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Graphic may denote:

  • Graphic, Arkansas, unincorporated community in Crawford County, Arkansas, United States
Specific type within a genus
  • Graphic arts, subset of two-dimensional visual fine arts, especially drawing and engraving, relying more on line or tone than on color
  • Graphic character, any encoded character that is associated with one or more glyphs (as opposed to most control characters)
  • Graphic charter, document containing the rules regarding the graphic identity of a project, company or organisation
  • Graphic communication, communications incorporating graphics instead of or in addition to words and gestures
  • Graphic design, correct use of typography, space, image and color
  • Graphic kit, set of decals to customize a motor vehicle
  • Graphic matroid, cycle matroid or polygon matroid, a matroid whose independent sets are the forests in a given undirected graph
  • Graphic notation (music), representation of music through the use of visual symbols outside the realm of traditional music notation
  • Graphic notation (dance), symbolic representation of human dance movement and form
  • Graphic novel, narrative in comic-book format
  • Graphic organizer, knowledge map, concept map, story map, cognitive organizer, advance organizer, or concept diagram
  • Graphic telescope, a type of camera lucida that has the power of a telescope.
  • Graphic texture, a texture of igneous rocks created by exsolution and devitrification and immiscibility processes
  • Graphic violence, realistic depiction of extreme violence in visual media

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