepticon weapons. Several of them are killed by Cade, Shane and Crosshairs, while the surviving ones remained inside Lockdown's ship, as the two Drone balls are also killed by Cade on the Knight ship. They also used the Cybertronian starfighters, which first appeared in Dark of the Moon for Decepticons to first use in the battle of Chicago.


The Steeljaws are the techno-organic canines and the minions of Lockdown. They are colored black and blue in the toyline. During the Autobots' aid in the Knight Ship, while hanging on the cables, they are killed by Cade Yeager and Bumblebee. They were originally called Wolves (appeared in Trading cards), but later these names were changed to Steeljaws. The Steeljaws do not transform in the film, though they do transform in the Age of Extinction toyline.

Knights of Cybertron[edit]

The Knights of Cybertron[147] were among the first Cybertronians created by the Allspark, whose alternate modes appear to be based on mythical creatures. The Knights of Cybertron are allies with King Arthur and work together to protect an ancient Cybertronian relic.


Dragonstorm is a large Cybertronian knight who will appear in The Last Knight, where he will transform into a mechanical three-headed dragon. He, along with the rest of the Knights, are allies of King Arthur.[148] His horns look very similar to the horns of Predaking from Transformers: Prime. In several of the trailers for The Last Knight, he is seen fighting Optimus Prime when the latter is brainwashed by the Creators.


Steelbane is a Cybertronian Knight who will appear in The Last Knight, where he will transform into a mechanical wyvern. He, along as the rest of the Knights are allies of King Arthur. Steelbane shares the same design with the rest of the knights. [149]


Skullitron is a Cybertronian knight who will appear in The Last Knight where he will transform into a mechanical wyvern. He, along with the rest of the knights, are allies of King Arthur. Skullitron shares the same body design as the rest of the knights.

Unused Transformers[edit]

Several Transformers were set to appear in the films, but cut or removed in the final cut of the films and their roles were taken to the Transformers that appeared. They only appeared in the toylines - including Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Age of Extinction.


Wreckage is a Decepticon who was originally supposed to appear in the first film, transforming into a M1126 Stryker ICV as his alt mode, which had been designed, but eventually didn't get used in the film.[150][151]

Wreckage appears in the 2007 film toyline and Revenge of the Fallen prequel comics, transforming into an ice-based camouflaged Stryker and later a natural camouflaged version. It is revealed in the comics that Wreckage is the reason humans know so much about the Transformers. He is killed by Starscream for "treason".

Tidal Wave[edit]

Tidal Wave is a Decepticon who was originally supposed to appear in the first film. Michael Bay also considered the character, capable turning into an aircraft carrier, but was dropped for cost reasons.[152] The character was included in one of Orci and Kurtzman's drafts of the script,[153] and concept art was even created for it.[154]


Silverbolt is an airborne Autobot who was originally supposed to appear in Dark of the Moon. A January 2010 interview with late actor James Avery claimed that he would be providing the voice of Silverbolt in the third film,[155] but no such character appeared in the finished movie, and Avery died on December 31, 2013, a day before 2014, age 68.

In spite of his removal, he does appear in the prequel video game of the same name as an Aerialbot who transforms into a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, alongside Breakaway and Air Raid, where they were killed by Starscream.


Slash is a Dinobot stealth fighter who transforms into a mechanical spine-clawed Velociraptor. He was seen in promotional images for Age of Extinction and he was also made into a toy, but wasn't seen in the film's trailers and spots.[18] He is colored light green and light blue in the toy line.

In the toy line, Hound rides Slash and in the concept art, a large number of Slashs charging into Hong Kong alongside Scorn. Slash's toy design is based on these pieces of concept artwork. In the Contrust-Bots line, his head is the same for Dinobot's from Beast Wars.

In the concept art, he was known as "Velociraptor" and "Raptor".


Slog is a large Dinobot who transforms into a mechanical spiked Apatosaurus. He was seen in promotional images for Age of Extinction and he was also made into a toy, but wasn't seen in the film's trailers and spots.[156] He is colored red and black in the toy line and he looks similar to Sludge.[157]


Snarl is a Dinobot who transforms into a mechanical Stegosaurus. He was seen in promotional images for Age of Extinction and he was also made into a toy, but wasn't seen in the film's trailers and spots.[156] He is colored green and yellow in the toy line.[157]


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