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"nee" in first sentence[edit]

I was confused by the "nee" since no other name, until I saw footnote 1. I think putting Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor nee Middleton with the explanation footnoted that she does not need to use a surname would clarify things. --Richardson mcphillips (talk) 00:28, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

first trip to the US[edit]

Is the fact that her trip to California was her first trip to the US significantly more important than the fact, if it is so, that this was also her first trip to Canada? --Richardson mcphillips (talk) 00:29, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

It says "first royal tour of Canada" a couple of sentences before California. DrKay (talk) 09:50, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

Order of Merit[edit]

It is listed under the section of Honours that she received the Order of Merit on 23 March 2017, yet I do not see a source cited. If this is true, shouldn't she have the postnominals "OM"? -- 003FX (talk) 19:43, 12 April 2017 (UTC)

It's the Order of Merit of Tuvalu.[1] DrKay (talk) 19:54, 12 April 2017 (UTC)
Still, shouldn't there be a source cited? How would the reader know this? -- 003FX (talk) 19:55, 12 April 2017 (UTC)
Someone has added a souce, and I have changed the wording (here and for the Duke) to make it clear that this is the "Tuvalu Order of Merit", not the "Order of Merit". It may be open to question whether an award which isn't worthy of a Wikipedia article is worthy of listing here. --David Biddulph (talk) 20:15, 12 April 2017 (UTC)