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The Łowczy ("Master of the Hunt") was a Polish royal court officer from the 13th century with responsibility for organizing hunts and guarding royal forests against poachers. Masters of the hunt also served at the courts of magnates.

From the 15th century, "Master of the Hunt" was an honorary court title and a district office in Crown of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and later in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

  • Łowczy wielki koronny - Crown Grand Master of the Hunt
  • Łowczy wielki litewski - Lithuanian Grand Master of the Hunt
  • Łowczy wojewódzki - Voivodship Master of the Hunt
  • Łowczy ziemski - District Master of the Hunt
  • Łowczy nadworny - Court Master of the Hunt
  • Podłowczy - Deputy Master of the Hunt