Let's Eat at Home!

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Let's Eat at Home!
Created by Julia Vysotskaya
Country of origin Russia
Original language(s) Russian
No. of seasons 8
Running time 25-30 minutes
Original network NTV Sunday, 9:25am (GMT+3)
STB Saturday 9:00am (GMT+3)
External links
Website www.edimdoma.ru

The Let's Eat at Home programme is a series based on the life of a young wife, every Sunday morning at 9:25am Julia Vysotskaya shows viewers how to make tasty, quick and original meals for their friends and family.

The programme has been airing live on NTV and STB television channels since 2003.

"Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya" cooking programme[edit]

The "Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya" programme is a TV cooking show, in which Julia shows us how to prepare a tasty and healthy breakfast in just 5 minutes.

The "Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya" has been airing at 07:55am on the NTV channel since 2009.

The social network edimdoma.ru is a meeting place for cooking fans to chat to each other, build up their own cookbooks and participate in contests. The site is filled with a large collection of recipes from community leader Julia Vysotskaya, as well as many recipes provided by users, the majority of them come with step-by-step photo instructions.

The website edimdoma.ru also features cooking channel edimdoma.tv where users can watch Julia Vysotskaya preparing dishes, and her video blog, which is regularly updated with new content. Both projects were launched in 2009.

The "Let's Eat at Home" book[edit]

Julia Vysotskaya's first book of "Let's Eat at Home" recipes came out in December, 2005.

  1. 2006 — "Let's Eat at Home. Recipes by Julia Vysotskaya"
  2. 2007 — "Let's Eat at Home all Year Round"
  3. 2007 — "Gloss"
  4. 2008 — "Let's Eat at Home Every Day"
  5. 2008 — "Tasty Notes"
  6. 2009 — "I Eat, I Run, I Live"
  7. 2010 — "Cooking for Kids of All Ages"
  8. 2010 — "New Year Recipes"
  9. 2011 — "One, Two and Ready"

"Let's Eat at Home!" DVD[edit]

  1. 2007 - "Let's Eat at Home!"
  2. 2009 – "The Party Starts in the Kitchen"
  3. 2009 – "Picnics"
  4. 2009 – "Happy New Year's!"

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