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This page describes the singles, released by Swedish rock-band, The Hellacopters.

"(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!"[edit]

"(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!" is the first single by The Hellacopters, released in 1996 from the album Supershitty to the Max!. In general this single is the third in a group's activity (after "Killing Alan" and "1995"). The music video the Hellacopters have shot in 1996.[1] It was the first video by the group. It shows the band playing on racing competitions in a karting park, mixing with the fragments of playing at the concert. The members of the group took place in kart racing and drove in go-karts. And on some curves appeared tables with the label "action".[2][3][4][5][6]

"Everything's on TV"[edit]

"Everything's on TV" - the name of the first single by The Hellacopters, released in 2005 from the album Rock & Roll Is Dead. The song peaked 33 position in Swedish Singles Chart. The song has an official music video[7] and many Live-versions.[8][9][10][11] The music video was shot in 2005 with help of "Liquor and Poker Music / Century Media" as the first video from this album. It shows The group playing in a film-studio with a lot of lanterns. And the play of group is mixed with fragments from old movies. At the end it shows man and woman, who fly in the plane and say "Now the worst is over. Yes it's over now. Soon it is the summer and no more dark."

"I'm In The Band"[edit]

"I'm In The Band" - the name of the second single by The Hellacopters, released in 2005 from the album Rock & Roll Is Dead. The song peaked 32 position in Swedish Singles Chart. The music video[12] was shot in 2005. The video was made as a plasticine animation. It shows three pizzas with sausage instead of mouth, driving in a car to the concert in the human stomach. At the end the members of the Hellacopters appear as pizzas, playing at the concert and the potatoes and eggplants as fans of the band.


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