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+ bien
Soundtrack album by Gustavo Cerati
Released 2001
Genre Electronic music, ambient, acoustic music
Length 34:14
Label Sony International
Gustavo Cerati chronology
+ bien
11 Episodios Sinfónicos

+Bien (or Más Bien) is the eponymous soundtrack for the Argentine-produced film released in 2001. All 11 tracks were composed and performed by Gustavo Cerati for the movie. Cerati also acted in the movie.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleEnglish TranslationLength
1."La costura de Dios"God's seam2:40
2."Kuro" 4:03
3."Es sólo una ilusión"It's just an illusion3:38
6."La costura de Dios v2"God's seam v21:48
7."Simil paraíso"Simil paradise2:59
8."Todos duermen"Everyone sleeps1:31
9."Llegaste"You arrived4:03
10."Paisaje porcelana"Porcelain landscape1:48
11."+ Bien"More Good5:21


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