'78 Jumping Summer Carnival

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'78 Jumping Summer Carnival
Summer Jumping.jpg
Live album by Pink Lady
Released 5 September 1978 (1978-09-05)
Genre Disco, Teen Pop
Label JVC
Pink Lady chronology
America! America! America!
'78 Jumping Summer Carnival
Hoshi kara Kita Futari

78 Jumping Summer Carnival ('78ジャンピング・サマー・カーニバル, Janpingu Sama Kanibaru) is the 5th live album by Japanese duo Pink Lady. This album was released on September 5, 1978.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Opening" (Soul Train, Wasuretai No Ni, Loving You Is Killing Me)
  2. "Hello Mister Monkey"
  3. "Eagle"
  4. "Take a Chance on Me"
  5. "Konno Koi Ni Ikite"
  6. "Chained to Your Love"
  7. "Medley" (Staying Alive, Ai Wa Kirameki No Naka ni, Koi No Night Fever)
  8. "Beatles Medley"
  9. "UFO"
  10. "Wanted"
  11. "Southpaw"
  12. "Monster"
  13. "Wasuretai No Ni ~Ending~"


Charts (1978) Peak
Japanese Oricon Albums Chart 12[2]


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