¡All-Time Quarterback! (album)

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¡All-Time Quarterback!
All time quarterback.jpg
Studio album by ¡All-Time Quarterback!
Released 2002
Genre Indie rock
Length 28:22
Label Barsuk Records
¡All-Time Quarterback! chronology
The Envelope Sessions
¡All-Time Quarterback!
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]

¡All-Time Quarterback! is the first album and the last release from Ben Gibbard's solo project ¡All-Time Quarterback!. It is a collection of tracks from the now out of print EPs ¡All-Time Quarterback! and The Envelope Sessions. Oddly, the ¡All-Time Quarterback! album excludes the tracks "Don't Touch the Tape", "Lullaby, Lullaby", "Dig It!" and "Stark Mobile," despite its short album length. However, it includes the previously unreleased track "Dinner At Eight in the Suburbs".

The enhanced CD features the video for "Plans Get Complex", filmed in London and edited by Aaron Stewart.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Plans Get Complex" 2:43
2. "Dinner at Eight in the Suburbs" 2:11
3. "Cleveland" 2:20
4. "Empire State" 1:38
5. "Rules Broken" 3:19
6. "Untitled" 3:11
7. "Factory Direct" 2:03
8. "Why I Cry" 3:29
9. "Underwater!" 1:48
10. "Sock Hop" 1:18
11. "Send Packing" 4:20


The track "Underwater!" went on to become a Death Cab for Cutie song, released on 7" inch as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club (March 2000).


  • Ben Gibbard – all instruments and vocals
  • Nick helped by playing percussion on "Untitled".
  • Drums on "Why I Cry" were looped from a Rat Cat Hogan song, and, as such, were played by Rob.
  • "Why I Cry" is a Magnetic Fields song written by Stephin Merritt, copyright 1995.