(attn dfct)

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(attn dfct)
Directed by Chris Burt
Starring Jack Olson
Mike Lemnitzer
David Nelson
TJ Moran
Andrew Liebman
Sam Evensen
Andrew Ellison
Dalton Jones
Music by James Pants
Yung Bitch
18 Carat Affair
Death Grips
Mono Lisa
Wise Blood
Edited by Chris Burt
Distributed by Independent
Release date
(DVD) August 2013
(Online) September 2013
Running time
15 mins.
Country United States
Language English

(attn dfct) is a street skateboarding video by Chris Burt, featuring video parts from various friends and acquaintances of Burt. It was released August 2013 in Minneapolis, MN at Cal Surf. It is one of many skateboarding videos made using the Sony VX-1000 and similar digital film cameras.

Introduction feature[edit]

The introduction features the title in relief with a moving ocean, set on a background of gray light. This is followed by a short montage of a television being shattered and the first skateboarder (Jack Olson) injuring himself.[1] The audio used is Epilogue by James Pants.[2]


The video took, according to Burt's YouTube description, about a year to make. The entire video is split into parts for each skateboarder, as well as a "friends" montage and an ending credits montage. Each part is preceded by a shot with the name of the skateboarder in relief over a moving pattern in a palette that is consistent throughout the video.[1] Slow motion is utilized for dramatic effect, especially near the end of each part.


Burt only gives his own name for the filming and editing of the whole video. Josh Manoles is credited for creating the DVD cover art.


The video was released as a screening event in August 2013 at Cal Surf in Minneapolis, MN.[3] The video was also made publicly available on YouTube a month later.[1] It received positive attention from forums such as SkatePerception[4] and SkateVideoSite[5] as well as Transworld Skateboarding.[6]


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