(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave

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"(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave"
Behave Chumbawamba.jpeg
Single by Chumbawamba
Released 1992
Format CD, 12" vinyl
Recorded Late summer, 1992
Genre Pop
Length 4:15
Label Agit-Prop Records
Songwriter(s) Chumbawamba
Producer(s) Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba singles chronology
"I Never Gave Up"
"(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave"
"Enough Is Enough"

"I Never Gave Up"
"(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave"
"Enough Is Enough"

"(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave" is a single from Chumbawamba, a different version than the song "Behave" from their album Shhh, with a faster tempo and no trumpet or samples.

Background and composition[edit]

According to the band, their then-distributor, Southern, disliked the song, and refused to properly promote it. The label was also reluctant to release the song on CD and vinyl. The conflict led to the group's leaving the label.[1] Though the song was initially released on Southern while the group was on tour in the US, they re-released the song after their departure from the label, on Agit-Prop, their own record label.[1] The song was made available both on vinyl and a CD single.[2][3]

The song discusses the pop music industry's homophobia.[4] The line "Mickey Mouse grew up a cow" comes from the David Bowie song "Life on Mars?",[5] with the addition of the line "you should hear the things they say about Minnie now."


In a review for AllMusic, Brian Whitener commented that the song "features a beautiful, and amusing, chorus about brainwashing children," also feeling that the song showed the group's dance and pop sensibilities.[4] The song remains a favorite among Chumbawamba fans.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Remixes by The Sexy Papa Brittle[2][3]

  1. "Behave" (4:15)
  2. "Behave (Brittle Mix)" (5:36)
  3. "Misbehave (Brittle Mix)" (3:41)
  4. "Misbehave" (3:35)
  5. "Behave" (Alternate Version) (4:14) (Hidden track)


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