'Ayn al Ghazaya

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ʿAyn al Ghazāyā
ʿAyn al Ghazāyā is located in Libya
ʿAyn al Ghazāyā
ʿAyn al Ghazāyā
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 31°54′14″N 10°48′38″E / 31.90389°N 10.81056°E / 31.90389; 10.81056Coordinates: 31°54′14″N 10°48′38″E / 31.90389°N 10.81056°E / 31.90389; 10.81056
Country  Libya
Region Tripolitania
District Nalut
Elevation 1,945 ft (592 m)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

ʿAyn al Ghazaya[1] (Arabic: الغزايا‎) is a village in Nalut District in northwestern Libya. It lies on a crossroads on the WazzinNalut road on the northern edge of the Tripolitanian Plateau in the Nafusa Mountains.


ʿAyn al Ghazaya was a Gaddafi stronghold during the 2011 Libyan civil war, and provided a base for loyalist troops in the 2011 Nafusa Mountains Campaign.[2] After the some 5,000 inhabitants were removed to Tripoli, it was captured by the rebel forces on 29 July 2011.[2]


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