Telephone numbers in Kiribati

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Kiribati telephone numbers
Kiribati on the globe (small islands magnified) (Polynesia centered).svg
Country Kiribati
Continent Oceania
NSN length 5
Typical format +686 55036
Access codes
Country calling code +686
International call prefix 00

Number allocations[edit]


Number range Usage
20XXX Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd (TSKL)
21XXX Bairiki, Tarawa
22XXX Bairiki, Tarawa
23XXX Bairiki, Tarawa
24XXX Bairiki, Tarawa
25XXX Betio, Tarawa
26XXX Betio, Tarawa
27XXX Tarawa
28XXX Bikenibeu, Tarawa
29XXX Bikenibeu, Tarawa
30XXX Tarawa
31XXX Abaokoro (Ntarawa), Tarawa
32XXX Abaokoro (Ntarawa), Tarawa
33XXX Abaiang
34XXX Marakei
35XXX Butaritari
36XXX Makin
37XXX Banaba
38XXX Maiana
39XXX Kuria
40XXX Aranuka
41XXX Abemama
42XXX Nonouti
43XXX Tabiteuea North
44XXX Tabiteuea South
45XXX Onotoa
46XXX Beru
47XXX Nikunau
48XXX Tamana
49XXX Arorae
81XXX Kiritimati
82XXX Kiritimati
83XXX Fanning (Tabuaeran)
84XXX Washington (Teraina)
85XXX Kanton

Mobile and other services[edit]

Number range Usage
29XXX Card Phone
50XXX GSM fixed telephony services
6XXXX Mobile GSM
7XXXX Audiotext services
9XXXX Mobile GSM

Special services[edit]

Usage Number
National direct dial 0
International direct dial 00
Faults and Service Difficulties 100
Trunk bookings 101
Charge inquiries 102
Directory assistance 103
Phonograms 104
Calls to outer islands HF stations 106
Trunk bookings (public phone) 107
Calls to ships at sea 108
Police 992
Fire 993
Ambulance 994
Shipping information 1050
Time announcement (language 1) 1051
Time announcement (language 2) 1052
Weather information 1055
Airport information 1059
Incoming operator assistance Tarawa "11" +2
Incoming operator assistance Kiritimati "11" +3