(See Inside)

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(See Inside)
Studio album by Out of the Grey
Released April 1, 1997 (1997-04-01)
Genre CCM
Label Sparrow
Producer Brown Bannister
Out of the Grey chronology
(See Inside)

(See Inside) is the fifth album by Out of the Grey, released on April 1, 1997. It was their first album not produced by Charlie Peacock.

Track listing[edit]

1."No Leaving"Scott Dente, Christine Dente4:13
2."Come Clean"Dente, Dente4:09
3."Not a Chance"Dente, Dente, Charlie Peacock4:44
4."Winter Sun"Dente, Dente, Phil Madeira4:21
6."Disappear"Dente, Dente5:32
7."That's Where I Live"Dente3:46
8."My God You Are (Psalm 22)"Brent Bourgeois, Dente4:27
9."Prove It"Dente3:56


  • "That's Where I Live" is the first Out of the Grey song (excluding instrumentals) to feature no prominent vocals by Christine Denté. Scott Denté sings all of the lead vocals, due to having written the song in a key too low to comfortably fit Christine's vocal range.
  • Similarly, the sparse closing track "Joy" is one of few Out of the Grey songs which appears to be exclusively performed by Christine Denté. Scott's vocals and guitars are not heard in this song.
  • Christian radio often played the track "Disappear" from this album in '97 and '98, and still remains a fan favorite. It also appears in the compilation album WOW 1998.


  • Brown Bannister – Producer
  • Steve Bishir – Engineer, Mixing, Reverb
  • Steve Brewster – Drums
  • John Catchings – Cello
  • Eric Darken – Percussion
  • Christine Dente – Vocals (background)
  • Scott Dente – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (background)
  • Danny Duncan – Drum Programming, Drum Loop
  • Eric Greedy – Mixing Assistant, Assistant
  • Steve Hall – Mastering
  • Russ Harrington – Photography
  • Shane Keister – Piano
  • Gordon Kennedy – Guitar (Electric), Sitar, Electric Sitar
  • Phil Madeira – Guitar (Electric), Organ (Hammond), Mellotron
  • Carl Marsh – Concertina, Fairlight, String Arrangements, Electric Cello
  • Andrew Martin – Photography
  • Blair Masters – Keyboards
  • John Mays – Executive Producer
  • Jerry McPherson – Dulcimer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), E-Bow, Guitar Effects
  • Linda Medvene – Stylist
  • Hank Nirider – Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
  • Karen Philpott – Creative Director
  • Joyce Revoir – Art Direction, Design
  • Eric Sarafin – Mixing
  • Melanie Shelley – Make-Up, Hair Stylist
  • Tommy Sims – Bass
  • Pamela Sixfin – Violin
  • Jimmie Lee Sloas – Bass
  • Traci Sterling – Production Coordination

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