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(The Basics).jpg
Live album by The Basics
Released August 20, 2010
Recorded February 6, 2010
Length 55:02
Label ORiGiN Music Publishing

/ðəˈbæzɪtʃ/ (/ðəˈbæzɪ/ dhə-BAZ-itch) is the third album by The Basics. It was released August 20, 2010 online, and October 10 in store. Technically a self-titled album, it transcribes the pronunciation of the band’s name phonetically.

The album was recorded at the Northcote Social Club on February 6, 2010 in front of a live studio audience, and was mixed by Chief Engineer Peter Cobbin at Abbey Road Studios, London. The album features special guests including David Bramble, Simon Imrei, Gideon Brazil and "Uncle" Monty Mackenzie.

The record was also produced in a 300 limited-number vinyl and CD pack, along with artwork and bonus tracks not available on the download.

Track listing[edit]

1."The No.1 Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today"3:11
3."Like a Brother"4:05
4."Second Best"4:29
5."Have Love, Will Travel"2:25
6."What Have You Done?"4:01
7."Rattle My Chain"3:53
8."Feels Like Love"5:13
9."U R The 1"3:54
10."Three Cool Cats"3:08
11."Lookin' Over My Shoulder"4:40
12."The Executioner"6:09
13."Just Hold On"2:38
14."You Got It (The Right Stuff)"2:59

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