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Born Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active about 2002–

[Jo]Style is a Japanese adult video (AV) director who has supervised more than 300 productions during his career.[1]

Life and career[edit]

[Jo]Style began his profession directing AV at the Waap Entertainment studio which also fostered the careers of Alala Kurosawa, KINGDOM and K*WEST.[2][3] At Waap, he continued the bukkake-themed Dream Shower series which had been initiated by Kurosawa in 1998,[4] starting with Volume 37 in January 2002.[5] He also became well known for directing two other series at Waap, "Semen by Female Teacher" (ザーメンby女教師) and "The Condominium of the Big Breast Wife" (巨乳マンション).[6]

When the new studio, S1 No. 1 Style, was founded in November 2004, [Jo]Style directed Akane Mochida in her debut video New Face, one of the first set of eleven videos released by the company on November 11, 2004.[7][8] He continued directing at S1, compiling a record of more than 75 videos for the studio by late 2011.[9]

[Jo]Style was one of 14 directors invited to compete in the 3rd D-1 Climax Awards competition sponsored by the Dogma studio in 2007.[6] His entry was the S&M video Egoistic Love - Blind Woman's Desire To Be Humiliated (Egoistic Love 被虐願望、美しき盲目の女) (D1-309) co-starring Azusa Ito and Nana Saeki.[10] He had also directed a number of videos for Moodyz over the years[9] and at the 2008 Moodyz Awards ceremony, he received the 4th Place Award for Best Director.[11] For the 2008 AV Grand Prix competition he directed the 3-hour video MADONNA BOOTCAMP ELITE [AVGL-025], the nominated entry of the Madonna studio.[12]

Over the course of his career, [Jo]Style has directed a number of notable AV Idols including Akiho Yoshizawa, Kaede Matsushima, Maria Ozawa, Mihiro, Rio, An Nanba, Hotaru Akane, Yuma Asami, Riko Tachibana, Sora Aoi and Nao Oikawa.[9]


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