...Only for Freaks!

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...Only for Freaks!
Album ...Only for freaks! cover.jpg
Studio album by The Killer Barbies
Released 1996
Genre Punk rock
Length 31:44
Label Toxic, Subterfuge
The Killer Barbies chronology
Dressed to Kiss
(1995)Dressed to Kiss1995
...Only for Freaks!
Big Muff
(1998)Big Muff1998

...Only for Freaks! is the second album by the Spanish punk band The Killer Barbies. It was released in 1996 by Toxic Records/Subterfuge Records and was produced by Billy D. and Javier Abreu.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Freak Show" (4.18)
  2. "Chainsaw Times" (2.25)
  3. "Chinatown" (2.34)
  4. "The Phone" (3.40)
  5. "Traci Lords" (1.30)
  6. "Pinball" (1.59)
  7. "Train From Kansas City" (3.33)
  8. "No Waves! (2.18)
  9. "Friday 13th" (2.35)
  10. "Be Your Girl" (4.07)
  11. "They Come From Mars" (2.18)
  12. "I Don't Mind" (1.43)
  13. "Bad Trip Experience?" (1.19)

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