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Foxtel On was a series of Internet television services made for the Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TVs & the Telstra T-Box which launched between 2010 and 2012 with selected Foxtel channels.


After the launch of the Telstra T-Box, Foxtel was in talks with Telstra to broadcast a selection of Foxtel Channels on the service.[1]

In October 2010, Foxtel signed a deal with Microsoft to broadcast 30 Live Foxtel Channels over the Internet, alongside a Catch Up TV service on the same app,[2] the result was a success, with Foxtel On Xbox 360 becoming popular to Australian Gamers who have a Xbox 360 and don't have Foxtel.

A Foxtel service was finally launched on the T-Box in June 2011 (Foxtel On T-Box), with the same channels as the Xbox 360 service, while the remaining movie channels are re-presented as VOD channels.

In July 2012, Foxtel signed a deal with Samsung to broadcast the same live channels as the Xbox 360 (except Movie One, Movie Two and the BigPond channels) on their brand of Smart TVs, the result was Foxtel On Internet TV.[3]

The Xbox 360 & Samsung Smart TV (Internet TV) services were replaced by Foxtel Play in August 2013,[4] while the T-Box service was discontinued at the end of its career (2015).


Get Started[edit]

Free Channels
Paid Channels
BigPond Channels/Xbox 360 Exclusive Channels




Live Channels
VOD-only channels
  • Showtime Drama
  • Showtime Comedy
  • Showtime Action
  • Showtime Family
  • Showtime Horror
  • Movie Extra
  • Movie Greats
  • Family Movie Channel (FMC)
  • Starpics
  • Movie Action
  • Movie Drama
  • Movie Comedy
  • Foxtel Movies Comedy
  • Foxtel Movies Romance
  • Foxtel Movies Thriller
  • Foxtel Movies Masterpiece


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