"Everything For the Country" Party

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"Everything For the Country" Party
Partidul "Totul Pentru Ţară"
President Coriolan Baciu
Secretary-General Florian Cristache
Executive President Florin Dobrescu
Founded January 30, 1993 (1993-01-30) (As the "For the Fatherland" Party)
Dissolved 2015 (banned) [1]
Headquarters Str. Veseliei Nr.21
Sector 5
Membership (2014) 5,000[2]
Ideology Legionarism
Political position Far right
Religion Romanian Orthodox Christianity
Slogan Unitate! Credinţă! Acţiune!
(Unity! Faith! Action!)
Partidul Totul Pentru Țară

The "Everything for the Country" Party is a political party in Romania. Founded in 1993 by former members of the fascist Iron Guard, the party claims to adhere to a "national-Christian" doctrine and styles itself as the successor to the interwar party of the same name.[3]