Adnan (name)

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Pronunciation Arabic: [ʕadnaːn]
Gender Male
Language(s) Arabic, Bosnian, Turkish, and Persian
Meaning "settler, pioneer"

Adnan (Arabic: عد نا ن‎) means "The person who has existence in two parallel worlds" In Urdu "وہ شخص جو دو متوازی دنیا میں وجود رکھتا ہے and also it has spiritual meaning "The person who has existence in two paradise " In Urdu "جو شخص دو جنت میں وجود رکھتا ہے" Adnan (Arabic: عدنان‎, ʿAdnān) is a masculine name common in the Muslim World. Its eponymous bearer was Adnan, a legendary figure of both pre-Islamic and Islamic mythology. The etymological meaning of the name is settler, from a semitic root `dn; "to stay, abide".

People with the Name Adnan[edit]