'If Only' Jim

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'If Only' Jim
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jacques Jaccard
Written by Screenplay:
George C. Hull
Philip Verrill Mighels
Starring Harry Carey
Cinematography Harry M. Fowler
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
  • 1920 (1920)
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

'If Only' Jim is a 1920 western silent film starring Harry Carey.[1] The film is based on Philip Verrill Mighel's 1904 story "Bruvver Jim's Baby". It is not known whether the film currently survives,[1] and it may be a lost film.


There is a villain (Charles Brinley), who's after Jim Golden's (Harry Carey) gold, and a nice post mistress (Carol Holloway), who is willing to become both wife and mother. Universal surrounded their veteran western star, Harry Carey, with a fine supporting cast in this film, including former serial queen Carol Holloway as the post mistress, rotund comedy actor George Bunny, and one Minnie Prevost, a Native American supporting player who was billed as "Minnie Ha Ha" and had made an indelible impression with Mabel Normand in the 1918 film Mickey.


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