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For medieval Breton leader Morvan, see Morman. For disorder affecting potassium channels in the brain and peripheral nerves, see Morvan's syndrome. For the former member of Milli Vanilli, see Fab Morvan. For the comics author, see Jean-David Morvan.
Morvan bourgogne2.jpg
Morvan landscape
Highest point
Peak Haut-Folin
Elevation 901 m (2,956 ft)
Area covered by the range.
Area covered by the range.
Country France
State/Province Bourgogne
Borders on Massif Central
Typical early autumn landscape in the Morvan

The Morvan is a mountainous massif lying just to the west of the Côte d'Or escarpment in Burgundy, France. It is a northerly extension of the Massif Central and is of Variscan age. It is composed of granites and basalts and formed a promontory extending northwards into the Jurassic sea.


The Morvan has a strong folk musical tradition. It uses musical ideas from lots of other cultures and combines them to make its own. (See Music of France and bagpipes.)

The regional park[edit]

At its heart nowadays is the protected area of the Parc naturel régional du Morvan. Its main town is Château-Chinon on the D978 between Nevers and Autun. Several of its valleys have been dammed to form reservoirs.

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This is a relatively unknown place internationally, so most information is in French.

Coordinates: 47°05′N 4°00′E / 47.083°N 4.000°E / 47.083; 4.000