?Ejere K'elni Kue Indian Reserve No. 196I

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Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I is located in Alberta
Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I
Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I
Location of Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I in Alberta

Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I,[1] also known as Ɂejere Kʼelni Kųe 196I,[2] Pejere Kʼelni Kue Indian Reserve No. 196I,[3] ʔejere Kʼelni Kue Indian Reserve No. 196I or Hay Camp,[4][5][6] is an Indian reserve in northern Alberta, Canada.[7] The reserve is one of ten reserves under the governance of the Smith's Landing First Nation,[1] known in their language as the Dene Ch'anie, the reserve is located on the west bank of Slave River within Wood Buffalo National Park, and comprises 213 ha (530 acres). Ɂejere Kʼelni Kue 196I is approximately 113 km (70 mi) north of Fort Chipewyan, and 62 km (39 mi) south of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

An all-weather road, named Hay Camp Road, links Fort Smith and Fitzgerald, and Hay Camp.[6]


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Coordinates: 59°31′27″N 111°27′57″W / 59.52417°N 111.46583°W / 59.52417; -111.46583