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'Til Death
Studio album by Capture the Crown
Released 18 December 2012
Recorded Late 2011 – early 2012 at Chango Studios in Orlando, Florida
Genre Metalcore, electronicore
Length 48:04
Label Sumerian
Producer Cameron Mizell, Dave Petrovic
Capture the Crown chronology
'Til Death
Live Life
Singles from 'Til death
  1. "You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife!"
    Released: 22 December 2011
    Released: 11 March 2012
  3. "Ladies & Gentlemen...I Give You Hell!"
    Released: 1 July 2012
  4. "RVG"
    Released: 14 December 2012
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'Til Death is the debut studio album by Australian metalcore band, Capture the Crown.[2] The album was produced by Cameron Mizell at Chango Studios in Orlando, Florida and mastered by Joey Sturgis at Foundation Recording Studio in Connersville, Indiana.[3] The album was released on 18 December 2012 through Sumerian Records.[4] It peaked at No. 19 on the ARIA Heatseekers Albums,[5] and in the United States it appeared on three Billboard component charts Top Hard Rock (No. 21), Top Heatseekers (No. 7), and Top Independent Albums (No. 25).[2]

Four singles, "You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!", "#OIMATEWTF", "Ladies & Gentlemen...I Give You Hell!", and "RVG", have been released prior to the release of the album.[6][7][8] "Help Me to Help You" is speculated to be a re-recorded version of the song "Help Me to Help You Mr. Phil," which was performed by the band's previous incarnation, Atlanta Takes State.[9]

It is the only album to feature original guitarist Blake Ellis. The album is mainly supported by the lead single "You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!". It became a minor internet hit, gaining over 13 Million YouTube views.


This is a metalcore album influenced by post-hardcore and electronica sound. The vocalist employed pop punk vocal style in every chorus and screaming similar to death growls.

Track listing[edit]

1."The Arrival"1:02
2."#OIMATEWTF" (featuring Denis Stoff)3:37
3."Fork Tongued"3:09
4."Ladies & Gentlemen... I Give You Hell"3:51
6."You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!"4:07
7."Storm in a Teacup"3:22
8."Help Me to Help You"3:03
9."Deja Vu"3:11
12."'Til Death"4:09
13."The Departed 2.0"3:58
14."Welcome to My Worlds" (bonus track)2:49
Total length:48:04


Capture the Crown
  • Jeffrey Wellfare - vocals
  • Blake Ellis - guitar
  • Jye Menzies - guitar
  • Kris Sheehan - bass
  • Tyler "Lone America" March - drums
  • Produced by Cameron Mizell at Chango Studios in Orlando, Florida
  • Mastered by Joey Sturgis at Foundation Recording Studios in Connorsville, Indiana
  • Guest vocals on "#OIMATEWTF" by Denis Shaforostov (ex-Make Me Famous, ex-Down & Dirty, ex-Asking Alexandria)


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