Åker's Canal

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Åker's Canal (Åkers kanal)
Åkersström, Åkers å, Åkersströmmen
Akers kanal juni 2006.JPG
Country Sweden
County Stockholm County
Municipality Österåker Municipality
Source Garnsviken
 - coordinates 59°30′45″N 18°16′00″E / 59.51250°N 18.26667°E / 59.51250; 18.26667
Mouth Tunafjärden
 - coordinates 59°28′15″N 18°17′28″E / 59.47083°N 18.29111°E / 59.47083; 18.29111Coordinates: 59°28′15″N 18°17′28″E / 59.47083°N 18.29111°E / 59.47083; 18.29111
Length 10.7 km (7 mi) [1]
Basin 395.9 km2 (153 sq mi) [2]

Åker's Canal (Swedish: Åkers kanal), previous known as Åkersström, is a waterway in Sweden. It was originally a natural river, but was renamed after having been regulated in the 19th Century to be used as a canal.


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