‘Abd al-Razzaq al-San‘ani

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‘Abd ar-Razzaq as-San‘ani
Born 126 AH /744 CE [1]
Died 211 AH Shawwal [1]
Era Medieval era
Region Yamani scholar
School Sunni

‘Abd al-Razzaq ibn Hammam ibn Nafi’ al-San'ani (126 AH – 211 AH) was a Persian[2] Sunni Islamic scholar of the Science of hadith.


He lived in San‘a, the capital of Yemen. His pursuit of studies also included travels to Mecca, Medina, Syria and Iraq, where he studied under many scholars in all these cities.[citation needed]


Imam Bukhari says: “When Abd Al-Razzaq reports hadiths reading from what he had written, then what he reports is more authentic.”[citation needed] This means that Al-Bukhari would accept hadiths reported by Abd Al-Razzaq as authentic when he is aware that he was reading from his book. If he was reporting from memory, then Al-Bukhari would want some corroboration to classify the reported hadith as authentic. Imam Ahmad says: “We visited Abd Al-Razzaq before the year 200, when he still enjoyed a good eyesight.[citation needed]



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