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Impossible titles.jpg
Genre Game show
Presented by Rick Edwards
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 45
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) Mighty Productions
Original network BBC One
Original release 2 January 2017 (2017-01-02) – present

Impossible, stylized as !mpossible, is a British game show which has been airing on BBC One since 2 January 2017 and is presented by Rick Edwards.[1]


Round One[edit]

The first round is split into three segments of five questions, with all of them possessing three multiple-choice answers. Contestants pick up a point if they answer correctly. A wrong answer scores you nothing but if the contestant chooses the impossible answer, it knocks them out of the day's show and they have to try again in the next show, unless the show is the final one the group of contestants participated in. For example, which US pop singer's concert was interrupted by the 2017 Manchester bombings? Was it A Ariana Grande B Katy Perry or C Jess Glynne? The right answer is A, the wrong answer is B but Jess Glynne is a British singer, so that is the impossible answer.
At the end of the five questions, the highest scorer with the quickest submissions (if there was a tie) would face a nine-answer grid with five impossible answers, from a choice of four categories. Each one adds £100 to the daily prize pot. The first half of the question is revealed with the contestants eliminating the five impossibles correctly. If the answer is one to the first half of the question, nothing gets added to the prize pot. After the five attempts, the second half of the question is revealed, and they are looking for the correct answer. The second-placed contestant is revealed ready to steal their place. If they pick an impossible answer (if there are still any), they are also eliminated in the same way as the five-question segments. If they are correct, they sit on one of three of the final chairs. If the contestant gets it wrong, the second-placed contestant gets a chance to steal a place in the final. If that contestant gets it right, they go to the final, but if they get it wrong, the contestant who won the segment takes one of the final places instead.

Round Two[edit]

Three contestants remain in contention of the final question. Each contestant has ten lives, and the questions are on the buzzer. If they get a question correct, their opponents lose a life, but get it wrong and the contestant will lose one of their lives instead. In this round, some of the questions asked would be impossible, i.e. there is no such answer to that question. If they correctly identify that type of question by saying 'impossible', their opponents lose two lives. If the contestant says 'impossible' to questions with correct answers or say any other answers to impossible questions, they will lose two of their own lives. The round stops when two contestants have no lives left, but it is impossible for every contestant to lose all their lives at the same time.

The Final[edit]

The winner of Round Two faces the £10,000 question based on a random category. They have ten seconds to pick their three answers. If they get all three questions correct, they will win the £10,000. If they pick at least one wrong answer, they win the daily prize pot, depending on how many impossible answers that three contestants eliminated in the grid. If they pick any impossible answer or if the 10 seconds are elapsed before picking their three answers, they lose all their money and leave with nothing.

In the first series, the contestants get two tries at the jackpot question and leaves after two attempts unless they won the jackpot the second time. From the second series onwards, regardless on what the outcome of the show, they leave after just one attempt.


Series Start date End date Episodes Notes
1 2 January 2017 20 January 2017 15
2 22 May 2017 30 June 2017 30
3 16 October 2017 2017 30 Series 3 took a break from 13 November to present


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