(432949) 2012 HH2

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2012 HH2
Discovery animation of the TNO 2012 HH2
Astronomical Research Institute discovery animation of 2012 HH2
Discovered byT. Vorobjov (H20)[1]
Discovery date19 April 2012
MPC designation2012 HH2
centaur (DES)[2]
Orbital characteristics[1][3]
Epoch 4 September 2017 (JD 2458000.5)
Uncertainty parameter 2
Observation arc13.93 yr (5,087 days)
Aphelion41.015 AU
Perihelion29.221 AU
35.118 AU
208.11 yr (76,013 days)
0° 0m 16.92s / day
Physical characteristics
Dimensions170–300 km

(432949) 2012 HH2 is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) and weak dwarf planet candidate.[4] It was discovered by Slovak astronomer Tomáš Vorobjov from images taken on the night of 19 April 2012, at the Astronomical Research Institute in Illinois, United States. The object has been observed forty-two times[1][3] over two oppositions.[1] It is currently 29.8 AU from the Sun.


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