'Need love

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'Need love
Studio album by Deen
Released 24 May 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Japanese pop
Length 50:48
Label Berg label
Producer DEEN
Deen chronology
The Day
'Need love
Singles from 'need love
  1. "Just one"
    Released: May 27, 1998
  2. "My love"
    Released: November 18, 1998
  3. "Power of love"
    Released: November 18, 1998

'Need love[1] is the fourth studio album by Japanese pop band Deen. It was released on 24 May 2000 under Berg label records, it is their first self-produced album. The album consists of three previously released singles, "Just One", "My Love" and "Power of Love". Just one has received album version under title "-Break 4 Style-"[2]

This is the last album where Naoki Uzumoto is providing music for them; in 1999, after the release of single My love he left the band.

From this album, their music style slowly start change from original rock style to more mainstream pop sphere.[3]

The album reached #10 in its first week and charted for 4 weeks, selling 58,940 copies,[4] this is their last album which entered into Oricon Top 10 rankings.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Shuuichi Ikeda.

No. Title Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Power of Love" DEEN DEEN 4:08
2. "Soul inspiration" Kouji Yamane DEEN 3:43
3. "My love" (風の中に…) Kouji Yamane, Naoki Uzumoto DEEN 4:10
4. "Kaze no Naka ni..." Shinji Tagawa DEEN 3:51
5. "You Gotta Kick" Kouji Yamane, Naoki Uzumoto DEEN 3:50
6. "Sutechimae!" (すてちまえ!) Shinji Tagawa DEEN 4:01
7. "Long Distance" Kouji Yamane Daisuke Ikeda, Deen 5:12
8. "Ai ga aru kara" (愛があるから) Kouji Yamane DEEN 3:41
9. "Hitori Bocchi no Anniversary" (ひとりぼっちのAnniversary) Shinji Tagawa DEEN 3:48
10. "Okiagare yo Boy" (起き上がれよBOY) Kouji Yamane Deen 4:09
11. "JUST ONE" (-Break 4 Style-) Ikemori Shuuichi DEEN, Daisuke Ikeda 6:03
12. "Aoi Senshi Tachi" (蒼い戦士たち) Shinji Tagawa DEEN 3:52

In media[edit]

  • Aoi Senshi Tachi - commercial song for company NTT DoCoMo Shikoku
  • Just One - commercial song for company "Sharp Corporation
  • My Love - theme song for Fuji TV drama Kaze no Yukue
  • Power of Love - ending theme for Nihon TV program Sports Max


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