ʿUqdat al-Bakrah

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Coordinates: 23°19′11″N 55°51′03″E / 23.31972°N 55.85083°E / 23.31972; 55.85083

Early Iron Age bridge-spouted jar excavated from the site of ʿUqdat al-Bakrah, Sultanate of Oman.

ʿUqdat al-Bakrah (Arabic: عقدة البكرة‎, lit. 'knot of the young she-camel'), also known incorrectly as Al-Saffah, is an archaeological site in Wadi Dhank, in the Muḥāfaẓat aẓ-Ẓāhirah region of northwestern Oman. It is a metal-working site dating to the Early Iron Age.[1]

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