Étang de Soulcem

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Étang de Soulcem
Barrage Soulcem.jpg
LocationVicdessos valley, Ariège, France
Coordinates42°40′05″N 01°26′48″E / 42.66806°N 1.44667°E / 42.66806; 1.44667Coordinates: 42°40′05″N 01°26′48″E / 42.66806°N 1.44667°E / 42.66806; 1.44667
Construction began1980
Opening date1983
Operator(s)Électricité de France
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsRousseau de Mounicou
Height66.50 m (218.2 ft)
Length275 m (902 ft)
Width (base)15 m (49 ft)
CreatesÉtang de Soulcem
Total capacity29,300,000 m3 (1.03×109 cu ft)
Catchment area44.3 km2 (17.1 sq mi)
Surface area0.91 km2 (0.35 sq mi)
Power Station
Hydraulic head409 m (1,342 ft) (via chutes to the Soulcem hydro plant)
Annual generation62 GWh/year
Average flow 7 m3/s
Peak flow 85 m3/s
Evacuation flow134 m3/s

Étang de Soulcem is a large artificial lake in the Pyrenees mountains in Ariège, France. It is at an elevation of 1570 m and is used for hydroelectricity, generating 62 GWh/year; the lake, which has a surface area of 0.91 km2, was formed following the construction by Électricité de France of a dam across the northern end of the Vicdessos valley in 1980–1983.

The lake contains various fish including brown trout (S. trutta), Arctic char (S. alpinus), brook trout (S. fontinalis), and common minnow (P. phoxinus).

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