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Össjö Gård

Össjö (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈœɧːœ];[1] formerly Åsbo-Össjö) is a small town in the Ängelholm Municipality of Skåne County in Sweden. As of 2005 it has a recorded population of 192 and an area of 26 hectares. It lies at 56° 14´ north, 13° 2´ east.

The town is the birthplace of musician Marie Fredriksson of the band Roxette, and the journalist and diplomat Arne Thorén.

Össjö Gård, an estate, is located in Össjö. It was built in the years 1814-1815 by Adolf Fredrik Tornérhjelm.

Other notable buildings include the railway station (built in 1904 by the Ängelholm Klippan railway, closed in 1953), and a church which lies at the center of the town.


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Coordinates: 56°14′20″N 13°02′30″E / 56.23889°N 13.04167°E / 56.23889; 13.04167