Telephone numbers in the United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates telephone numbers
Country United Arab Emirates
Continent Asia
Type closed
Typical format (0x) xxx xxxx (telephones)
05x xxx xxxx 971545990136(mobiles)
xxx xxxx (special services)
Access codes
Country calling code +971
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

Telephone numbers in the UAE follow a closed telephone numbering plan.

The United Arab Emirates is assigned an international dialling code of 971 by ITU-T. Telephone numbers are fixed at seven digits, with area codes fixed at two or three digits.

Numbering plan[edit]

Before 2000[edit]

Subscriber numbers were 5- or 6- digits, with area code plus subscriber number totalling 7 digits.


The overall structure of the UAE's national numbering plan is:

Landline Numbers Starts with:

Mobile Numbers Starts with:

  • 050 cell phones (Etisalat)
  • 052 cell phones (Du)
  • 055 cell phones (Du)
  • 056 cell phones (Etisalat)
  • 054 cell phones (Etisalat) (Recently released for public use.)
  • 058 cell phones (Du/Virgin Mobile) (Recently released for public use.)

Special numbers[edit]

These are special 7-digit number ranges, and have no associated area code):

  • 200xxxx shared cost services
  • 600xxxxxx shared cost services
  • 800xxx(xxxx) toll free (800 + min. 3 digits)