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Paula Henderson in 2011

"Moist" Paula Henderson is a baritone saxophone player. She is a member of Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar Arkestra,[1][2]'. She is performing with Melvin Van Peebles' group Wid Laxative. She has also played with The Roots, Gogol Bordello, Amanda Palmer,[3] and TV On The Radio,[2] with whom she appeared on the David Letterman show.

In 2013, Henderson contributed a track with Big Boss to a benefit album to raise funds for Donovan Drayton's release from prison.[4] In 2013 she started playing with Tzar,[5][6] as well as Anderson Henderson White.

She has played with Burnt Sugar, Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative, Anderson Henderson White, TZAR, and Reverend Vince Anderson.[7] As of 2015, she is involved in the Burnt Sugar side project Rebellum.[8]

Henderson has been touring consistently as part of Nick Waterhouse's live band. Deafencounty says of Henderson "You need to see ‘Moist’ Paula Henderson on bari sax at least once before you die."[9] Straight.com says of his band The Tarots, "leading the charge was Paula Henderson, whose green cocktail dress, sparkling emerald shoes, fishnet stockings, and ’50s sunglasses were accessorized by a baritone sax the size of a small battleship."[10] Waterhouse refers to Henderson as "his favourite sax player"[11]

Partial discography[edit]

  • 2007 Secretary [12]
  • 2011 Dave "Baby" Cortez With Lonnie Youngblood And His Bloodhounds[13]
  • 2012 Melvin Van Peebles - Nahh Nahh Mofo[14]
  • 2013 TZAR featuring Moist Paula Live at The Stone NYC[15]


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