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Directed by Norbert ter Hall
Produced by Petra Goedings
Written by Norbert ter Hall, Oscar van den Boogaard
Based on Fremdkörper by Oscar van den Boogaard
Starring Mark Waschke
Verónica Echegui
Teun Luijkx
Rossy de Palma
Music by Jasper Boeke
Cinematography Richard Oosterhout
Edited by Isabel Meier
Distributed by Cineart
Release date
  • 2009 (2009)
Country Belgium
Language English

&ME is a European film, romantic comedy, written and directed by Norbert ter Hall based on a novel by Oscar van den Boogaard. It was produced by Phanta Vision Film International and released in 2009.


Every month the European Parliament moves from Brussels to its seat in Strasbourg. A week later everything is moved back. The unconventional love story '&ME takes place against this attempt to maintain European idealism and unity.

&ME tells the story of Eduard (Mark Waschke), a gay and disillusioned bureaucrat, who leaves Berlin for Brussels to take up a post within the European Parliament. There he meets the beautiful and idealistic young lawyer Edurne (Verónica Echegui), from Spain, who has finally escaped the clutches of her over-protective mother (Rossy de Palma). Edurne falls madly for Eduard, a handsome, sophisticated man that she can show off to the world. Eduard is happy to go along with the situation, surprised at the level of affection he feels for this young woman. He might even call it love, because love - c'est bizarre.

The attractive Richard (Teun Luijkx) enters and is soon the focus of both Eduard and Edurne's attention. Will Richard turn out to be the glue that holds them together or the wedge that drives them apart? And can they all, in the process, discover that elusive thing called happiness?[1]



&ME was shot across four countries in eight weeks, is told in five languages and employed an international cast and crew, claiming eight different nationalities.[citation needed]


&ME takes place in the setting of the European Parliament moving every month from Brussels to Strasbourg in a convoy of enormous trucks.[citation needed]


The &ME screenplay is based on the novel Fremdkörper by bestseller author Oscar van den Boogaard. His books are sold and translated in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, the US and Canada.[1]


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