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Entrance to Øksnehallen

Øksnehallen is an exhibition space located on Halmtorvet in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.The building is a former market hall, part of the Brown Meat District.


Øksnehallen in the 1910s

The Cattle Market opened on 28 November 1879. Øksnehallen was built in 1891 to a design by city architect Ludvig Fenger. It housed dealers' offices and had a capacity for 1600 head of cattle. The market hall remained in use until the White Meat Market was inaugurated in the 1959s.[1]

Øksnehallen was converted into an exhibition space in connection with Copenhagen's status as European Capital of Culture in 1996. It has been operated by DGI-byen since September 2005.[2]

Current use[edit]

Øksnehallen's main entranceon Halmtorvet

Øksnehallen is used for a wide array of events, including art exhibitions, flee markets, conferences and fashion shows.It houses the VISION event during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


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