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't Pallieterke is a satirical Flemish weekly magazine.[1] It is part of the Flemish movement and advocates Flemish independence. It is largely conservative in its editing, and although officially non-partisan, it is a close supporter of the far-right party Vlaams Belang.

History and profile[edit]

't Pallieterke was founded in 1945 by Bruno De Winter (nl), an Antwerp journalist. The magazine has its headquarters in Antwerp and is published on a weekly basis.[2]

In 1955 De Winter was succeeded by Jan Nuyts as editor-in-chief, whose tenure lasted till 2000. The current editor-in-chief is Leo Custers. Its cartoonists have included Jef Nys and Brasser. Other contributors are or were Gerolf Annemans, Paul Beliën and Koenraad Elst.

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