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Fall of Because
Origin Birmingham, England, UK
Years active 1982 (1982)–1987
Labels Invisible
Associated acts Godflesh
Past members

Fall of Because was an English band formed in 1982 in Birmingham by bass guitarist G. C. Green and guitarist Paul Neville. The band, also featuring Justin Broadrick on drums, is known for paving way to the pioneering industrial metal band Godflesh, which formed in 1988 by Green and Broadrick following the disbandment of Fall of Because in 1987.[1]


Fall of Because was formed in 1982 by guitarist Paul Neville and bass guitarist G.C. Green, who was also known as Ben Green.[1] The band was named after the Killing Joke song of the same name and featured a drum machine for the rhythms, akin to early Godflesh. In the following year, Neville and Green, along with their friend Diarmuid Dalton, met Justin Broadrick, who was releasing music under the alias Final. In 1983, Broadrick joined the band as a drummer and an additional vocalist.[2]

In 1985, Broadrick joined Napalm Death as a guitarist, dividing his time between the live performances of both bands. In 1986, Fall of Because recorded the Extirpate demo.[1][2] In the same year, Broadrick left Napalm Death and joined Head of David as a drummer, which brought an end to Fall of Because in 1987. Broadrick performed with Head of David for six months[3] and released a Peel session with them,[3] while Napalm Death released its debut album Scum (1987), which featured Broadrick's compositions on side one.[4]

Following his departure from Head of David, Broadrick contacted Green in 1988 to reform the Fall of Because. They took the name Godflesh, and Broadrick switched to guitars. Many Fall of Because songs formed the basis for Godflesh songs, including "Life Is Easy", "Mighty Trust Krusher", and "Merciless".[1] The first three minutes of the song "Love, Hate (Slugbaiting)" was structured on the live Fall of Because track "X-Mas Special".[5] Paul Neville also formed the band Cable Regime with Diarmund Dalton in 1988.[6]

The band's recordings were released as a compilation album in 1999, titled Life Is Easy.[1]



  • Extirpate (1986)

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