...Now That She's in Town

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...Now That She's in Town
...Now That She's in Town.jpeg
Studio album by Of Blessings and Burdens
Released 2005
Genre Post hardcore
Of Blessings and Burdens chronology
The Lilac Serenade
...Now That She's in Town
To the Ones We Love: A True Story

...Now That She's in Town is the second album by post-hardcore band Of Blessings and Burdens. It is the album that first drew attention to the band.

Track listing[edit]

1."Once Fabled"3:45
2."Twice Himalayan"4:01
3."Frost Finds A Home"4:35
4."Never Bled Like This"4:37
6."Words Spoken"2:38
7."Like A True Hero"3:05
8."Slavery And Sacrifice"2:37
9."Between Scylla And Charybdis"5:48
10."Meadow Of Solstice"5:36
11."And Her Name Will Be Beautiful"4:11
12."Farewell To Green Eyes"5:17


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