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KP Dojlidy Bialystok Zubr butelka 2006.jpg
Country of originPoland
Alcohol by volume6.0%

Żubr beer (Polish for Bison) is a Polish lager brewed by the Kompania Piwowarska SA. It was formerly known as Dojlidy, the name of the brewery in the Białystok district of Dojlidy, where it is produced.


Żubr has been brewed since the Dojlidy Brewery opened in 1768. The Białystok based brewery was bought by the SABMiller subsidiary Kompania Piwowarska SA in 2003. The brew contains 12.1% (by weight) of extract content and 6.0% alcohol.[1] Currently it is brewed at three Kompania Piwowarska breweries: Białystok, Poznan and Tychy.


It is available throughout Poland, and is also available in many off-licences in the UK, due to demand for the beer from the Polish population in Britain. It is currently the second most popular in beer in Poland, with 14% market control.[2] It is rare in the United States.

The cans and bottles use a distinctive green packaging. The logo prominently features a Żubr, or European Bison.

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