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Taiwan telephone numbers
Taiwan (orthographic projection).svg
Country Taiwan
Continent Asia
Regulator NCC
Type open
Access codes
Country calling code +886
International call prefix 002, 005, 006, 007, 009, 019, 9002, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9009
Trunk prefix 0

Area codes[edit]

Emergency number in Taiwan is 119.

When making an inter-area long-distance call from within Taiwan, a long-distance prefix "0" is required. If calls are made from within the same area code, then the 0 of the area code prefix (or the entire area code itself) does not need to be included.

If calls are made from outside Taiwan, the "0" of the area code prefix is omitted.

The following table of area codes includes this "0" prefix. The Taiwan government reserves code 1 for Nanjing, the capital of Taiwan according to the Constitution of the Republic of China, which it does not actually control.

Prefix Area[1] Divisions Digits Notes
Taipei Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City 8 starts with 2 and 8 (major), 5 6 and 7 (minor)
Taoyuan Taoyuan City 7 starts with 2 (minor), 3 (Taoyuan District), 4 (Zhongli)
Hsinchu Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County 7 starts with 5 (major), 6 (minor)
Hualien Hualien County 7 starts with 8
Yilan Yilan County 7 starts with 9
Miaoli Miaoli County 6
Taichung Taichung City 8 starts with 22-24 & 270 (urban area), 25 (Fengyuan, including Zhuolan, Miaoli), 26 (Dajia and Shalu), 3 (minor)
Changhua Changhua County 7 starts with 7 (Changhua City), 8 (Yuanlin)
Nantou Nantou County 7 starts with 2, including Fenyuan, Changhua, 5-7 (minor)
Chiayi Chiayi City, Chiayi County 7 starts with 2 (Chiayi City and Minxiong), 3 (Puzi and Xingang)
Yunlin Yunlin County 7 starts with 5 (Douliu), 6 (Huwei), 7 (Beigang)
Tainan Tainan City 7 starts with 2 & 3 (urban area), 5 (Xinhua and Shanhua), 6 (Xinying), 7 (Jiali)
Penghu Penghu County 7 starts with 9
Kaohsiung Kaohsiung City 7 including the Pratas Islands and the Spratly Islands

(Note: 070 prefix is used for VOIP phone services, these numbers are 8 digits instead of 7).

Pingtung Pingtung County 7 starts with 7 (Pingtung City and Chaozhou), 8 (Donggang and Kenting)
Kinmen Kinmen County 6 mainly starts with 3
Wuqiu Wuqiu Township 5 starts with 6
Matsu Lienchiang County 5 starts with 2 (Nangan), 5(Beigan), 7 (Dongyin), 8 (Juguang)
Taitung Taitung County 6
Note: Inter-area calls are defined as long-distance phone calls even they have identical prefix.

Mobile phones[edit]

Taiwan mobile phone numbers always begin with 09 followed by 8 digits (e.g. 0912-345678). The 0 is omitted when calling a Taiwan mobile phone number from outside Taiwan (e.g. +886 9XXXXXXXX). If calling a landline Taiwan phone number from a local Taiwan mobile phone, the 0 of area code prefix must be included (e.g. 0 + area code + 8 digit landline number).

Prefixes: (09)XXXX-XXXX

090-098 Mobile Phones (090 range is mostly used for wireless data services,M2M).

International dialing codes[edit]

International dialing codes are assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to its member states and their dependencies. However, as Taiwan was not an ITU member state, it had to be allocated the code 886 unofficially, with the ITU listing the code as 'reserved' until 2006.[2] However, in that year, it formally allocated the code to "Taiwan, China".[3] Until the late 1970s, Taiwan used the code 866, but the 86 code was reassigned to the People's Republic of China in conformity with the ITU's official membership, forcing Taiwan to utilize another code for countries that wished to maintain direct dial connections.[4]


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