Örs vezér tere (Budapest Metro)

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Örs vezér tere
Budapest Metro station
Osen2012 204.jpg
Station interior
LocationÖrs vezér tere, Budapest
Coordinates47°30′10″N 19°08′08″E / 47.5028°N 19.1356°E / 47.5028; 19.1356Coordinates: 47°30′10″N 19°08′08″E / 47.5028°N 19.1356°E / 47.5028; 19.1356
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typesurface terminus
Preceding station   Budapest Metro   Following station
Line 2Terminus

Örs vezér tere is the eastern terminus of the M2 (East-West) line of the Budapest Metro. It is also the starting place of the Gödöllő HÉV (Hungarian suburban rail).

There are two shopping centers (Árkád, Sugár), an IKEA, and a tram-stop (Tram 3, 62, 62A). In addition, several bus (10, 31, 32, 44, 45, 67, 85, 85E, 97E, 131, 144, 161, 161A, 168E, 169E, 174, 176E, 231, 244, 261E, 276E, 277) and trolley bus (80, 81, 82) routes stop here. It is the largest meeting-point in East-Pest. Next to the station, there is a huge housing estate with concrete block of flats (Füredi microraion). Hungarian people usually call this station (and square) Örs.

Örs vezér tere literally means "Square of Örs leader", Örs was an ancient Hungarian leader. Örs is also a Hungarian given name for boys, which means "men" or "hero".