Ōtomo no Otomaro

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Ōtomo no Otomaro (大伴 弟麻呂 or 大伴 乙麻呂, 731 – July 14, 809) was a Japanese general of the Nara period and of the early Heian period. He was the first to hold the title of sei-i taishōgun; the title of Shōgun was bestowed by Emperor Kanmu in 794. Some[who?] believe he was born in 727. His father was Ōtomo no Koshibi.


  • c. 731 – born of Ōtomo no Koshibi.
  • 779 – granted the second grade of the fifth rank of honor.
  • 780 – appointed the lieutenant (suke) of the Palace Guards.
  • 783 – made the deputy general in the Hitachi expedition.
  • 791 – granted the second grade of the fourth rank of honor.
  • 794 – declared Sei-i Taishōgun—"Barbarian-subduing Great General" by Emperor Kanmu, together with Sakanoue no Tamuramaro subdues the Emishi.
  • 795 – granted the second grade of the third rank of honor and the Order of Merit, Second Class, for his military achievements.
  • 809 – dies on July 14.